Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing the Slots

When I first started channeling it did not occur to me to ask my guide questions relating to personal gain. It just didn’t seem right. I also believed every little thing Seth had to say to me.

As time went by when I realized that some of the information coming from Seth was flawed somehow. My first thought, and a devastating one it was, was that Seth was lying to me. Or, I thought that I wasn’t talking to Seth anymore, but had gotten hold of some sort of evil and demonic spirit that was all set to jerk me around.

Turns out I thought wrong. It was Seth all the time, but he was teaching me as only a Spirit Guide will. They do jerk you around sometimes. It has something to do with delivering the word, “No” or some sort of negative or disappointing news to the student. I used to clam up. The connection between Spirit Guide and me distinigrated and all because Seth had told me a truth which I really didn’t want to hear.

So, in order (I figured later) for the Spirit Guide to most effectively teach me he had to spin a good yarn.

This is why I tell people don’t believe everything you hear from your Guide.

And, who knows, you might be different than me.

In any case, the other thing that played a huge role in what was going on when I first learned to channel was my own emotional and psychological well being. You almost have to unhook and then rehook back up again with a new view of reality.

For instance. At the time I was believing that in order to make spiritual points I needed to be good. Then, God would love me. If I didn’t do anything then maybe He didn’t think about me anymore. Also, I was convinced God was male. There was a lot of tension involved with the way I thought about God.

Gradually, I began to let go of the things I believed, of my view of reality, that it really doesn’t matter what I believed and that there is no one way to be saved. Everybody is saved whether they are Christian or not no matter what they believe. And, I loosened up with judgment and payback and just desserts and stuff like that. Commit a crime, something bad, hurt somebody and the minute you die you will be reviewing your life and feeling what you did to the other party. Also, you will be learning more about it in lifetimes to come. The answer to that is to take responsibility of your life. Act in a mature manner and quit hurting yourself and other people. Also, you can make the world a better place and start with your neighbor if you actually want some direction.

Apart from changing and shifting the things I believed I thought another thing had to take place for the information coming from Seth to be useful and valid. I had to go see a shrink. See how my early learning shows up here? In my family nobody needed to consult with anyone from the psychological community. We were perfect and if you were having problems, well then, you could just straighten up and fly right. It was a shameful thing to have to go see a psychotherapist. It just wasn’t done in my family. Consequently, I believe we all experienced a lot of pain.

Anyway, I spent awhile seeing a psychotherapist and it helped immensely. I developed a bit of a backbone. I was happier. I was writing. And, I was channeling like a champ.

To this day, however, I know that I still have my sore spots and likely will have them all my life. You work on your inner problems a bit, things ease up for awhile, and when you are ready to handle the next stage you get to work on your inner problems again. I had thought in the beginning that once fixed, fixed for all time. No, these are life lessons. Be grateful rather than depressed about them.

In any case, I don’t channel advice from Seth or any of the other Folk in Spirit about dieting. It is too easily skewed by my own psychological sore spots.

One of the biggest lessons I ever learned about channeling was that the information coming out of my mouth from Spirit was colored by my own belief systems and by my own psychological and emotional well being. If you can remember that you will be on your way, I think, to being a pretty good channel.

So, after such a long yarn this morning, the point I wanted to make was to rationalize why I was accepting advice from my Spirit Guide this morning while I was playing the slots on the computer.

This game is from my friend’s site. It’s at and I can really aggravate my carpel tunnel syndrome as I sit there for a loooong time pressing the buttons. So, still harking back to the idea that having much personal gain is not a good thing and certainly playing the slots is one of those no-no items on the list I hesitantly reached out in a psychic way to my Guide to see if he might be inclined to help me this morning. Not that I would hie myself off to Las Vegas to make a killing, but just for fun you see. Just to see if I was a good channel.

It worked! But, the important thing here was that I was not understanding what he was saying. This is key. After all these years of channeling I can still mess up. Seth was saying, “Up” and I was hitting the up button to make the wheel roll forward. I wasn’t winning. Then, I realized he meant to go after the fruits above where the wheel had stopped and I should be hitting the down button.

A minor misunderstanding, but for me key to getting the communication to go in a better direction.

So, my recommendation to anybody out there learning how to channel is not to sweat it when the info coming in from your Spirit Guide is weird or skewed somehow. Do a quick self inventory to see if you are okay psychologically. How to do that? In a nutshell ask yourself. It's called Focusing. Look it up. Anyway, that is one technique. Just don't get your panties in a bunch. Also, don't be sharing this information with anybody in that first year. It's too easily skewed for everybody. Like if someone in Spirit says to you, "The guy who lives down the block is going to have a terrible accident if you don't go over there right now and tell him to be careful." Don't buy into that. I know. It happened to me. Just chill out.

Look for fun ways (like playing the slots together) to practice your channeling skills. Get your guide to tell you a story that you already know. That way you are focusing on their words and trying to maintian your concentration for longer and longer periods of time. Meditation helps here. A funny? Just now? I wrote medication rather than meditation. Ha.