Sunday, July 02, 2006

Where Did He Go?

This entry was inspired by what I saw as one of the search strings for Talking To Spirit yesterday.  The search was:  when my spirit guide is no longer around.

I can understand why somebody would think this.  I can tell you what’s going on.  

This is the setting.  A person is learning how to channel.  They might not actually be calling it that.  At that point in their experience all they are doing is trying to make contact with their spirit guide and talk a little bit.  That’s channeling.  

They’ve had a little bit of success.  They did a meditation to meet their spirit guide and the guy actually showed up and they were able to talk a little bit out on the astral planes.  The person was just thrilled.  Maybe they met again during a dream or a meditation, but then the guide isn’t showing up anymore.

The person redoubles their efforts to make that connection to Spirit that will allow them to talk to this way cool guide again.  Nothing happens.  They are despondent.  And, hence, the search I saw.

It was a teaser.  That’s all.  The Spirit Guide is still there.  They are just waiting for the person doing the seeking to be ready.  The person has been exposed to Spirit in a way they’d never experienced before.  But, talking to Folks in Spirit requires, absolutely requires that you shape up.  Spiritually speaking.  Does this mean you’ve got to go to church, temple or mosque now?  No.  It means you need to heal up psychologically the best you can at this point in time.  Talking to Spirit is going to put real heavy demands on you.  You don’t really do this for your own personal benefit, though there are many benefits you will realize.  You end up doing it for the world.  You will be helping a great many people as time goes by.  To do that the healer needs to be healed.  So, do a personal inventory and find out if you’ve got any gaping holes there that need to be filled.  Psychological wounds, that’s what I’m talking about.

The next thing talking to Spirit requires is that you become more open minded.  Just be willing to entertain new ideas.  My suggestion would be to start reading, “A Course in Miracles”.  If anything is going to turn your world upside down that will do it real quick.  It’s easy too; all you need to read is just a page a day.  

What will inevitably happen is that your thoughts will turn to your spirituality.  At some point along the way, somehow you will need to fit this talking to Guides into your spiritual belief structure.  There is no right or wrong way to do this and if anybody tries to tell you differently just say, “Thanks.  I’ll take that under advisement.”  Your spirituality is your own business and you have a choice as to how you are going to express yourself.  

And, lastly, you need to chill out.  Calm down.  Know in your heart that your Guide in Spirit has not deserted you, but is merely waiting patiently with arms folded for you to be ready.  

Also, there is the idea that everybody has more than one guide.  You start out with one.  You get older.  Another guide takes over.  I’m not sure why this is, but they’ve told me that sometimes this is how it happens.  Sometimes a person will have more than one guide at a time.  So, don’t ever think that you have been deserted.  Your guides are there.  Go ahead and say hi.  You might not be able to hear them, but they sure can hear you.

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