Friday, March 24, 2006

Keep Trying

Keep trying.

Two weeks of trying to contact your guide with no success does not mean that nothing is happening.  Anything worth getting is worth working for.  We’ve heard that many times.  Same thing goes for learning to channel.  

The steps for one person are not the same steps needed by another.

Pick out seven things from the following list and devote a full 6 months to doing them.  I’m not kidding.  If this is worth doing it is worth working for.

Read and do the exercises in, “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

Learn to meditate.  Realize that how you meditate in the beginning is beginners meditation.  You’ll be thinking about your laundry.  You’ll be thinking about what to make for dinner.  You’ll be thinking about what’s on tv.  Keep meditating.  Don’t get mad at yourself.  Just remember that you’re meditating and pull your attention back to the meditation.  You’re training your mind here.  

Write.  Write in a journal.  Pour your heart out.  Get on a soapbox and write.  You don’t necessarily have to do it for an audience.  This is cleansing.  This is healing.  This is for yourself.  This is to grow.

Draw.  Learn to draw if you don’t already know how and if you do know how draw more.  This is the same as writing.  But, don’t do one in lieu of the other.  Both.  Draw.  Learn to speak a new language with the drawing.

Exercise a bit.  Don’t let your butt spread out with all these sedentary exercises.  Nobody likes a wide butt channel.  I’m teasing.  But, you should get it moving.  If it is only to walk around the block twice a day.  Just move it.  It will provide a counterpoint to all the head activities you are doing.  

Pray.  Don’t just lip sync the prayers.  Really get in there and pray.  

Start reading, “A Course in Miracles”.  Hey, that’s my recommendation.  No arguments here.  Do it.  I didn’t say this was easy did I?  

Learning to channel is hard work.  There is no magic pill you can take that will make it happen sooner than it is supposed to happen.  In the meantime do not give up faith.  Don’t after 3 weeks of trying sigh and say, “Oh, gee, I’ve been trying and trying and nothing seems to be happening.”  Baloney.  That does not cut any mustard with me.  

Keep trying.

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