Saturday, August 05, 2006

Psychic Attacks

Occasionally I will hear from people who are concerned about psychic attacks.  Mostly, they are wanting to channel, had a little bit of experience channeling or something along those lines and live in dread or had actually experienced what they consider to be a form of psychic attack.

Having been there, seen that and done that I hazard to say there is no such thing as a psychic attack.  (Duck)  

I believe what is happening is that folks are venturing out into an expanded psychic reality and don’t know what’s what yet.  What they interpret as a threat is actually just life intensified in a psychic manner.  When on the psychic plane things you experience are different than in your normal walk around in daily life and rather than approaching it all with an open minded attitude the person approaches it as dangerous and different and fearful.  Hence, it becomes threatening and therefore is an attack.  

So, that’s not to say that things in the psychic realms aren’t different…they are.  And, they can be interpreted as scary.  Your job is to decide in your heart that you are ready for it, that you are not going to be scared, that you are curious, that you are willing to learn and that you plain want to do this.  I guarantee that if you think it’s going to be scary it will be.  

Hey, meditating was scary for me until I got used to it.  

The first time I ever “saw” psychic faces as an adult they came to me as maws huge and dripping with drool, with eyes distorted and were just really scary and horrible things to behold.  As I grew accustomed to moving into a psychic vision place the faces calmed down until they were more like I used to see when I was 8 years old whiling away the time while I was supposed to be having an afternoon nap.  Then, as I got more adventurous my vision began to expand to encompass more of the entire being I was communicating with, and bits of scenery about the edges.  I’m still not expert at it, but at least, I’m not afraid.

I’ve heard people saying you can guard against psychic attacks by doing this or that or the other thing.  I personally don’t feel that doing things like that is going to help any whether you are dealing with a spirit or with some twit you met on the internet.  What I feel works if you feel you are under attack is to stop doing whatever it was that you were doing when you first felt the attack and then ask yourself what’s up with this?  Wait calmly for the answer and maybe you’ll get a glimmer of something from your childhood that might be addressed now.  It’s no different from the lessons we get in normal ordinary life, they are just continuing on the psychic planes.

So, on the one hand it’s a matter of folks just growing accustomed to dabbling in psychic stuff and getting used to it and on another hand it’s paying attention to your own inner growth.

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