Sunday, October 08, 2006

Why Won't My Spirit Guide Talk to Me?

I felt the same as you before I began to channel. Same way. They said they were there. They said I could believe. I tried to believe. Turns out you just have to pretend. For awhile. Until it finally happens. But they are there. And, you're right, they will not speak to us because we will not listen or, rather, are afraid of what they might have to say, or it just isn't time yet. I just don't know why.

I had to surrender. I had to lay myself open and after the contact was made and I could hear I realized I had laid myself more bare than I had ever done with another human being in my life. That was really scary. Think Santa Claus sees all? Think God sees all? These folk in Spirit see all and have something to say about it too. Sometimes it is difficult to listen to them because they will point out the stuff you've been trying to ignore. That's hard.

So, I would say if you aren't ready for a buttinsky guide in your life just be content that they are there, though you cannot hear what they have to say.

As far as them comforting me that did not happen until I had stepped over the edge and started to actually channel. It is a very, very weird feeling. You get used to it. I couldn't imagine life any other way now. It's interesting too, but I realized once I'd started to channel that there had been times in my life before the "official" date of learning how to channel was upon me that I might have somehow tapped into the universal unconscious or talked to the guides years before it officially happened. I just don't know, but sometimes those strange things that had happened to me at different points in my life just felt so much like channeling later on. I think if it happened to me that it has to have happened to other people too. I can't be that different than others.

Even though you can't hear them they can hear you. So, just blab away. Pretend that they are there just being silent. Talk to them silently in your heart. Write a letter to them and then sit quietly to see what thoughts might just sort of pop into your head. Rail at them for not talking to you. I remember pounding away at the piano just days before I broke through and began to channel. I was so angry at my guide for not talking to me. I desparately needed to talk to him. My husband was in the hospital with a broken back. Our finances was in a critical position right then. I was desparate to talk to my guide. And there was only silence. Yes, I know how you feel. I've been there.

The way they speak in the beginning is very, very quietly. Sometimes they speak and we just aren't able to hear because of all the noise we are making.

So, before they will talk to you verbally, perhaps you can trust that they will talk to you through another source of divination. Like maybe the Tarot. But, the key for all of it is trust. Just surrender and trust that they are really there contrary to all evidence that says otherwise.

Thanks for writing and I hope this helps a little bit.


Laura said...

Hi I love the way you explain all this. This is all new and not so new to me I have been writing songs and poems for years and its like a flood when it comes and hard to shut off. My friend tells me that I am channeling when I write because of how it flows so fast. So I have started to try contacting my spirit guide and I think I have its so subtle that I sometimes doubt it all but I listen to you and I now know that I'm on the right path. I am a reflexologist and do compression massage and when I work on someone they say that my hands get hot and its amazing to me that people get better and feel better when I'm done and I'd like to connect with my guide to help people even more. Great site thank you

LIAT said...

Thank you so much for your words!! true help! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I have followed Shamanic path for years now and work very closely with a several spirits. What a fantastic post! it's so refreshing to hear someone put it so simply with no "spirits require sacrifice" mumbo jumbo. If I could be so bold as to add one tip, if you truly want to contact your guides begin with listening to your own heart, this is where the connection is made and guides value someone who values their own guidance more than anything. After all would you chose to work with the person who never listened to their own wisdom?

Anonymous said...

my guides spoke to me (auditory) asking me to marry someone, but i don't even talk to the guy, havent for years! whats going on??


Anonymous said...

hi "Anonymous", perhaps your guide is in love with him! LOL

wtarin1 said...

I have for years (starting in my early years of life) that I had this "thing", didn't know what it was but it continued on. I could hold it in any longer and spoke with my Mother. She then said "oh, you too, I was wondering if you had "it" too. I am now sixy and have sought many spiritalest. I finally found one but alas he is now battling cancer. Have found others but not like him. The moral to all this is listen. Medition is one way but it is "very hard" to quite your own mind! If someone out there advise me as to "how to meditite without my own thoughts coming through I would really appreciate it.

Mystic said...

