Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's All About Relatives

Talking to Spirit is very much like attending a base ball game where all the seats have been sold out.  There is you and there are all those other people.  Except, you would never in a million years be able to talk to each and every one of those people.  It’s just plain not possible.  So, your focus of awareness on the psychic plane becomes very much like it is in real life.  You speak with those people who are within earshot, to those folks who are near you.

However, all those folks are really only a thought away.

If you are thinking that you’d like to talk to a long dead relative.  Hey, we could count back 6 great grandmothers.  You want to talk to your great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother.  It is likely you don’t even know her name.  You could sort of center yourself by figuring out what period of time she would have lived.  

Okay, figuring that each generation is 25 years and you’ve got 6 greats to work with.  That’s 150 years ago.  About.  So, that would place her in 1856?  Ah, wait a minute.  My great-grandmother was born in 1865.  For the kiddies in my family right now Neddie would have been their great-great-great grandmother.  Her mother would have been their great-great-great-great grandmother.  And, Neddie’s grandmother would have been their great-great-great-great-great grandmother.  However, we get to the 6th great by focusing in on my great grandmother’s great grandmother.  So, Neddie was born just as the Civil War was ending.  Her mother would have been born 25 years earlier about 1840, her grandmother might have been born in 1815 and the grandmom we’re looking for would have been born in 1790.  About. That’s the great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother for the little kids in my family.  For me we’d have to go back another 3 greats.  To 1715.  

Argh.  This is complicated.  Well, it’s an exercise.  It’s a stab in the dark.  One of the guides just said it’s not rocket science.  Ha.

Anyway, you’d like to talk to a long dead relative.  Why don’t you just pick a period of history?  You don’t have to be an expert.  Think of Benjamin Franklin.  What was he doing before the Revolutionary War in the United States?  He was busy getting in trouble.  He was writing up a storm and having disagreements with his brother.  Well, let’s think about what life was like for him.  No indoor toilets.  Quills to write with.  Probably cold a lot.  Sensible he was.  Nosy is what he was.  He was interested in everything going on around him.  He liked to needle people.  Sort of like I do.  Maybe that’s why we’re talking about him this morning.  

So, what you do is you close your eyes having established a toe hold in history.  You don’t need to know everything about it.  Just that it’s a long time ago.  And, you’d like to make contact with a relative, preferably female, from that time.  There’s no question that you had a relative from then.  You’re here aren’t you?  So, a relative.  That’s all.  This isn’t a famous person.  This is your relative.  How difficult can that be?  Here’s what one of the guides just said to me, “ From all appearances it is getting more and more complicated by the minute.”  What a hoot.

Okay, you’re right.  What I was trying to do was to establish that this is going to be easy.  

Okay, I know of Neddie.  Now, I will, in my mind move backward through the relatives who were familiar to her.  And, I know I have one when the tears well up in my own eyes.  It always happens that way with me.  It’s like this awareness on the heart level.  It’s a, “Oh, it’s been awhile since we talked. I’m glad to see you again.”  Except, usually I can’t see or hear in the beginning, it’s just this feeling, this heart feeling.  

Okay, so I’ve made contact.  I felt it.  I know from having done this many times this is how I make contact on the soul level, on the heart level, on the psychic level with whoever I’m looking for.  Now, as to actual communication?  Well, that might take a bit more concentration.  But, to know in your heart that you’d made contact with somebody, with a relative of yours who’d lived a long time ago, that’s pretty important, I think.  Who, when they were alive might never have thought ahead to when they themselves would have a great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter or grandson.  Just consider it a brief family reunion.

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