Saturday, April 28, 2007

Great Balls of Green String

This is one of those things I began writing that morphed into the guides talking about things. I began writing the first part of it and as the guides stepped in I continued to write in my own voice with what they were saying ringing in my ears. As the writing continued I stepped back more fully at the midpoint with their request to visualize and just let the channeling flow.

More often than not I will make the announcement that the guides are now speaking, but this morning I did not. It just sort of morphed. I’m going to change the color of the part they did mostly on their own, at least with my own attempt to fade into the background as much as I could.

Now, as writing goes and I read it again the moving past Jello didn’t work. So, if I were to shine this up, as a writer I would find something better to start with, but I’m not here to shine it up. I’m here to illustrate just how it goes for me to channel and the moving in and dancing and morphing. Just how that moves. It was always something that totally mystified me when I was trying to learn how to channel. But, beyond all of that it was just plain interesting. I hope you enjoy it.

The world in Jello

Well, it doesn’t have to be Jello. That’s just to get your attention. It could be Jello. It could be anything else. I’m reaching here and I’m hoping one among you might reach with me. Just stretch your imagination. Just for one moment in time drop all your beliefs about everything and imagine for one minute that what you are thinking, what you are feeling right now is being sensed by someone on the other side of the earth. That far away. Now imagine that person you have linked with has just sensed what someone is feeling closer to where they live just 3,000 miles away.

Imagine that person 3,000 miles away from the one halfway across the world from you is sensing what someone is feeling some miles distant from them. And so It goes. Visually it is a mass of lines that begin to crisscross and shoot all over the surface of the earth until, if those lines were green the entire world would look like a great ball of green string.

Just visualize this for a moment.

This is what it is like when you die. You are able to have an immediate connection with those who are very far away from you. In Heaven all are connected and Heaven is built upon the same rules, if you will, as your own mortal coil.

People are not generally aware they can make these connections with people so far away from them but you actually do it all the time. This is best illustrated by pointing out that in some dreams you have met with those who are very far away. Awakening from a dream of this nature you don’t know exactly what has happened, you know only that you have been talking with someone you do not know. And, dreams are also primarily a vehicle for you to slough off the dandruff of the day, to solve your own problems and work out solutions for things that are currently bothering you, but they are also the green string that holds the world together.

Our blessings this fine morning.

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