Friday, January 29, 2010

Aspects of Channeling

What does it feel like to channel?

It depends on how “into it” I am. Mostly, it feels ordinary to me. I don’t go into a deep trance, though for a satisfactory, as far as I am concerned, channeling experience I should take a really deep breath with the intention of centering and calming myself and then step off the edge of a cliff. It is a surrendering into the experience where I prefer to close my eyes and just relax and allow whoever in Spirit is there to talk.

For the most part I talk with my guide Seth, though there are many occasions when other Folk in Spirit come through. For instance, loved ones who have passed on; my mother is a frequent Person in Spirit to speak, and now my neighbor Phil who passed this month. I get to grieve just like anybody else, but it is a comfort if not to actually talk to him, to know he is near.

The first year that I channeled was spent getting used to it. Voices came at me from every which way both loud and murmurings I almost couldn’t hear. They were audible voices. I couldn’t hear too well when there were other people or noise in my area, like if the television was on. They also said weird things at times. But it all calmed down eventually to where what I hear now appears to be more of a telepathic communication.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Neighbor Phil

Our dearest friend and neighbor Phil passed away earlier in the week. He’d been in the hospital for a week and a couple of days. In April he would have been 80. Grieving was intense the first few days. Today as yesterday, I am scattered and very short of temper. Thankfully, the ladies at work are taking care of many of the minor things that will generally be the first to drive me nuts when I am not feeling well or under stress.

His family is here now, trying to understand what needs to be done, trying to put the things and issues he left behind in order and into a finished state. It is hard to do that while you are grief stricken.

Admittedly, while I am a psychic I understand that he is fine, that his soul is okay, that he is in a good and interesting place. I have channeled him, so that is fine.

I still have to grieve just like anybody else. And, it really, really sucks.