Friday, March 09, 2007

What Did you Say?

One of the things that happens when a person first learns to channel is a period of time when they don’t trust that what they are channeling is really what is getting channeled.

It’s like, “Oh, shit. I must be making this up.”

What also happens is that in the early days of channeling your channeling is really crappy and you are making it up. What you need to do is just pretend that you are not making it up. Just until you are able to tell the difference between what Spirit said and what you thought.

You also shouldn’t tell people what you are channeling because it’s going to be way weird. Like warnings all over the place for people who are close to you (or not) that they shouldn’t be doing things or there will be dire consequences. Just keep your mouth shut.

What’s going on is that your buttons are being pushed in a big way and whatever emotional growing you’ve been ignoring is now being presented to you to deal with in a big way. Spirit doesn’t fart around. (Spirit suggested I use fart instead of the other word I first chose.) They get right down to business and if they want a good channel, a realistic useful channel, a channel who is going to be able to do good work; they want a channel who is psychologically well balanced. Like I said, first thing you get jerked around.

This is also why I don’t recommend people with psychological issues take up channeling.

Anyway, back to the weird, out of the box, first time channeling. How long is this going to last? About a year. It will certainly be euphoric for you. But, it’s also sort of weirdly wonderful. If you blab it around you’re going to worry your family, friends and neighbors. Also, if you talk about it at work your co-workers are going to be really concerned. So, just keep your mouth shut. Be responsible. Use your common sense. And, just enjoy yourself.

But, in the beginning you are making it up. It’s like Spirit moves in to speak to you via your thought waves. Sort of. And, it’s difficult to tell the difference between something Spirit said and something you thought. Sometimes to help with this they talk with an accent or with a particular cadence of speech and that’s helpful. They do that with me. Sometimes they will announce themselves with a, “Knock Knock”. I’m not kidding. One of them just did it with me. Now, here’s a rude motion. I caught a sight of somebody lifting a cheek like they were going to fart. Oh, well. Maybe that means I should knock this off for now and go to work.

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