Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aspects of Channeling

When I first started channeling I could only do it a little bit at a time because I was so exhausted afterward. It was like I’d done some sort of long distance running and I was absolutely tuckered out. I think it was because I was nervous.

I think I was nervous that I wouldn’t channel things properly. At times, in the beginning, my focus would leave. I’d hear some of what was said and then, like the wind it would just drift away and I’d be left not knowing what the rest of it was. That would certainly upset me and I would be so upset with myself that I couldn’t get back into the channeling session.

Finally I learned to be kinder to myself. It’s not like you missed the brass ring on the merry-go-round. All you have to do is say to your guide, “Okay, sorry. I drifted off. Can you say that again please?” What? Ask a guide to repeat themselves just because you didn’t get it the first time around? These are the guides. These are respected teachers. These guys, if they could, could charge an arm and a leg to be teaching you stuff. Right. Just ask them to repeat themselves. They will. Just be quiet, center yourself and wait. They will repeat it.

Then, the bit about not getting it right. The guides told me once they work with what they’ve got. It was a bit of a sarcastic dig at me to lighten up. They do have a funny sense of humor. I think so, anyway. But, what happens with me is if I don’t get something right they will keep talking. Or, we move into a new paragraph and later on, as I go through looking for spelling errors, which there are generally a lot of since I channel with my eyes closed and my fingers don’t always move in a sensible typing fashion when I’m channeling, they’ll start talking with more stuff to add as we hit different parts of the manuscript. Also, they’ll do this as my concentration flags. If I can get the main part out and then later on, when I’m not so surprised to see it, they’ll talk more about it.

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