Sunday, September 24, 2006

What I Learned Today

If you figure that everybody has something of interest to teach you whether you agree with everything they have to say or not I ran into one this morning. I was actually looking for a place to submit articles to where I might be able to link back to my sites and gain pagerank. Eventually.

Anyway, here I am reading about what exactly is a channel. Which, incidentally, does interest me being as how I am one and all. And, they said that there is a progression to how it works. First you are psychic, or, at least sort of mildly psychic. Whether that happened in a previous lifetime or sprang from nothing in this one it’s there. Then, they said you channel the teachers, or angels, or saints, or guides, or “God”. Then, you become a medium and can relay on information from dead people like your Aunt Martha. And, then you become clairvoyant and can do psychic readings like this lady could.

She said there was a sameness to the information that comes from the guides who speak through the channels. I’ve encountered that too. But, the information is valid and how many times did your mother have to tell you to pick up your room before you finally cleaned it up, anyway?

My experience with channeling is that I do all of that together. I channel the guides, I talk to Elvis and I get psychic hits of information about people. It’s all happening together. It’s interesting that someone can see it all separately.

I’m not famous. I’m a grouchy secretary. Emphasis on grouchy….tomorrow is Monday. I’m also a channel. I also teach people to channel. I’m a tightwad and don’t like to spend money on psychic readings, though I will infrequently do so just to see how other people do theirs. It’s interesting to see how many folks allow their opinions and beliefs to get in the way of the psychic hits they get. I’m not saying I don’t do that. I do it all the time. But, it just gets my panties in a bunch to see people say it doesn’t happen to them. I don’t know of anybody that it does not happen to.

I suppose my advice to anybody who is looking for a psychic is to look for someone who posts their work online, who will allow you to see what they’ve already done for others just so you can get an idea of what they do. Look for people who are willing to explain the process to you. Listen to recommendations from folks…I know of a few people I’d refer folks to in a heart beat. It ain’t cheap either. But, if you want a couple of recommendations I’d be glad to give you some. Just email me. You know how.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Question

This is an email I got over the weekend. I thought the question was a good one for folks learning to channel.

Question: All of your information that I have gotten from you and your site so far has been so helpful! I was just wondering lately, can other people’s guides give people guidance? Or does it have to be your own? I was wondering, just in case my guides had a message for me? And if so, how do I listen for it? I’ve got so much stuff to worry about at the moment and I was just wondering how I can really hear them!

Answer from Pauline: Your guide is plenty powerful enough. Everybody's guides are. It's interesting, but after you finally break through and realize that you're channeling they will use their "awesome powers" to amplify the voices of the recently departed for you to talk to. At least, that's a theory of mine. So, I suppose the question to ask then, might be, "Why can't I channel yet?" Could be you're too worried, though I'm getting a no-head shake from the guides on that one. Now, I'm getting a not cooked enough message. That's what I get for channeling before mind is on food! Ha. Anyway, keep at it. You're on the right path. And, in answer to your question, yes, you can ask other guides for help. I didn't realize I could talk to other guides until after I learned to channel. If you're reading, "Opening to Channel" ask Orin and DaBen for help. Certainly ask Seth for help. He's not just my guide. He's a teacher and helps many, many other people.

They told me once that sometimes the guides I refer to as the heavy hitters (like Jesus and the Saints and Famous Folk in Spirit like that) are also out there as nameless teachers. They don't like to alarm anybody by saying their better known names. Ask one of them for help. They're glad to do it.

One of them just said I should qualify the "awesome powers" I talked about in the first paragraph of this letter. I really don't know what abilities any of them have. They're still very mysterious to me and as such I spoof at them by saying things like that. It's not exactly being disrespectful...though, sometimes it might edge that way...could be why they occasionally mention they're keeping a place warm for me :)...but, it's my attempt to try to take the frightening aspects out of the channeling experience. Because it is so far and away different than what people are normally used to they could easily believe they've been taken up to visit space aliens if they aren't well grounded in reality. That's why I use keep them grounded and not afraid.

