Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trickster - An Email

This is an email I got this afternoon that I thought would probably help a lot of people.

I'd be so grateful if you'd help me out a little bit with this but several years ago I had a ouija board, which I had successifly gotten to work for only me in a couple of months and I communicated with Rare, who mind you is a trickster and loves to laugh about my problems, Grrrr! lol Its been quite awhile and I've stopped useing the board, but I still feel as if I'm communicating with him through my head.

Like for the longest time I would have these written conversations with "him" and also even as I write this, He's conversing through one of my fingers. I'd only spoken this to one person before who tried to explain to me that it was just my over imagination working on me again. Or my depression, very very mild depression, which come to think of it I wouldn't have gotten through without Rare telling me I was being stupid. (I had conversed with him before they told me I was depressed)

I'm just confused as if I could be conversing with the trickster through the ouija board or if he is just some sort of figure of my imagination. He's mad that I keep saying he's fake, but I'm just now coming to this conclusion. I would just like to see your views on this subject and see if I, whom has no privacy in my head at all!!!!!!, do have a possiblity of channeling or whatever it is that's going on in my head. Thank you so much for your taking the time to read this

And, my answer:

Good questions! Yes, this is channeling and for it to move from Ouijia, to written, to telepathic, to fingers, and back again is normal. But, you are in the early days. If your guide is a trickster this is not the level entity that you want to be communicating with, fun though it is at times. Think of your spiritual development and how this is tied up with that. Would you fool around with it? So, this is not game time, it’s serious business.

So, what to do now? Make the commitment to yourself and to your guide that you will stop being entranced with the trickster end of things. You’re no help to yourself nor can you be of help to anybody else if you allow the level of your channeling to remain in the lower levels. Don’t get me wrong, talking to folks at all levels of the astral is interesting. I do it all the time. But, I also know where the most serious stuff needs to be attended to and that is with the highest vibrations you can imagine. Aim high. In the beginning this is important.

Also, it is not at all unusual for the drama to be very high in the beginning. As you settle down the drama tapers off too.

Now, does this mean you have to turn your guide in and get a new one? No. Your guide is bending to the lowest common denominator which is you inching around in the lower astral planes. If you smart up he or she will also treat you differently. It’s like anything else. We view our reality through our belief systems and if you think all there is for you is fun house spooks that’s all there will be. Believe me, you have a very nice guide, a very learned guide and as soon as you show yourself to be ready they will act with you in a more guide like fashion.

Now, the bit about being depressed? Tend to that. Right away. Whenever you open to the spiritual places you also immediately step up to the more mature and responsible plate of being open to your own spiritual, emotional and psychological growth and healing. In a nutshell? Opening to spiritual stuff really ends up pushing your buttons and if you try to ignore the signs that you need a bit of help at times via a therapist you will really be in for a rough and tough time. It’s like when you open spiritually you don’t end up doing it to be self serving so much as you do it to help other people and you can’t help other people unless you are healthy in your head and heart.

So, get a move on and have your depression looked at.