Friday, March 30, 2007

Does Spirit have X-Ray Vision?

Why, yes, they do. Your guide can see under your underwear. They can see you naked. Do they care? No. Do you care?

Many times I have cautioned people who express the desire to channel that they will never, ever again have the least little sense of privacy with their guide. This is one of those items.

Well, really, are they even wearing anything? Why are we so concerned about it? Spirit is Spirit. They really don’t care two hoots about whether we are wearing clothes or not wearing clothes. My advice? Get over it.

It’s funny, but the first time I ever realized this little factoid about guides being anywhere and everywhere was as I was getting into the shower many, many years ago. This voice in my head said, “My God. You weren’t kidding. She is fat.” Right. Well, this actually brings up another point. In those days, in my early days of channeling, the guides were also jerking me around a little bit. They have a really off the wall style of teaching that lends itself to some humorous moments. Anyway, they generally don’t say things like that to me anymore, but I did get the point.

The lesson is that your guide has the most exquisite X-Ray vision so as to be able to see into your heart of hearts to determine where you need the most help from them. I’m not ready to skinny dip with anybody, but I’m also not shy anymore with my guides.

Actually, you will find the bathroom is one of the absolutely best places in the house to channel.

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