Sunday, April 23, 2017

How Many Guides Do I Have?

Can you please give me some basic information about my guides? How many? Their names? Best way to communicate with them?

Thank you,

Dear SA,

It is more important for you to discover who and how many guides you have by yourself than for me to give you an answer.

My own experience was that after seeking and finally getting to where I could perceive a place where I thought my guides were they revealed themselves to me. 

If your spiritual upbringing is of any one of the numerous religions and spiritual practices we celebrate as humans your guides might be seated there.

It just depends on what is the most helpful for you to be able to relate to the guides and to learn.  If it helps you to imagine a guide as a specific being please do so.  It really doesn’t matter.  They might reveal themselves later to be a different sort. 

My own guides have pretty much taken a human form.  Other people have perceived their guides as pure sparkling energies. 

The names of your guides also don’t matter so much.  In my case my guide revealed his name to me right off the bat.  There is a technique that I offer at my website for people to name their guides whatever comes to mind.  Just as a temporary thing.  Eventually, if your guide feels it is necessary they will tell you a different name.  But, in the beginning you can overcome a major sticking point in the process by finding something to call your guide while you converse with them.  These early conversations are you talking to your guide, just as you would talk to a friend.  What you are doing is getting comfortable with speaking to your guide even though you might not hear a response from them. 

You might keep a journal of your conversations.  This could be an actual notebook where you write by hand or you could use a computer. 

You would talk about your day.  It would be mundane stuff.  It would be your life.  You would be developing a relationship with a pen-pal of sorts.  In this journal you would address your questions to your guide who you might have given the name of Samuel.  You would be establishing a bridge from your life to your guide’s life.

A step beyond that would be to become exposed to automatic writing.  Get a piece of copy paper and a writing implement, your choice of pen, pencil, marking pen, brush, crayon whatever you are comfortable with.  Begin by slipping into a quiet place in your mind.  Draw a big circle.  Draw another circle on top of the first circle.  Keep making circles while you try to loosen up.  Raise your vibrations however you can imagine that happening.  Reach high into heaven.  Reach up.  Close your eyes and continue to draw circles.  With intent invite your guide to make the circles for you and with you.  It will might take awhile, weeks even of devoted practice or it might happen within minutes.  You will feel the energies in your hand and arm shift.  It will feel like someone else is controlling your hand.  This is what becomes automatic writing.  When you make the leap from being you, the individual you in the world to being the universal you.  The new you that is a part of the world.  The new you who is no different from the members in your family, the people who live on your street, the you who is related and part of all the people on the earth.  It’s a big step, a major step, but this is what happens to you when you begin to desire to speak with your guides.  Your world changes completely and forevermore. 

As you make this contact with your guide via automatic writing become playful with it.  Allow it to happen.  Use lots of pieces of paper and just continue with the circles.  And, wait for something to happen.  Maybe your guide will deviate from the circle and make a line instead of a circle.  Just allow it to happen.  If you have artistic inclinations and can draw your guide may begin drawing for you.  Just allow it to happen.  See where this is going to go.  This is your guide now communicating with you.

What you can do at the same time would be while you are talking to your guide in your written or typed journal is to pose a question and then wait quietly for a response.  That response might suddenly appear in your mind.  Or, you could write the question and then PRETENDING you are your guide write a response.  That word pretend is so very important here.  It is not lying.  It is pretending.  It is dancing in your head and then being able to get on an actual dance floor and enjoy yourself.  It is practicing a Spanish dialogue in your head, memorizing the steps and then standing in front of your classroom and reciting the dialogue.  What will happen is that you will find that answer from your guide coming to you in a less stressful fashion.

The most important thing is for you to make that leap beyond having others tell you what your guides are like and what messages they have for you to doing this yourself.

How to do this?  It is different for everybody.  It took me years to learn how.  I have taught people how to channel in minutes.  It sometimes takes longer.  It just depends on how far along you are.  These are the things I would ask you:

          Can you meditate?
          Do you read about other channels?  
          Do you revel in the advice their guides give?
          Do you want that for yourself?
          Are you ready to change your life forever?

Begin to trust that whatever you need for this journey is going to come your way.  You will meet that one person who can help you break through that very, very thin barrier between our ordinary life and a life full of spiritual meaning.

There are so many steps involved here.  What happens after you make contact with your guide?  For a time you might go around thinking you can not differentiate between what the guide says and what you are thinking.  It got really crowded in my head for about a week when it happened to me.  Nobody told me that was going to happen, but it did.  At first I was frightened, then as time went by I began to know what were my own thoughts and what was what my guide was talking about.  It is a process.  It is a huge process.  It is your psychic channeling muscles learning how to move.  It just takes time.  Be patient.  Don’t be afraid.  Write to me again when this begins to happen and I will calm you down.

What next?  In order for the information you receive to be “truthful” you make a promise to yourself and to your guide that you will pay attention to your own psychological and emotional well-being.  This is what separates a  reasonable, loving channel and a channel that warns constantly of doom and gloom and disaster.  We speak through our view of reality and if your reality is a place of fear the channeling experience is either not for you or it is a difficult one. 

Please know that 99% of the population is neurotic to one degree or another.  It is for you as a channel to take the higher road and do whatever you can to face your own life lessons and embrace them.  This is where you might ask yourself, “Why in the world do I always attract those kinds of people into my life?  This is totally insane.”  Well, your higher self has determined that you have something to learn from those situations.  And, until you do they will keep showing up in your life.  Lifetime after lifetime until you learn the lesson.  So, in a nutshell?  The more you are willing to learn, to become compassionate and to love your fellow human being, the better your channeling will be.

Thank you for writing,
Pauline Evanosky