Friday, October 27, 2006

Something I Channeled

I’m in training. This is preparatory work for the work for November. I’m going to try for 15 minutes at a time channeling to see what I come up with. I have no idea at all of what is going to happen. The guides asked for their portion to be in blue.

And, so we begin. Everyone upon the face of the earth seeks balance. Generally, they will seek a rational explanation for everything that happens around them. There is a normal and logical progression of events that leads to any outcome. People just do not miss the steps. For instance, a person born will gradually age and grow in stature until they are adult. After which, they will shrink. It happens to everyone.

Intuition is something everyone is born with. Sometimes children say the oddest but most insightful things. Their intuition has not yet been influenced by the expectations of those around them. Oftentimes intuition in an adult is less often evident. You are assured by many that you have it and the feeling is likened to a gut feeling. Everyone has one of those on occasion. It is explained to you that this is intuition and therefore not something to be frightened of.

What is, however, frightening for most people is when they have a sudden psychic intuition about something or someone. For instance, those people who dream of train wrecks and then witness one. Or, for those people who never want to visit New York City and the odd feeling is finally explained years later with what has come to be known as 911.

If someone has forewarning that something is going to happen do they also have an obligation to warn those other hapless victims to get out of the way? It depends entirely upon the person who has the psychic vision. For many, such as our channel who had the lifelong nameless dread of New York City we would say not. What specifically pointed to the events of 911 for her? Nothing. How do you tell 3,000 people to get out of the way if you don't know what is going to happen or when. When, there is nothing specific that you could warn about do you say something to alarm people? You do not.

The person who has a psychic intuition might also and very easily misinterpret the information. So, do you warn people of a tsunami or tell them to merely batten down the hatches for a bad storm?

Our advice would be to record your observations and keep them mostly private. If you are asked to specifically turn your psychic eyes in a particular direction and you feel so inclined to do so by all means do so. We ask though that you temper the advice you give with a calm, mature and as close as you can get to it, balanced outlook on life, before you give your advice. Remember that for some who perceive a particular event as disastrous from another’s point of view it’s merely a case of the school of hard knocks and in the end the person will have learned a valuable lesson. Our blessings.

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