Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sticks and Stones

Nobody likes to be laughed at. They also don’t like to be chastised. Yet, it happens all the time; perhaps not blatantly, but certainly in unobtrusive ways. What do you do? Well, you could be embarrassed. Or, you could be angry or afraid. Or, you could just let it not bother you.

The question is how do you get to the point where things like that would not bother you? Nobody likes to be rejected, but it happens all the time.

Okay, here’s where I ask for a guide’s help. I’m figuring I’ve got too much psychological stuff going on to be able to give a nice clear and welcome answer to this question. (The channeled parts are in green.)

Good morning.

Good morning.

What is it you’d like to know about?

Well, I just said it up there.

Yes, it was rather disjointed. Could you be a bit more succinct?

Right. (Eyes narrowing wondering what is going on, but is willing to play along)…How can a person not be bothered by the stuff other people say about them?

If the “stuff” people say is framed in terms of constructive criticism then you might consider the advice. If what is being said is merely hurtful or slanderous you could allow it to not bother you.

Yes, but that’s the point. How do you get it to not bother you? For me those things hurt a lot. And, it really doesn’t help now because I get an instant hot flash with it. That really points out to me something just happened I don’t like and I really have to fight to come back to normal.

Ah, so now we are talking about you instead of people in general.

Well, yes. It did cross my mind, but I figured other people had the same problem so I was going to talk about it like it wasn’t me.


Well, I’m supposed to be the psychic. I should be above stuff like that.


Just because I figure I ought to.

I see.

You’re not being very helpful here.

If you read back through the discourse you will see that we are waiting for you to come to the realization that you are the one who controls how you feel not the other person.

Okay. So give me a hint about what to do about this. Please.

Nice never hurts.

Thank you.

When you recognize that you are having a reaction to something somebody says whether to you, about you or just within your hearing, that is the time to take the time to look inside and ask yourself what it is about that particular interchange that hurt you and why. If you are at work you can excuse yourself to go to the lady’s room, sit in a stall in relative quiet, have your rolled up sweater at hand in case you need to stuff it into your mouth if you happen to gasp or cry out. Or, if you are at home go lie down on your bed.

Sit quietly. Take a deep breath and think this intention in your mind: I want to know why I got upset just now. Then, you promise yourself that you will pay attention to whatever comes forward out of your subconscious demanding a bit of your attention. Whatever this is can come as a suddenly remembered incident from your childhood, a spoken word or two or as a vision. This procedure does not need to take a long time at all. Two minutes works fine. A dump would take longer.

Maybe for you.

Well, do you think this will work?

I think it’s good advice. Yes, I think it will work fine. Thank you.

You are quite welcome.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Email about Ouija Board

Here's a terrific email I got this morning:

I have been studying the metaphysical side of life for many years now. I've read Edgar Cayce books, Jane Roberts book with Seth as well as other books. I have made great progress. A few months ago I bought a ouija board. It took several tries with my teenage children to get the board to work for us. Now we have it done perfectly and have some wonderful, positive experiences. My concern is for my teenage daughter. I don't want her to be doing this on a weekly basis with me as I'm afraid that some of her traditional religious friends will find out and begin judging her in a negative way causing her to lose her friendships.

So, I've begun to try to use the board myself. I haven't had much luck, and the spirits I have talked to about this say, I have too many doubts, and I need to relax. I asked one spirit if I should meditate more, and he said as long as I "don't fall asleep". I had to chuckle at that one, because the day before I was trying to really meditate, and felt myself falling asleep as my hands were on the planchette!!

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I always open the gate with positive prayer, prayer for protection and call upon those spirits who are within God's light and love to communicate with me. We haven't had any problems with so called "evil" spirits.

And, my answer:

When I decided to work the Ouija board by myself it took longer than 6 months to get it to happen. My problem, too, was that I needed to relax. So, good advice from Spirit.

