Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being Clark Kent

How do you actually hear your guide talk? Do you suddenly develop super-human hearing? Actually, I don’t really hear my guides or the Folk in Spirit that I talk to anymore. Not like I did right after I started channeling. In those days it was the same sort of hearing as if somebody standing right next to me was talking. In those days if there was noise around me I might miss some of what they were saying. But, it didn’t take but a couple of months for that “hearing” to go from normal style hearing to a telepathic communication.

When I would channel via the keyboard or with pen and paper the speed of what was said dropped to match however fast I was typing or writing. It’s still the same. What was interesting was when I started channeling verbally. That’s when (and it still happens) where what comes out of my mouth doesn’t sound like the same entity who is delivering content via keyboard channeling. (They just said to me, “We work with what we’ve got.” Ha.)

Anyway, no you don’t develop super human hearing. What will help with the process, though, is if you open yourself up to some non-verbal or non-language sort of communications. What I mean is take up a pencil and start to draw. It exercises another part of your brain and you need those muscles flexing well when you start to channel. You could also start playing a musical instrument. Or you could start singing. Something other than what you normally do.

It’s like falling into a meditation. You leave your normal, ordinary living behind just for a little while and go to a place where colors have sounds and can speak to you, where there are sounds that defy written notes. It’s like being high with no assistance from drugs or alcohol. You don’t have to accomplish anything while you are in this place. Just hang out for a little bit on a regular basis. That is if you are trying to learn to channel. The good thing is that you always come back down to earth so you can go to work the next day and nobody is the wiser. It’s sort of like being Clark Kent.


Mark said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and was impressed with your refreshing, down-to-earth tone on the whole subject of channelling.
:-) I've been practising channeling since reading the Sanyay Roman's books a couple of years ago. Although I channel albeit intermittantly, I have experienced huge inner growth as a result, and recently joined the Quakers. Another happy consequences of this is that my guides have helped me to generate written material which I hope eventually to share with the world-at least once I have edited it all!
I currently work as a Drama teacher in a secondary school in Scotland; but am also currently trying to write a book about acting and spirituality- (some of which is also channelled). Just over a month ago I was given a clear message by one of my most trustworthy guides (who goes by the rather fancy name of 'Raeonis')- advice which has since been corroborated by two others- urging me to resign my secure teaching post in order to do further research and complete my book as well as return to the insecurites of being a professional theatre actor! I know, of course, you're not an agony aunt, but quite frankly the thought of this guidance scares the shit out of me! However, I know in my gut that it is something I must do, despite all the doom-mongers warning of recession and the credit crunch, as well as my wife's anxieties about us not being able to pay our mortgage etc. I wondered if you've ever been urged by your channelled guide(s) to do something that seemed completely counter-intuituive to you- even plain nuts-and would be likely to cause family opposition- but which you know if you didn't do it it would perhaps 'weaken the strength of the guidance signal' because you hadn't been faithful to (or grateful for) the advice given???

Thanks for your blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

Mark Coleman

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Mark,

The guidance you get from Spirit is guidance, not directives. My rule of thumb has always been if a guide says, “You should or you must” I say to myself that I’ve got a bit of psychological fine tuning to do for myself. I think the best sort of guidance comes in along the lines of, “You might consider…” It’s the same guides saying the same thing, but it is your own psychological stance that can sometimes create a sense of urgency about things.


You will never put the jinx on your channeling or on the relationship you have with your guides by not following their guidance. They are just suggestions. The worst one I ever did, though, was to argue with Seth about rolling up the passenger’s side window in my car. After I got done arguing with him he wouldn’t tell me why he had told me to roll up the window in the first place. Ten minutes later some lady asked me for directions, reached in and stole my purse. I generally listen better now.

I would have to think long and hard about a decision to resign my position and go in other directions. I’d be afraid too. My first thought when I read your comment was why couldn’t you do it all? Or, do like my husband and I did where he gave me a year and a half off 15 years ago which was when I learned how to channel and to write. He, in turn, was able to get his own 2 years off to follow his heart just recently. He wrote 3 books, is working on a 4th and had a ball doing it. It hasn’t paid the bills, but hey, many times your heart’s desire doesn’t do that. I didn’t earn any money either when I took time off from my job. We made sure there was savings to cover his missing salary and although we didn’t have to use it completely it was there for our peace of mind. He’s just recently gotten a new part time job that is bringing in more money and yet, he still has time to work on his heart’s desire.

The gift we gave to each other of time to pursue our heart’s dreams I think is one of the most precious of our marriage. And, yet, it wasn’t for that long, just a couple of years with the option of returning to “normal and regular” life at the end of it.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your comments.