Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guide's Parts are in Red

An interesting experience I had a couple of years before I began channeling would prove to be more prophetic of the experience than anything I’d had happen to me to date. I was diligently applying myself to a Tony Robbins tape course. I think it was his Personal Power Course. In those days it was designed to last 30 days. Since then it has been redesigned to be a 7 day wonder. I suppose people had a hard time sticking to it for 30 days. Normally, I would count myself among them, but for whatever reason I got hooked on the course and did the lessons every day. Interestingly enough, I went from writing 4,000 words a day to over 20,000 words a day. It was, for me a pretty phenomenal increase. It didn’t last long, but I proved to myself I could do it and was able to move forward with my life as a writer and eventually as a semi-psychic crabby secretary.

Anyway, one of the exercises was to allow 2 imaginary beings/playmates/companions to join you in a writing exercise. I can’t remember exactly what it was, though I believe it was along the lines of you saying, “I believe I can” and allowing the 2 imps to butt in and say, “I think you can’t”. There was a give and take between the three of us and what turned out to begin as a sort of choreographed by me and stilted dialogue soon let loose with the 2 imps busting out and saying whatever the hell they felt like saying. It was a total and complete surprise to me who was the one doing the writing. The exercise was designed to allow you to break through whatever emotional barriers were holding you back from whatever success you wanted and, in fact, I believe it worked for me. However, in retrospect, I see now that channeling as I do it now was exactly like it felt like during that brief exercise.

I don’t see why a person wanting to learn how to channel couldn’t do the same sort of exercise. It couldn’t hurt, anyway.

Start out with the goal or statement. Maybe you could say something along the lines of: I know I am already channeling because….and, you start filling in the blanks. The 2 imps you allow to join you will certainly have something to say about it. Start in with what you figure your subconscious must have to say about the whole thing. Something like: Oh, yeah? Well, whoever do you think you are Miss Hoity Toity to think that some invisible holier than thou teacher is going to deign to talk to you? And you say: I’m not Hoity Toity. I’m as good as anybody else. And, Pauline said everybody has access to the psychic realms anyway. I believe her. And, they’ll say: Oh, yeah? Well, I’m going to trip you up. And, you’ll say: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Something along those lines. I mean this stuff can get really goofy, but it’s the interchange that’s important. Whether it’s your subconscious or your guide whoever has the other voice it’s you stepping out of your normally tight shoes to go stepping along the beach for awhile and in a way it sort of prepares you to speak to a guide.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Do any of the guides want to say anything?

Who us? You’re actually inviting us to say something? Be still my beating heart. Watch out Bud, or I’ll cut you off. Try it and see who keeps you awake tonight. Oh, I forgot about sleep depravation. I suppose I ought to talk about that in one of these entries.

Are you still there? You’re so quiet. We’ve been insulted. I don’t see why. You did manage to keep me awake for 3 nights running back in the early days when we were having a fight and I wouldn’t talk to you. That was a misunderstanding. Yeah, right. Anyway, you’re forgiven. So are you. Anyway, the offer still stands. Do you want to talk about anything?

Yes, we do. This then, would be for anybody who is interested Seth. Elvis is standing behind me and…do you mind? I can’t handle the names. They throw me off. Yes, I see you’re having a hot flash. Yes.

We would say our channel has decided not to type the things she just thought about disrobing. We wouldn’t want anybody to think this is a porno site. Okay…okay…Just hurry up and talk already. I’m hot.

Good thing she types quickly or we’d be here all night. Thanks. It feels good to talk this way. It has been a long time. We’re not really going anywhere with this but I think it’s good for folks to see how informal we can be with each other. It isn’t always me sitting at the knees of the masters taking notes. We horse around some too. When I first started channeling I sure didn’t suspect that it would all end up this way. And, when it all started to go south as it were (that’s guide speak…they’ll sneak it in on me sometimes too…but, the phrase, “as it were” is entirely their’s) and, it’s not like I’ve lost control and it’s a matter of, “Take me to your leader” or anything like that. It’s like a parasite and a host. Gee guys, that sounds really appetizing. A nice symbiotic relationship. Everybody wins. Well, whatever. I type faster and better, so that’s a plus.

It's actually funny when they make me laugh at work. I have to say things like, "Sorry. I just thought of something funny." and hope the people don't want to really know what I was laughing about. I hate swallowing laughter. You really do need nerves of steel at times.

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