Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was thinking today about how to teach people to channel. I was thinking about all the different ways there are and how depending upon the student I might advise one technique over another. Why the difference? Well, it isn’t that one is going to work better than any other and it isn’t that one student is better or any worse than another. It’s because we are all different. If you were a person who was really grounded in ritual. You go to church a lot. You’ve got an altar in your house already. You pray a lot. Then, that’s one way to approach it. If you’re sort of slap dash and airy fairy about stuff, then, there’s another way to approach it.

One big thing I look for is just how hung up on the “truth” a person is. If it’s got to be all one way or all another way. I know those are the students the guides love to shoot down; they have me a lot of times. Because if one thing is true, it’s all true and if another thing is false, it’s all still true. After awhile you sort of learn that it’s all true. All of it. Whether you think it’s false or not doesn’t change the fact that it’s all true. This was actually a very difficult concept for me to handle. I still have trouble with it at times and try to rationalize it into neat little compartments for times when I say this particular law you spoke of just does not apply here. They never say anything. They’re just all lined up against the wall looking at me. And, I sigh and say, “Oh, okay, guys. Let me step back from this situation and think about it a little.”

It’s interesting because it really is not a clear cut progression of putting one foot in front of the other to reach a particular destination. This is one of those things where your destination really does change and waver before your very eyes. You go into it with a set of expectations and in each instance the end result is going to be different.

I think the biggest thing to get rid of either before you’ve started learning how to channel (preferably) or directly after is fear. Fear about a lot of things, but in particular about who and what you are talking to. Eventually, I would hope that you would develop fearlessness. The fearlessness that a 93 year old person has. Interesting that I don’t particularly like growing older (hitting the big 51 this year), but I am a bit bolder than I used to be. I still have an awful lot to learn, but one thing I do know is that if I learned how to channel, then other people can too. And, they don’t have to channel exactly the same way I do to have a connection with Spirit. Actually, everybody on the face of the earth already has a connection to Spirit. It’s just many of them haven’t exactly believed in it. Believe and it is there. Pretend and it is perfectly formed.

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