One suggestion would be to, in the beginning anyway, speak only with your guide. You are like an open window and no matter how hard you pray you are the lady standing at an open window hollering out into Spirit Land, "Come talk to me! I want to talk to you!" Anybody could drop by and, evil or not, they can sometimes be distracting, confusing or obscene. Even your own guide when they crank up the energy level can come through in a distorted manner. When I say, "crank up the energy level" I mean it. It's like your guide is speaking with a five year old in the beginning. "Let's take it easy on her." Suddenly, you got promoted to the 10th grade. They take off the kid gloves and start talking organic chemistry and algebra to you. You gotta be prepared for that. So, when they say, "A,B,C" to you at the 5 year old level that's what you hear: A,B,C. But, when the energy level gets hiked up and they start saying, "When in the course of human events...." you start hearing, "Hey, Bro, take a few minutes to chill and we'll talk to you about a bunch of dudes fighting a war a long time ago." Different.

Also, because the folks in Spirit Land are invisible you really don't know if you are speaking with your guide or with somebody who says they are your guide. You've just got to have faith that it is your guide, no matter how weird they might sound. You state the intention: "I am only speaking with my guide now" and that's it. If your guide tells you that he is really Santa Claus in disguise then you go, "Okay." and don't believe it, know that you are a raw newbie and Spirit has an odd sense of humor sometimes and move forward. It will eventually even out. Just state the intention: "I am going to speak with my guide". (or guides). This is good advice for the first year or so while you are getting used to it. After that you can talk to anybody.

Also, part of what's going on is that your beingness as a human being is distorting what you are hearing. There is no way you are going to get around that. Also, it takes time to become accustomed to speaking with Folk in Spirit. I ball park it with a year's time. Generally, people who channel settle down into nice solid channeling about a year after they start. That first year is La La Land. It was during that time that my guide said to me: "There will come a time when human beings will not need to eat." Right. I bought into it. Until I spoke with a friend who is also a psychotherapist who told me, "Pauline, you have an eating disorder. Listen to what your guide just told you. This is not right. You are filtering stuff through your issues with food."

Also, talking to Spirit is not a one way street. You gotta give something up. And, what that "something" is becomes your nice safe, stable psychological standing in life. They pull the pins out and you begin dealing with your piled up psychological issues. Don't tell me you don't have any. Everybody does. Usually we deal with them quietly when we're ready to deal with them and life goes along smoothly enough. When you're talking to Spirit you step onto the fast track and you, because you are in a position now to help others, can strive to be in the best psychological shape you can be. Being willing to deal with psychological crappiness as it arises in your life makes you a better channel, because that's what you are doing when you talk to Spirit. How do you know you've got psychological issues to deal with? That's when what you're channeling goes south and starts sounding really weird. Or, you attract every crappy driver in town every time you get in a car. Or, stuff just starts bothering you. Or, you start having nightmares. Just deal with it and you'll be a better channel.

Also, people have "issues" that are not healed completely the minute they decide to tackle tough psychological issues. Just be willing to do a bit of work on them. Deal with as much as you can now. Figure that you'll be a happy camper for 2 or 3 years and then you will be stronger and better able to deal with the next stage of whatever issue is there for you. And, that's not just for folks who are channeling. That's advice for everybody. Just deal with what's in front of you until your life settles down and is good again. But, don't figure that it has gone totally away. It's good for now and when you decide (higher self and sub-conscious self) the time is right then you can deal with some more. You don't have to do this, but I feel that it just becomes a better channeling experience if you are willing to do something about your "stuff".

Beyond being able to relax, I'm thinking you can release some of the fear you've got about the whole experience. I'm talking about the prayers, and the protection, and your reference to evil spirits. Just think about it some. Your guide will help too. You are the lady standing at the open window into spirit land. There are axe murderers out there just waiting to talk to you. And, there's nothing you can do to stop it other than to take your hands off the board. And, even then it might be too late, because the board is the first step in channeling, especially if you are wanting to handle it on your own without others to help. The next level is telepathic and it is very difficult to turn that off. So, are you going to be frantically emailing me as to how to shake an axe murderer spirit who wants to get friendly with you? No. That's 5 year old stuff. You've got to morph into the adult and mature person who can look an axe murderer in the eye (so to speak) and say, "Hey, what's life like now for you?" and not be afraid.

