Saturday, August 12, 2006

Potato Pancakes

If I were to compare how I feel now with how I felt before I started channeling I would say I don’t really feel any different. What’s different is that even though you might still talk to yourself occasionally, now, somebody might answer you. That did take some getting used to. And, when I think back to how I felt then I’d say there were time of really intense loneliness. Of times when I hesitated to say too many people knew where I was coming from. Now? Yeah, there be a stadium full of dead folk who understand me.

Like today. I was making potato pancakes to have for dinner. Actually, we ended up just having the potato pancakes by themselves, but I was reading the Stephen King novel, “Cell” and suddenly knew what was going to go perfect with our dinner of sausages and eggs. So, I hauled myself out to the kitchen to begin preparations. I had planned to do the mashed potato version but as I wheeled into the kitchen and began paring the potato I planned to use I thought grating it and making lacy pancakes sounded better. As I began to assemble the ingredients I wasn’t measuring anything; just tossing it all together in a bowl. So, a grated potato, some grated onion, some scissored chives from our patio, an egg, salt and pepper, baking powder and some flour.

I thought to put in some milk and at that point one of the guides said not to. They said there was enough liquid that had come off of the potatoes. So, I didn’t add anything else. And, that was the extent of guided involvement in tonight’s dinner. It was obvious. It was certainly helpful. DeeDude really liked the pancakes. We had already made inroads into the supply I’d finished frying when I suggested that could be dinner. He agreed, so I didn’t cook anything else; Susie Homemaker I’m not. But, it was a little bit of help. Granted, not having anybody to kibitz with me in the kitchen wouldn’t really have made a great deal of difference in how dinner turned out, but I enjoy the input from Spirit. I enjoy the company.

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