Saturday, December 09, 2006

Being Your Own Psychic

Part of being your own psychic is in learning to understand that the information you receive isn’t always going to come to you via tried and true methods. Your Aunt Nancy isn’t going to call and tell you that your uncle is in the hospital. You learn this via a thought that you had about your uncle that morning. Later, when your aunt calls to tell you about the hospitalization you remember that you’d thought of your uncle that morning. Strange? Odd? Weird coincidence? Yup. Also, it was psychic information.

What you can start to do to encourage information coming to you on a more or less regular basis via psychic streams of consciousness is to both be open to receiving it and when you do get it to honor that information. Just say, “Thank you.” You don’t need to be addressing your thanks to anybody in particular because there were lots of people involved both living and dead not to mention your own higher self, but just a general sort of acknowledgement and thanks is in order.

As far as utilizing this information in your everyday life think of it as you showing up at the store for the special, unannounced blue light specials. Consciously, you would not have had any specific information via the psychic realms that said, “Get your butt down to Macy’s NOW.” Instead, you showed up. And, there was a really super-duper fantastic sale going on.

We all know people who are always winning things. It’s weird. It’s uncanny how they’re always winning things. It’s just downright strange. Except, maybe they’re tapped into that psychic vein too. They can’t explain it. It’s life for them. They’re just always lucky and every 5 years they win a car, or a vacation or a big pot of money. The guides just said they also sign up for contests and buy lottery tickets regularly.

So, that’s two things you can be doing. Be open to the information and take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Also, I would say not to be afraid of the information that comes your way. Remember that you did not cause anything to happen. You just knew about it. And, in knowing about something you are not obligated to warn anybody either. It’s up to you whether you want to relay on the messages, but I would tend to advise you not to. At least, not until you’ve had a lot of definite confirmations that your psychic hunches tend to be right.

What you might consider doing is to keep a notebook and record what you think are your psychic hunches. Don’t spend a whole lot of time on it. Something along the lines of:

Tuesday 1/2/07: had the thought that there might be a major winter storm in Massachusetts soon.

Then, periodically you could go back over your thoughts and put a star next to the ones that were right.

Information might come to you via your dreams. It might be a really clear and vivid dream. Or, you might start experiencing a psychic “knowingness”. Not a normal thought, but what feels to you like a very real incontrovertible truth. Out of the blue a vision of the Himalayas comes to you. Why? Who knows? Record it in your notebook. Something might be going on there that you hear about later on in the week.

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Tammi said...

I really love your natural insights here. Many people are so afraid of this gift. I am ready to receive, and offer universal hugs~empowerment.