Saturday, March 03, 2007

Was that Seth?

This is an email I got:

I have some questions about Seth. The descriptions that you give of Seth sound very similar to the Seth that Jane Roberts used to channel. Is he the same entity? This is not at all a skeptical question on my behalf, but true curiosity. I am sure you have been asked this before.

Also, when I was reading Seth Speaks, I could have sworn he was "around". I am sure all of these answers are available to me through channeling, and I feel like it is coming soon. Does Seth "drop in" on you from time to time, or do you only communicate through channeling? I ask this because of the times I felt like he was "around". I can't really describe the feeling. Well, I guess it turned out to be only two questions then.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I appreciate it and look forward to any answers you might have.

And, here's my answering email:

Yes, I do channel Seth, the same Seth Jane Roberts channeled and yes, he probably "dropped in" when you felt he did. He's a teacher guide and so has lots of students. If you look around on the internet you'll find a great many people who are channeling him and are even writing books.

You'll find as you continue with channeling that lots of folks will be showing up to speak with you. Just keep it low key in the beginning. I know that it's all pretty overwhelming. One of them just said, "Don't take any wooden nickels." Right. Anyway, the channeling for anybody who is relatively new at it can be sort of wild. Why this is, is because of a few reasons. One is that the channeler is new at it. Lots of psychic muscles need to be aligned for it to really get good and that just takes time.

Another reason is your belief systems are going to be turned upside down. The guides operate from an area of life where what we thought and believed before just ain't true anymore. Having those belief systems upset is a really huge emotional upset/growing period for the channel. This is going to trigger huge emotional reaction and consequent emotional growth. Also, the guides push our buttons, so while your belief systems are all set asunder they will also help you to stir your own pot of murky emotional crap and get that sorted out.

It's not always real fun but worth it in the end.

Also, something I've suspected for awhile takes place and that's that we are seen as real newbie rubes to Folks in Spirit. You've got your higher level teacher guides and you've got your ordinary Folk in Spirit who've passed on. What I haven't decided about are malicious spirits. Anyway, here you are, new at channeling and are eager to talk to everybody in spirit. Your guide politely steps aside to allow you free reign. Immediately you are hooked up with an axe murderer. The axe murderer does not present himself or herself as such, but to you seems only to be a really interesting person in Spirit to talk to. Right. That's when they start jerking us around.

My advice is to remain steadfast and talk ONLY to your guide during the first year of channeling. And, when it seems like you're talking to somebody else just say thanks for visiting and goodbye, and don't maintain the connection for too long. Just during that first year. After that you can talk to Elvis, or Ed Sullivan or Jesus with no problem.

Also, something that happens to ALL channels is that the information coming through is distorted by the belief system and by the emotional constructs of the chennel. We did an experiment once with a group of us out on my patio all channeling Seth. The "rule" was that Seth was going to give us the same information and we were going to channel it. Here's from one of the group: "Get out of Dodge as fast as you can. Buy your beachfront property in Colorado now. California is no longer safe and will be falling off the edge of the continent soon." And, here's what another person channeled: "If your higher self has determined that you are needed at the scene of a disaster that is where you will be." So, you can see that what was channeled was really distorted by the channel's fear. Nothing wrong with any of it. It was what Seth wanted to say, sort of. But, it really pointed out to me how we, as human channels, can really mess up what they are trying to say. Just sort of keep it under wraps for a year and it will all sort itself out and sound a lot more reasonable once you're really accustomed to it.

Also, your "gut instincts" are important feelings to pay attention to. Many times, especially in the beginning, the contact we have with Spirit is very, very gentle. It's not real obvious and it's our job as channel, or shaman, or Reiki practitioner or whatever we're going to end up doing to get a little bit more sensitive.

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