Friday, June 30, 2006

An Audio Blog with Guides Talking Too

This is one of my first attempts at audio blogging. It occurred to me that you might be interested in hearing how the guides sound.
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Watch Out!

One of the things I had to “get over” when I began to channel was the idea that my guides would tell me everything I wanted to know.  Nevermore would I go about in a state of confusion or of fear because I would know what was around the corner and coming at me from down the street.  Unfortunately, that isn’t so.

Having guides at your back and elbow does not ensure that you are going to lead a bliss-free, stress-free, accident-free and moneyed life.  Nope.  You still have bills to pay.  You are still afraid of the dark or whatever things scared you before you made that connection to Spirit and started channeling.  At least, most of them.  What the guides do for you is, almost in exchange for you providing a service for others they give you a break on some of the messes you find yourself almost stepping in. Every once in awhile they will alert you to the fact that something is up.  A lot of times they don’t tell you exactly what to look for, but at least you are on the alert to watch out for something.

Having a solid connection to Spirit does not ensure they will live your life for you.  You still have the same lessons to learn and if, as in my case, my higher self has determined that I learn all about a stolen purse, then that’s what will happen.  Actually, the guides did try to warn me that day and cautioned me against unrolling my window while I sat in my car eating my lunch.  In those days I smoked and after lunch always enjoyed a cigarette.  The window needed to be open to let the smoke out.  They’d never said anything before.  Why should I listen to such an odd suggestion?  Well, a lady reached right into the car and took my purse was why.  So, a couple of things I learned about that day.  Don’t eat lunch in a nearly deserted parking lot anymore and listen to my guides when they say odd things.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Odd Words in Channeling

There are some things I hesitate to talk about here.  Sex is one.  Work is another.  Gee, what exactly does that leave?  History, the estimable guide at her elbow says.  I think I must have spelled that one wrong…it’s got a squiggly red line under it.  Well, go back and ask your computer program to fix it.  There…it didn’t have an x in it after all.  I thought that looked funny.  

I’m going to talk about what exactly the guides end up saying.  It’s interesting that when I am tired I’ll get one thing, but as I’m writing I’ll intrude somehow to edit the words into something else.  The idea is the same, but what the guides had to say is different than how it originally started out.  It’s not that I’ve made it up because the guides still said it, but it’s sort of odd.  In the beginning when this would happen I’d get all upset about it and have to go pout or something.  “I can’t do this right so I’m not going to do it at all” sort of thing.  Then, as time went on I realized the guides weren’t getting all exercised about my inability as a channel to get the stuff right the first time out.  I think they’ve said occasionally to me, “We work with what we’ve got”.  Meaning, your’s truly sucks sometimes…but, we persevere.

Also, something that affects the process is how fast I type.  I’m actually looking forward to doing some verbal channeling with the dictation software I discovered last weekend was already on my computer.  It’s been there all along as a part of the Office 2003 Suite.  Who knew?  I didn’t.  In any case, I figure that the manner of delivering the channeling is going to be different…faster as opposed to as slow as I can type and it might possibly make a difference.  Time will tell.

Anyway, here goes.  An introduction please.  Okay.  Who are we talking to?  Now, see here’s where it goes all echoey…first I heard Seth…then I heard my mother….in the beginning I sensed a little girl.  Who knows?  All three of us.  Yeah, right.  No, really.  It’s like a cocktail party right now.  There are these 3 older looking guides, real distinguished sorts over there by the exit…fish bowl.  I swear you guys are pulling my leg.  So what if we are?  The point of this exercise is to illustrate the odd double words that you hear.  For instance the guides over by the exit or fish bowl have moved.  They are now walking down the street with multi flowing costumes flowing past their shoulders…a scarf, Dear.  Okay.  Yes, a scarf.  

Did you say something about wait until we get somebody who stutters?  Would you do that to me?  No, we were seeing if you were listening.  

Friday, June 16, 2006

Talking about Channeling

Learning to channel doesn’t have to be a serious thing. It was for me until I finally broke through and then it became fun. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. It could have been fun all through the learning process. I think what I wasn’t sure of was if I was doing it right. I had advice from all different quarters and I actually couldn’t do many of the exercises well or at all in some cases; I was just a miserable student. But, this is the key to success in this endeavor: I did not stop trying.

So, there I was, serious, miserable and just would not stop. I was driven, I suppose. I just had to do this thing; this talking to my guide thing. I sort of had an idea of what it might be like once I got through, but I wasn’t sure. Mostly people were sort of vague about it. The only information for me that seemed real came from the books of people who were actually channeling. I read some of the Seth books. I really loved the Messages from Michael books, but I still could not really imagine what it would be like once I was finally channeling.

