Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to Develop Your Psychic Self - Vision

Pretend. I know it doesn’t sound very grown up, but pretending is actually a good tool to use in whatever endeavor you are undertaking. You envision something enough, it gets burned into your brain cells and then the actual doing of the thing is easier the next time you do it. Works with dancing and golf swings. Why wouldn’t it work with psychic stuff?

So, what could you envision? Well, envision vision. Close your eyes and imagine that you are seeing a flower. A daisy with white petals. Don’t see it? Get a real one or a picture of a daisy and have it in front of you. Actually, anything would work. Use your coffee cup if that’s handy. Or a pen or whatever is in front of you. In the kitchen? Use the toaster. Anything. Stare at the object for a few seconds. Close your eyes and picture it in your mind’s eye.

I actually have a hard time with this exercise. When I close my eyes I just see red, the light filtering in through my closed lids. But, there’s a difference between just closing your eyes and moving into the psychic seeing part of your mind where you can picture things. For me, it’s sort of like closing my eyes and moving into a meditative sort of state. Well, semi-meditative.

This was actually one of the first exercises to do when I was learning how to channel. I sucked at it then and I suck at it now. But, doing it was important. And, even though I’ve never quite gotten the knack of it I have experienced psychic sight. For me it’s easier if my guide holds the object in question. As he moves in my mind’s eye I see him and I see the object he is holding. It’s a really quick flash of vision that doesn’t last more than a second or two. Maybe with time I’ll get better at it. But, for now that’s mostly what works for me.

Also what’s important for me to imagine seeing things psychically is that meditative state of mind. I do have to close my eyes to get there. I do need a relatively quiet area to work in. I really don’t need people talking to me. And, how I do it is that I envision the person I’m interested in doing a psychic reading for. I might not be able to see them in the flesh. I might only have had an email from them asking me some question. But, that slight contact is enough for me to reach out psychically and make a connection with that individual.

The information that comes to me about that individual comes in several different ways. I experience a knowingness about the situation. I can see spots on their body. Like I might see a dark circle on a knee or on their mid-section. Sometimes it is a word that sort of floats out of nowhere that I hear. Betrayal. Confusion. Anxiety. Stuff like that. Sometimes I am transported to some place. Like once I was focusing in on a missing girl presumed to be dead. Zam…I’m off seeing a dirt floor and a bunch of tumbleweeds. Where that was I have no idea other than I think it was where she died.

Many times the information does not make sense to me at all. I just report what I am seeing or hearing to the person. Lots of times it doesn’t make sense to them. But, later on maybe it might.

I think I do my best work, though, through my guides. I surrender to the moment and allow what they have to say to come through me. Seeing as how I’m a channel that’s the best way I work. Anyway, I’m sort of sucky lately at verbal channeling, but I’m better at the typewritten channeling. I just let it flow and they talk.

If I’m not too anxious or worried about stuff their information comes through in a clearer manner. If I’m off balance about something some times they come up with some really off the wall stuff. Like if suddenly in the middle of a channeling session somebody starts talking about the Marx brothers or Tarzan or something that has absolutely nothing to do with the point of whatever we were talking about then I know I need to settle down and do a little bit of psychological work to center myself again.

And how do I re-tune myself psychologically you might ask? Well, I close my eyes, go into that semi-meditative state of mind and ask myself the question, “What’s bothering me right now?” I allow whatever is foremost on my mind to float up and be there. I’ll sort of zero in on the idea of whatever it is and make a connection with whatever it is and my inner child. Something somewhere back when I was a little girl didn’t get done right and now it’s risen its ugly head to bother me as a 52 year old woman. So, I deal with it. Takes 10 minutes and I’m good to go until the next weird thing happens.

Like if I close my eyes now and do the same thing it has to do with me as a little girl not expressing myself as much as I’d like to have done. Quiet little girl. Invisible little girl. Needs to shout and run and play and have fun. So, in my mind’s eye I encourage that little girl to do all of those things. For a few seconds I see her skipping and running. Hell, I see her do cart wheels. I never, ever did things like that when I was a girl. Ah, she’s caught a ball. I couldn’t do that either. Just a really active little girl. Moving. Running. Skipping. Fast. And happy. Very, very happy to be doing all of those things. I think I’m done.

And, somehow doing this started with closing my eyes and trying to see a flower.


phoenix said...

this was a nice piece to read. thanks.

i read somewhere sort of what you described with the little girl. that it you have a current issue that happened a long time ago you can go back to fix that problem, like going back to your childhood, and heal yourself that way. almost like you go back to yourself as a child but u go back as the adult you are now, and telling your child-self that it's ok, and you can play or whatever you did is fine, and that you turned out alright, and not to worry about the mistake you made.

looking forward to reading more of your blog. will browse around more !

Lisa said...

Hi! I have read a good deal of your blog over a couple days and love how you take the mystery and (dare I say) fear out of bringing through guidance.

Spirit talks in many ways - songs, a timely parking space, a card that pops out of your oracle card deck and it's really not just "coincidence" as you point out.

Very nicely done and great advice. :)


Nick Nash said...

I REALLY liked the child visualization method you use...I will definitely begin using that. I was sitting here shaking my head in wonder as I read these two cannot believe how incredibly relevant they are to the the present point in my journey. More head shaking when it occurred to me that I actually came across this blog about a month ago, during a bit of a "rest stop" where I thought nothing was happening and I was stuck in place...but I realize I was actually setting things up for this new phase that I entered about 2 weeks ago....this is is pretty amazing insight for me! I wanted to add my gratitude for some new knowwledge...additionally, I have added your link to my own blog under the heading "Metaphysical Blogs I Read." If you'd like it removed, please let me know. Peace and Light, my friend.

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Nick, I'm honored to have your link and added your site to my blogroll too.

It's still startling to me sometmes to see that old adage at work: When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Same thing happens to me.

Glad you've all enjoyed the blog. I'm having a fun time writing it.

Aditi said...

I'm trying the pretending method. On my way to the station,I was imagining a well known celebrity family exchanging witticisms with me. All of a sudden, I started running through a checklist of the things I needed and when I was done I heard a voice (one of those people) saying AND?? I hope this wasn't just my imagination, because I had forgotten my phone. This voice was 'higher' than the voice I think in. It sounded exactly like that person in real life. Is this just a case of overactive imagination?

Lady Skye Fyre said...


That's exactly what it sounds and feels like when you're talking to the Guides....just this unexpected, "And....?". If you aren't paying attention sometimes it can float right by.