Thursday, June 29, 2006

Watch Out!

One of the things I had to “get over” when I began to channel was the idea that my guides would tell me everything I wanted to know.  Nevermore would I go about in a state of confusion or of fear because I would know what was around the corner and coming at me from down the street.  Unfortunately, that isn’t so.

Having guides at your back and elbow does not ensure that you are going to lead a bliss-free, stress-free, accident-free and moneyed life.  Nope.  You still have bills to pay.  You are still afraid of the dark or whatever things scared you before you made that connection to Spirit and started channeling.  At least, most of them.  What the guides do for you is, almost in exchange for you providing a service for others they give you a break on some of the messes you find yourself almost stepping in. Every once in awhile they will alert you to the fact that something is up.  A lot of times they don’t tell you exactly what to look for, but at least you are on the alert to watch out for something.

Having a solid connection to Spirit does not ensure they will live your life for you.  You still have the same lessons to learn and if, as in my case, my higher self has determined that I learn all about a stolen purse, then that’s what will happen.  Actually, the guides did try to warn me that day and cautioned me against unrolling my window while I sat in my car eating my lunch.  In those days I smoked and after lunch always enjoyed a cigarette.  The window needed to be open to let the smoke out.  They’d never said anything before.  Why should I listen to such an odd suggestion?  Well, a lady reached right into the car and took my purse was why.  So, a couple of things I learned about that day.  Don’t eat lunch in a nearly deserted parking lot anymore and listen to my guides when they say odd things.

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