Actually, I pretty much feel the same before and after. There were a few instances after I had started channeling where I went around with a tingly sensation on the top of my head. Like I was wearing a headband and for the circumference of that headband my head tingled. Also, I’d get this piercing tingling feeling on the upper portion of my head. Now, I don’t know if that was a developmental thing or if the guides were just jerking me around, but I did feel it. I suppose those feelings must have lasted a few months. But, they went away. Seth told me once I was being fine tuned. Okay.

I guess my advice to anybody who is wanting to learn how to channel would be there are lots of ways to learn. You don’t have to be expert or comfortable with all of them. Just the one or two that are actually going to be the ones to help you make that final leap. And, it isn’t a case of you attracting your guide to you like they are way far away and now you are ready to talk to them. Our guides are always there. It’s you who aren’t ready yet. So, they are there. Get ready.

Learn to quiet your mind. That means meditate. If it puts you to sleep, fine, next time sit in a chair. If you still go to sleep, sit on a bed of nails as Seth told me to do once. I considered a doormat, one of the Astroturf varieties with a little daisy on the side, but I actually never got around to doing it. Anyway, I have a tendency to go to sleep when I meditate. And, I would not recommend sitting on a bed of nails. That was guide humor.

The other important thing to remember is that you are forcing yourself to move forward on your own journey. When you do things like that you rustle up crap from the past, things that you’ve tended to ignore for years and would rather not look at. Guess what? You get to look at them now. When you talk to Spirit you better be on the way to an emotionally healthy place. At least the willingness to do something about it will somehow magically place the tools to do so at your disposal: you’ll see a Dr. Phil marathon, or a Dr. Wayne Dyer show or a psychotherapist will move into the house next door to you. “Pay attention”, one of the guides just said.

The reason why I say this is that the information you receive is going to be distorted by the fact that you are a human being and you are changing the information, filtering it through the being that is yourself. The guides told me once that they don’t mind so much. They work with what they get. Ahem. Anyway, imagine that a guide says, “Blue”. You perceive a light lilac color. Or, a guide says, “Tiger” and you understand him to have said, “Kitty cat”. See what I mean? It gets distorted. If you are psychotic that info ain’t going to be good at all. So, if you’re schizoid or are under a doctor’s care of a psychological illness you best not learn to channel. Not a good mix. But, mildly neurotic like most of the world is? Just get your self help book handy.

And, have fun. One of my favorite things to do is to doodle. Sometimes I’ll just turn it over to Spirit for a few minutes and let them write, or draw, or just doodle. It’s a way for me to just hang out with Spirit for a few minutes. Just to be there.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was thinking today about how to teach people to channel. I was thinking about all the different ways there are and how depending upon the student I might advise one technique over another. Why the difference? Well, it isn’t that one is going to work better than any other and it isn’t that one student is better or any worse than another. It’s because we are all different. If you were a person who was really grounded in ritual. You go to church a lot. You’ve got an altar in your house already. You pray a lot. Then, that’s one way to approach it. If you’re sort of slap dash and airy fairy about stuff, then, there’s another way to approach it.

One big thing I look for is just how hung up on the “truth” a person is. If it’s got to be all one way or all another way. I know those are the students the guides love to shoot down; they have me a lot of times. Because if one thing is true, it’s all true and if another thing is false, it’s all still true. After awhile you sort of learn that it’s all true. All of it. Whether you think it’s false or not doesn’t change the fact that it’s all true. This was actually a very difficult concept for me to handle. I still have trouble with it at times and try to rationalize it into neat little compartments for times when I say this particular law you spoke of just does not apply here. They never say anything. They’re just all lined up against the wall looking at me. And, I sigh and say, “Oh, okay, guys. Let me step back from this situation and think about it a little.”

It’s interesting because it really is not a clear cut progression of putting one foot in front of the other to reach a particular destination. This is one of those things where your destination really does change and waver before your very eyes. You go into it with a set of expectations and in each instance the end result is going to be different.

I think the biggest thing to get rid of either before you’ve started learning how to channel (preferably) or directly after is fear. Fear about a lot of things, but in particular about who and what you are talking to. Eventually, I would hope that you would develop fearlessness. The fearlessness that a 93 year old person has. Interesting that I don’t particularly like growing older (hitting the big 51 this year), but I am a bit bolder than I used to be. I still have an awful lot to learn, but one thing I do know is that if I learned how to channel, then other people can too. And, they don’t have to channel exactly the same way I do to have a connection with Spirit. Actually, everybody on the face of the earth already has a connection to Spirit. It’s just many of them haven’t exactly believed in it. Believe and it is there. Pretend and it is perfectly formed.