Monday, May 26, 2008

Ask Me No Questions

If you figure what’s channeling good for but to answer your questions then you are probably going to be disappointed. These are questions like: When am I going to be rich? Who am I going to marry and when? When am I going to die? Will I ever get a better job? Ask all you want but the answers you get to questions like these don’t really amount to squat. And, the reason why is that guides lie. Well, it’s not that they lie so much as they aren’t going to answer those types of questions for you with the truth. It’s sort of like having 3 squirmy kids in the backseat asking, “When are we going to get there?” The answer to that one is, “Soon.” And we all know exactly how quick soon is when you’re 5 years old.

The point of channeling, at least what I’ve found out, is that the guides will help you work through your own issues. Start with the when am I going to be rich question. Okay, so they tell you next month. And, next month rolls around and you are no wealthier than you were before. In fact, you’re a bit deeper in debt because you were counting on the moola rolling in and you maxed out one of your credit cards buying that new camera you’ve had your eye on for the last year. So, the first reaction is that you are hurt. You are hurt because your guide has just been exposed as a liar. He or she just lied to you. How spiritual is that? How nice is that? What did you learn from this?

After you’re done feeling sorry for yourself you might come around to the idea that those sorts of questions aren’t the ones that are appropriate to be answered. What is going on here is that the guides aren’t here to make your life easier. They are here to help you awaken spiritually however that’s going to end up being. Lots of paths. Pick one.

I’ve found they’ll help out many times with things that aren’t critical to your own life lessons. Like once my guide told me it wasn’t going to be a real good idea to unroll the passenger side window in my car while I sat in a parking lot to eat my lunch and have a smoke afterwards. I don’t smoke anymore, but the point of it is that I argued with him. I have a tendency to not just do things right off the bat. It was hot. If I didn’t unroll the window it was going to get all smoky in the car and the draft wasn’t going to be there to blow it out. Not 15 minutes later some lady asks me for directions and as I’m pointing off in the other direction she reaches in the open window and steals my purse. You think I’m not going to pay attention in the future to the stuff my guide says? You bet. Well, first of all it was my fault that I didn’t listen to my guide. But, I was hurt that he didn’t press the issue with me like he could have said, “If you persist with this plan of yours you are going to be real, real sorry.” No, he didn’t say that. He just clammed up. And waited for the fun to begin. My fault….I know….my fault…but, I was still mucho pissed. My lesson in all of that was many fold.

• Pay attention
• The worst thing that can happen does often happen and I can recover from it
• Don’t put so much crap in my wallet and purse
• Periodically go through said wallet and photocopy the stuff in it
• Get over it

I still carry my keys in my pocket. This all happened many, many years ago. Maybe I haven’t learned all the lessons about it I could.

The point of the questions you ask of Spirit is that you learn. You can learn judgment. You can learn maturity. You can learn to deal with tough issues more gracefully. You can learn to poke fun at yourself. You can learn a lot. What you’re probably not going to learn are what the winning lottery numbers are for next week.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Akiane Kramarik - Spiritual Young Artist

How's this for channeling?

An Announcement

Well, I can't say as how I've been Miss Johnny on the Spot with posting entries to this blog on a fairly regular basis, but I would like to announce that I have finally decided to write a book about learning how to channel. Interestingly, it was the guides who helped me out with the idea. And, because it is appropriate I figured I'd relay the story here.

I've been in the dumps for some time now. I know that I can likely do something constructive to get out of them, but I have this character trait that tends to like to wallow for awhile. So, this explains being in the dumps. A little anyway.

There are health concerns. Some not feeling well because of my diabetes that frightened me. Some news about early stage cataracts in both of my eyes. Some work related issues. I keep reaching down the throats of the people I work with and trying to rip out their tonsils. At least, it seems that way. I'm not having any luck at it, but I keep trying. Money concerns, but who doesn't have those? Menopause is driving me nuts. And, last but not least: I'm fat and ugly. If that's not enough to depress anybody I don't know what is. So, that was the scenario.

It was the news about the cataracts that tipped the balance of wallowing in depression and despair to actually doing something constructive and fun.

Anyway, I was driving home from work recently and Seth said, "Why don't you write a book about channeling? You can have it done by your birthday." I almost had an accident. Not that hearing from my guides while I'm driving home is anything new. It was what he said. It struck every chord in my being just right. Life was fun again. Just with those few words. So, I've been mulling it over ever since.

And, that's my announcement. By September 1, 2008 I hope to be able to offer a book for sale about Learning How To Channel.

I started writing this morning. I've got 1,300 words done and it isn't even 7:30 in the morning. I talked about the process yesterday evening over on The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened. I figure I could find a little gizmo widget sort of thing to track my progress. That would be fun. Sort of like weighing myself every day. I'm not a skinny person so I do that. I feel comfortable with it.

Much of what has been written in this blog will be fodder for the grist mill of writing. I tend to not reuse things, so if you've been reading the entries of this particular blog you won't be re-reading anything when you purchase the book. It will all be new material.