Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sticks and Stones

Nobody likes to be laughed at. They also don’t like to be chastised. Yet, it happens all the time; perhaps not blatantly, but certainly in unobtrusive ways. What do you do? Well, you could be embarrassed. Or, you could be angry or afraid. Or, you could just let it not bother you.

The question is how do you get to the point where things like that would not bother you? Nobody likes to be rejected, but it happens all the time.

Okay, here’s where I ask for a guide’s help. I’m figuring I’ve got too much psychological stuff going on to be able to give a nice clear and welcome answer to this question. (The channeled parts are in green.)

Good morning.

Good morning.

What is it you’d like to know about?

Well, I just said it up there.

Yes, it was rather disjointed. Could you be a bit more succinct?

Right. (Eyes narrowing wondering what is going on, but is willing to play along)…How can a person not be bothered by the stuff other people say about them?

If the “stuff” people say is framed in terms of constructive criticism then you might consider the advice. If what is being said is merely hurtful or slanderous you could allow it to not bother you.

Yes, but that’s the point. How do you get it to not bother you? For me those things hurt a lot. And, it really doesn’t help now because I get an instant hot flash with it. That really points out to me something just happened I don’t like and I really have to fight to come back to normal.

Ah, so now we are talking about you instead of people in general.

Well, yes. It did cross my mind, but I figured other people had the same problem so I was going to talk about it like it wasn’t me.


Well, I’m supposed to be the psychic. I should be above stuff like that.


Just because I figure I ought to.

I see.

You’re not being very helpful here.

If you read back through the discourse you will see that we are waiting for you to come to the realization that you are the one who controls how you feel not the other person.

Okay. So give me a hint about what to do about this. Please.

Nice never hurts.

Thank you.

When you recognize that you are having a reaction to something somebody says whether to you, about you or just within your hearing, that is the time to take the time to look inside and ask yourself what it is about that particular interchange that hurt you and why. If you are at work you can excuse yourself to go to the lady’s room, sit in a stall in relative quiet, have your rolled up sweater at hand in case you need to stuff it into your mouth if you happen to gasp or cry out. Or, if you are at home go lie down on your bed.

Sit quietly. Take a deep breath and think this intention in your mind: I want to know why I got upset just now. Then, you promise yourself that you will pay attention to whatever comes forward out of your subconscious demanding a bit of your attention. Whatever this is can come as a suddenly remembered incident from your childhood, a spoken word or two or as a vision. This procedure does not need to take a long time at all. Two minutes works fine. A dump would take longer.

Maybe for you.

Well, do you think this will work?

I think it’s good advice. Yes, I think it will work fine. Thank you.

You are quite welcome.

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