Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to Develop Your Psychic Self

One of the things you can do to encourage psychic instances in your life is to, first of all, recognize they are happening.

Many times a psychic hit, as I call it, doesn’t always announce itself with a grand entrance. It doesn’t happen that you will hear a voice that says, “Okay, Binky: This is a psychic hit. Pay attention.” No, mostly they are pretty quiet. Many times when I have a psychic hit I don’t realize that it has happened until after the thing it announced is over. Generally, I say to myself then: “Oh, crap. Why didn’t I pay attention?”

I think most people are afraid they might be causing something to happen by having a premonition of the event. Like you dream of a plane crash and three days later there is one. Then, the person feels awful thinking there might have been something they could have done to prevent it from happening.

Be calm about the whole idea of having a premonition. Because we are all different we all put our own personal stamp on our interpretation of life, but when you are tense or fearful you will more dramatically color the information coming through. It’s like the difference between two psychics. One tells you to pack up and move to another city because your life is going to be miserable. The other psychic says that you are going to be having some pretty intense lessons coming up, but with patience and fortitude you will get through them. The information presented to each psychic was the same. What was different was how it was presented.

My own next step with my psychic impressions is to honor the fact that I’m getting them at all. So, even if you find yourself looking backward to say, “Oh, man, that must have been a psychic hit.” Feel good that you had one. I think this will encourage more to happen.

I guess what might be helpful here is to define a psychic hit. With me it is that small feeling that comes over me as I am just ready to do something that says, “This just does not feel right.” But, I do it anyway. And, whatever it is that I was doing gets messed up. It is a very, very quiet feeling. It’s a stillness that happens in the middle of a riot. Maybe it is different for other people, but for me that’s what it is like.

You don’t have to tell people about whatever it is. I think you have to have a lot of them before you can start saying with certainty, “I don’t think we want to hire this person because I’m having a weird feeling about them.” Try not to base your really important decisions on your psychic hits until you are pretty certain they are mostly all spot-on.

We all have intuitive feelings. The psychic hit is just an intuitive feeling taken up to the next level.