It just takes awhile. It took me a long time. Just keep at it. Imagine your guide always with you beside your side. Talk to him or her in your head during the course of the day. Don't worry that you don't hear anything back in response. Like you're shopping...and you're picking out bananas...and, just address the silent comments in your head to your guide, "Crap, when do you figure that they're ever going to start putting out the good looking fruit first?" Stuff like that. Maybe one day he'll say to you, "Ask the produce manager. The good ones are in the back."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Meditation - All Roads Lead to Source

As I’ve gotten older what meditation means to me has changed. In the beginning, when I was a teenager it was something I was drawn to as a part of a different lifestyle, a way to move away from the things my parents espoused as important, a part of the trailing edges of the hippie generation; free love, free spirit, a more spiritual way of living. But, I came to it furtively and with a small amount of fear. Even in those days I did not know of all the reasons why people say you should not meditate, but I knew only that it was not something “we” did. It was not something for a white, middle class young woman to embrace. My father took special care to speak to me of the dangers of cults in those days. But, even so, I was drawn toward the practice of meditation.

What finally dissuaded me from pursuing meditation was an out of body experience. With a fantastic whoosh I left my body and flew about the neighborhood one night. I had not thought it would happen. I am generally afraid to ride any of the rides at amusement parks and leaving my body in such a fashion without knowing that it might happen had frightened me. It would be more than 20 years before I tried to meditate again.

When I was learning how to channel the books I read suggested meditation would help. I attempted the exercises and though I don’t feel I met with much success, still, I think it helped a little. After I actually started channeling my guides suggested to me that I pick up the pace with my meditation and I began to practice more often. In those early days as I dipped into meditative states I “saw” in my mind’s eye faces that floated about. These were frightening to me, distorted, yawing mouths with saliva dripping. I stopped meditating, but the guides told me to continue. They said the fearsome faces I saw would stop. And, they were right.

It didn’t take long and the faces I was seeing settled in to the Guides and Folk in Spirit I’d been talking to. Later on I learned this is a common thing. You are leaving a reality you have been accustomed to and stepping into a wider psychic reality. It can be a little frightening. It also explained to me why I always seemed to come out of a meditation and go immediately to the kitchen to eat. Eating was a way to comfort for me and though the meditation had been pleasant it was still something I’d not grown entirely comfortable with yet. With time that also stopped.

As time went on I realized with the practice of meditation I appeared to be a calmer sort of person. Things that had, in the past, set me off at work no longer had the control or power over me they had before.

And, for the first time I began to think of meditation as a tool to use to sort of hang out with God; another way to pray. I would think, “I want to be with You” as I would start the meditation, as a statement of intention, and somewhere during the course of my brief time meditating, if I was lucky, a mantle of peace would settle upon me.

In the beginning it would sometimes take me half an hour to settle enough to, in my mind, be meditating. Later on I developed my own personal techniques of moving more quickly into what I thought of as a meditative state. One of them was to think of myself as melting, just as the Wicked Witch of the West had melted when Dorothy had thrown water on her. Hey, what can I say? It worked.

There are many techniques to use to meditate. Approach it calmly. Read what other people do. Dance like they say to dance and with time you will come upon the techniques that work best for you. All roads lead to Source.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aspects of Channeling

When I first started channeling I could only do it a little bit at a time because I was so exhausted afterward. It was like I’d done some sort of long distance running and I was absolutely tuckered out. I think it was because I was nervous.

I think I was nervous that I wouldn’t channel things properly. At times, in the beginning, my focus would leave. I’d hear some of what was said and then, like the wind it would just drift away and I’d be left not knowing what the rest of it was. That would certainly upset me and I would be so upset with myself that I couldn’t get back into the channeling session.

Finally I learned to be kinder to myself. It’s not like you missed the brass ring on the merry-go-round. All you have to do is say to your guide, “Okay, sorry. I drifted off. Can you say that again please?” What? Ask a guide to repeat themselves just because you didn’t get it the first time around? These are the guides. These are respected teachers. These guys, if they could, could charge an arm and a leg to be teaching you stuff. Right. Just ask them to repeat themselves. They will. Just be quiet, center yourself and wait. They will repeat it.

