Sunday, February 21, 2010

Are You Still There?

I remember when I first learned how to channel the contact I had with Seth was spotty. At least, that’s what I thought. It was if I was hearing his voice and then I wasn’t. What was happening was that my channeling muscles were getting exercised and I was going from the condition of not having channeled consciously to one where I was channeling. I expected to be able to dance like Ginger Rogers overnight.

So, because that did not happen and it just took time to develop a condition of channeling I became quite alarmed when the sense of channeling seemed to go away. I was afraid this wonderful gift would disappear and I would no longer be able to speak to my guide.

I want to tell you that will not happen. Once connected to your guide you will always maintain that connection. It might change over time but you will always have a connection to another layer of consciousness.

I have to tell a story on myself. I confess there were times when I would call out my guide’s name silently, in my head and was relieved when he would say, “What?” I didn’t want to talk so much as just reassure myself that he was still there.