It all has to do with getting a new perspective on life. I know. I had to do the same thing.

I agree that it's not such a good idea to have your daughter fiddeling around with the board right now, especially with your views as to being safe and only attracting the "best" spirits to speak with. She's just not mature enough.

I had to laugh about going to sleep when meditating. I do that too. My husband calls them power naps.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Talking to Spirit Dogs

Is it possible to get in touch with the spirit of my dog who passed away, and how – doesn’t matter how long and hard this road would be – I would be prepared to take this journey.

My Answer: People (including me at one time) think that being able to communicate with Spirit is hard. It's actually not that hard if you are willing to sort of change what your expectations are of what the experience is going to be like. If you think the hair on the back of your neck is going to rise and crackle in the wind, if you think that you're going to be hearing ghostly sounds, cupboard doors slamming in the kitchen, lights turning on and off mysteriously, it won't happen. That eerie stuff is the Hollywood part of what communicating with Spirit is. The real part of communicating with Spirit is quiet.

However, there are a few levels of intensity to it.

Basic level One that anybody can do is to just talk to Spirit. In your head, silently in your heart, mumbling quietly, or shouting into a canyon; however you want to phrase the communication, Spirit can hear you. Also, animals who have passed are as much Spirit as your great-grandfather who has passed on. It was one of the amazing things that I learned when I "broke through" to channeling was that animals can communicate with us in our own tongue and folks who lived as a person speaking a language different from our own can talk to us just fine. It's like we have so many different languages and ways of communicating while we are human, but when we are Spirit there is just one way. Anyway, whoever you want to speak with in Spirit can hear you fine. If you want to sit quietly and get into a meditative state of mind that's fine. If you want to talk while standing in line at the grocery store or sitting in your car at a stop light, that's fine too. Now, the difficult part of this communicating with Spirit is that you can't hear them. That's the part that might take longer. Actually, the guides are saying it's only difficult if you choose it so. That's guide talk. If you can be content knowing that your dog can hear you, that your relatives who've passed on can hear you and you're okay with not being able to hear them, that's fine.

Level Two has to do with opening to Spirit, being willing not to bend Spirit to our ways, to your expectations. If Spirit is going to communicate with you in a non verbal way then the hawk who circled around your house this morning was Spirit saying, "Hey". Spirit can also communicate via tools of divination: a deck of tarot cards or a pendulum.

A really good way to communicate with Spirit is by writing. Have in mind who it is that you want to speak with and begin writing. You write your part of the conversation and then you relax and pretend and begin writing the other side of the conversation. This is where you need to lift all the rules and just allow the experience to flow. No judgments. No being frightened. You walked into this. You want to communicate with somebody on the other side. Release your expectations of what is going to happen and just let it flow. If you're in a really good space just let your hand go limp on the pencil or pen and "help" things along by roughly drawing a circle. Just doodle. Less than doodling. Just scrawl out circles and see what will happen. And be patient.

Anyway, with more control on the writing instrument you could just "trust" for a few moments that the answers you receive to your questions are going to be Spirit speaking with you. Animals can do this fine too.

Communication with Spirit can also occur during your dreamtime. Just be open to the idea that dreams are a terrific place for Folks in Spirit to come and visit. Many times my pets who have passed on come to me in my dreams. I'm not always aware of them right then, but in the morning when I awaken I remember that they had come to be with me in my dream and every time it is special. If you can possible learn how to dream lucidly and have a dream where Spirit can be with you then, that would be the primo of all wonderful dreams. But, a normal dream is much more usual and is certainly special.

Also, my understanding of the process is that Folks in Spirit are not in pain anymore. They aren't upset, or angry, or vengeful. One of the guides once said dying was like waking up from a dream. They said everybody suddenly understands everyone else. There is no hate anymore.

Mostly, what works is being playful with the process. Trying different things to see what you're comfortable doing and what appeals to you. It's like phones. They all work, but there sure are a lot of different models.