Then, the bit about not getting it right. The guides told me once they work with what they’ve got. It was a bit of a sarcastic dig at me to lighten up. They do have a funny sense of humor. I think so, anyway. But, what happens with me is if I don’t get something right they will keep talking. Or, we move into a new paragraph and later on, as I go through looking for spelling errors, which there are generally a lot of since I channel with my eyes closed and my fingers don’t always move in a sensible typing fashion when I’m channeling, they’ll start talking with more stuff to add as we hit different parts of the manuscript. Also, they’ll do this as my concentration flags. If I can get the main part out and then later on, when I’m not so surprised to see it, they’ll talk more about it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guide's Parts are in Red

An interesting experience I had a couple of years before I began channeling would prove to be more prophetic of the experience than anything I’d had happen to me to date. I was diligently applying myself to a Tony Robbins tape course. I think it was his Personal Power Course. In those days it was designed to last 30 days. Since then it has been redesigned to be a 7 day wonder. I suppose people had a hard time sticking to it for 30 days. Normally, I would count myself among them, but for whatever reason I got hooked on the course and did the lessons every day. Interestingly enough, I went from writing 4,000 words a day to over 20,000 words a day. It was, for me a pretty phenomenal increase. It didn’t last long, but I proved to myself I could do it and was able to move forward with my life as a writer and eventually as a semi-psychic crabby secretary.

Anyway, one of the exercises was to allow 2 imaginary beings/playmates/companions to join you in a writing exercise. I can’t remember exactly what it was, though I believe it was along the lines of you saying, “I believe I can” and allowing the 2 imps to butt in and say, “I think you can’t”. There was a give and take between the three of us and what turned out to begin as a sort of choreographed by me and stilted dialogue soon let loose with the 2 imps busting out and saying whatever the hell they felt like saying. It was a total and complete surprise to me who was the one doing the writing. The exercise was designed to allow you to break through whatever emotional barriers were holding you back from whatever success you wanted and, in fact, I believe it worked for me. However, in retrospect, I see now that channeling as I do it now was exactly like it felt like during that brief exercise.

I don’t see why a person wanting to learn how to channel couldn’t do the same sort of exercise. It couldn’t hurt, anyway.

Start out with the goal or statement. Maybe you could say something along the lines of: I know I am already channeling because….and, you start filling in the blanks. The 2 imps you allow to join you will certainly have something to say about it. Start in with what you figure your subconscious must have to say about the whole thing. Something like: Oh, yeah? Well, whoever do you think you are Miss Hoity Toity to think that some invisible holier than thou teacher is going to deign to talk to you? And you say: I’m not Hoity Toity. I’m as good as anybody else. And, Pauline said everybody has access to the psychic realms anyway. I believe her. And, they’ll say: Oh, yeah? Well, I’m going to trip you up. And, you’ll say: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Something along those lines. I mean this stuff can get really goofy, but it’s the interchange that’s important. Whether it’s your subconscious or your guide whoever has the other voice it’s you stepping out of your normally tight shoes to go stepping along the beach for awhile and in a way it sort of prepares you to speak to a guide.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Do any of the guides want to say anything?

Who us? You’re actually inviting us to say something? Be still my beating heart. Watch out Bud, or I’ll cut you off. Try it and see who keeps you awake tonight. Oh, I forgot about sleep depravation. I suppose I ought to talk about that in one of these entries.

Are you still there? You’re so quiet. We’ve been insulted. I don’t see why. You did manage to keep me awake for 3 nights running back in the early days when we were having a fight and I wouldn’t talk to you. That was a misunderstanding. Yeah, right. Anyway, you’re forgiven. So are you. Anyway, the offer still stands. Do you want to talk about anything?

Yes, we do. This then, would be for anybody who is interested Seth. Elvis is standing behind me and…do you mind? I can’t handle the names. They throw me off. Yes, I see you’re having a hot flash. Yes.

We would say our channel has decided not to type the things she just thought about disrobing. We wouldn’t want anybody to think this is a porno site. Okay…okay…Just hurry up and talk already. I’m hot.

Good thing she types quickly or we’d be here all night. Thanks. It feels good to talk this way. It has been a long time. We’re not really going anywhere with this but I think it’s good for folks to see how informal we can be with each other. It isn’t always me sitting at the knees of the masters taking notes. We horse around some too. When I first started channeling I sure didn’t suspect that it would all end up this way. And, when it all started to go south as it were (that’s guide speak…they’ll sneak it in on me sometimes too…but, the phrase, “as it were” is entirely their’s) and, it’s not like I’ve lost control and it’s a matter of, “Take me to your leader” or anything like that. It’s like a parasite and a host. Gee guys, that sounds really appetizing. A nice symbiotic relationship. Everybody wins. Well, whatever. I type faster and better, so that’s a plus.

It's actually funny when they make me laugh at work. I have to say things like, "Sorry. I just thought of something funny." and hope the people don't want to really know what I was laughing about. I hate swallowing laughter. You really do need nerves of steel at times.