Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Process

It took me many years before I was even halfway comfortable calling myself a psychic. Even now, though, it is almost in a joking manner that I say I am psychic, as if I expect whoever I said it to, to realize immediately that I am surely joshing them. I’m not.

I can’t read minds. That’s what everybody expects right away. They also expect that I can look into their eyes and tell them their future. I actually don’t want to do that. I’d say I can 1 out of 300 people I meet, so to add that as a skill I am capable of is not right. Plus, as I said, I don’t want to.

I’m actually as psychic as you are. And, you didn’t think you were psychic. It’s a gift we’ve all got. It’s as common as being able to breathe through your nose and see through your eyes. It’s a sharpening of that extrasensory perception. The guides just said to me, “Use it or lose it.” Well, they have a point there. First you believe that it is possible and then you start using it.

How? How in the world are you going to do that? Well, the believing that you are psychic is actually 50% of it. Decide for yourself just what does being psychic mean to you. Investigate how other people perceive it.

For me it grew. I was afraid of it at first. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I wasn’t actually intending to become more psychic. I had been sick and to amuse myself I was reading. A lot. I just wanted to read stories by Stephen King. I read too many of them apparently. Too many, too fast and I began to have psychic insights. They were flashes. I’d have visions, really intense visions during that time where you’re not quite asleep and you’re not quite awake. My dreams were weirder than shit. I knew when the phone was going to ring. I’d know who was going to be on the other end of it. And, I began seeing the number 222 everywhere I looked. That was the final straw. If somebody on the other side wanted my attention, they had it by then.

I appreciate the time it takes a person to hone a skill. It seems sometimes that I’ve been doing this forever. The psychic insights I have help to round out my life. They sort of take the edge of the uneasy and the unexpected off of things. Also, when the unexpected does happen and catches me unaware I seem to be able to weather it better than I could before. Mostly, though, I am able to approach life with an eagerness that I didn’t have before. Before I was frightened and worried all the time. I think that opening to my own psychicness has, over the years, enabled me to do a lot of emotional and psychological growing that I hadn’t been inclined to do before. And, that’s not psychic. That’s something everybody should do. For me, though, I can tell when it started happening. I’m grateful, though, because I was stunted before. I was like a frost blasted bunch of parsley before. That’s another thing with my psychicness. I can sometimes understand what the plants and animals are feeling. That frightened me too when it started. It started with a chicken leg I was eating. That really got my attention, enough to make me want to be a vegetarian except I can sometimes tell what the plants feel too.

I’m a secretary during the day. I’m a 51 year old secretary on the verge of going through menopause. It ain’t pretty. This is as rough for me now as it was when I was busting through to being psychic. Thoughts and feelings swirl up and overtake me. The emotions are sometimes overwhelming. I fight against being sorry for myself. This is something that has to happen. I hope to, on the other end of this, be a more stable individual. I almost wish, though, that it would hurry up. The sleeplessness, the hot flashes, the emotions. Sometimes I just want to cork up all our managers and send them to Mars for 2 weeks. And, with a psychic you can always visit them in their dreams and tell them to shape up.

What I can tell you though, is that the visions you sometimes have, the flash of a person in the corner of your mind. That was real. You can go after that. If you have in mind your own teacher as that person you half way saw, the person you saw for a nano-second. Formless, faceless, just a presence in a corner of your mind. Imagine yourself opening your arms. You will be moving toward your teacher. They will catch you. They will hold you and for a nano-second in time they will comfort you, pat you on the back, smooth your hair and smile at you. Believe it happened.

Everybody is psychic and everybody has a teacher. In your mind say hey. They heard you.

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