Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Question

This is an email I got over the weekend. I thought the question was a good one for folks learning to channel.

Question: All of your information that I have gotten from you and your site so far has been so helpful! I was just wondering lately, can other people’s guides give people guidance? Or does it have to be your own? I was wondering, just in case my guides had a message for me? And if so, how do I listen for it? I’ve got so much stuff to worry about at the moment and I was just wondering how I can really hear them!

Answer from Pauline: Your guide is plenty powerful enough. Everybody's guides are. It's interesting, but after you finally break through and realize that you're channeling they will use their "awesome powers" to amplify the voices of the recently departed for you to talk to. At least, that's a theory of mine. So, I suppose the question to ask then, might be, "Why can't I channel yet?" Could be you're too worried, though I'm getting a no-head shake from the guides on that one. Now, I'm getting a not cooked enough message. That's what I get for channeling before breakfast...my mind is on food! Ha. Anyway, keep at it. You're on the right path. And, in answer to your question, yes, you can ask other guides for help. I didn't realize I could talk to other guides until after I learned to channel. If you're reading, "Opening to Channel" ask Orin and DaBen for help. Certainly ask Seth for help. He's not just my guide. He's a teacher and helps many, many other people.

They told me once that sometimes the guides I refer to as the heavy hitters (like Jesus and the Saints and Famous Folk in Spirit like that) are also out there as nameless teachers. They don't like to alarm anybody by saying their better known names. Ask one of them for help. They're glad to do it.

One of them just said I should qualify the "awesome powers" I talked about in the first paragraph of this letter. I really don't know what abilities any of them have. They're still very mysterious to me and as such I spoof at them by saying things like that. It's not exactly being disrespectful...though, sometimes it might edge that way...could be why they occasionally mention they're keeping a place warm for me :)...but, it's my attempt to try to take the frightening aspects out of the channeling experience. Because it is so far and away different than what people are normally used to they could easily believe they've been taken up to visit space aliens if they aren't well grounded in reality. That's why I use humor...to keep them grounded and not afraid.

It just takes awhile. It took me a long time. Just keep at it. Imagine your guide always with you beside your side. Talk to him or her in your head during the course of the day. Don't worry that you don't hear anything back in response. Like you're shopping...and you're picking out bananas...and, just address the silent comments in your head to your guide, "Crap, when do you figure that they're ever going to start putting out the good looking fruit first?" Stuff like that. Maybe one day he'll say to you, "Ask the produce manager. The good ones are in the back."

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