Hi I would lesrn to channel ET`s. Like Daryll Anka does with "Bashar" can we channel Et`s, does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I am onley 13 and my life isent the greatest with my dad nearly dieing and my mom has sytoms I cancer I tri a tri to talk to my spiritual guide and every time I tri to meditate my own thoughs burst in my head I think I have anixtiy or what ever you call it anyway thank you for this advise I'll really tri it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have recently opened up to the spiritual world and I must say that things are rolling really fast. Well, I have found that there are a lot of things that I have to learn. The main thing that opened my eyes to this was the repeated double and triple numbers. This is the Angels way of waking us up and opening up to the spiritual world. One thing that has come across my mind is that we go through cycles within our destined path. I'm reading a book by Sylvia Browne called God, Creation, and Tools for life. It’s a really good book with lots of information. I have read several of her books and of other writers of spirituality. There is also another book called Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman. You can get this for free on the Nook. Very good book! I will reread it. As for meditation and keeping your mind still, you have to learn to shut out the noise. Shut out your voice of thoughts. It took me a while to learn, but once you learn this, you won’t forget. This is something that will forever be a part of us all once opened. I always need direction and will have to learn more on channeling. Again, there is so much to learn in the School called Earth! Wonderful post Liat!
I started writing spiritually on Word Press.

Johnny Flowers said...

hello, great advice you have given, but as for some ppl i understand that it could be difficult to calm your mind and come into a total relaxed state of meditation. I grew up in a rather hostile environment and the only peace i found was in my own mind. When i sit down to meditate i take all my energy into relaxing the body, i work my way up./ starting at the tip of my feet, and i visualize pulling a warm light filled blanket up my body and every part of me that gets covered i relax and let go. Once u do your entire body and get relaxed i usually like to visualize me opening my "Third eye" like a door and a huge white light surrounds me, pulls me into the unknown and by that point my mind is clear and ready for channeling.. idk if this helps at all but it has for me.

starrharrison said...

Spirit animals count as guides right??I talk to mine all the time.

Anonymous said...

That actually did help, Johnny, thank you!

Oscilate Wildly said...

When I was younger I would get frustrated when I would hear an answer to my question right before my "friend" would write, although she would write what I heard in my mind I had trouble trusting in the process as I thought she could be writing my thoughts in order to please me. Recently I focused on blanking my mind, my thoughts comnpletely. This was while she was writing, as I did this her writing (and my arm I guess) slowed down dramatically. I realised that I had to relaqx my mind and keep the chatterbox or runaway thoughts from intruding but if I comjpletely blanked my mind it seemed to interfere with the line of communication, or the channel. When information does come through and it's not associated with a train of thought already swirling around in your head, you will have no doubt as this is when it just flows. Insticnt will be sharper too, so you may sense things, as in information but not in the form of words, more like a "knowing". From my personal experience my arm is being moved and it's an unmistakable physical feeling, it's as though there's a force field arouind my arm (from my albow down) and it tingles slightly. It's gentle and I can stop it anytime. I use a pen or just my arm (moving left is NO and moving right is YES
... little circles are laughing and giggling. Hope this has been of some help, I'm no expert but this is just what I've experienced. Good luck!

Craig Lawson said...

Iv always felt alone in my life. As a child I was taken out of school and as a result i never really connected with people my age growing up. Loneliness and the depression i suffer from it have always ruled my life. Since learning of spirit guides I have made multiple attempts to contact him/her and been met with silence. All i ask is for my spirit guide to contact me and let me know that I am not truly alone and that there is someone/something out there watching over me. If anyone has any advice in how to contact my spirit guide I would be most grateful. Thanks x

stephen tailby said...

hi all just want to say i am so happy i have found this blogger place,
i over the last year or 2 have been feeling really wanting to talk to my guide, the urge is overwelming sorry for spelling,
i have been trying to find out who is my guide an trying to learn how to just speak to my guide,
i find it really hard to just fully relax an let the thoughts pass by its a nightmare for me to try get to speak an find out my guide,

if anyone could give me some advice on best ways to contact my guide it mean so much,
my life has been one hell of a nightmare, i have changed so much since my best freind died,
i lived a very wrong life spending most my life in an out of prison, i grew up rough on rough council estates around the wrong people, but when friends an close ones strarted dieing through this life, i regret so much but long story short when my best pal died i changed so much an turned my life right round, i found myself wanting to get intouch with my spirit guides an just wanting everything in life all different,

i feel like something or somebody is calling me its a wierd feeling i carnt explain,
i just want some help now to learn how to contact my guide,

i am so sorry for going on and on with myself here but would love some advice please of anyonne who could spare few mins

Anonymous said...

Can someone help me connect with my deceased mother, I try meditating but nothing works out, i want to know the reasons for her death, she had lots of commitment s and unfinished jobs but why god took her from us ?? Want to know where exactly she is?

Pauline Evanosky said...

Hi Anon,

These are painful questions you are asking. Getting answers that will satisfy you are hard to come by. I imagine that you are very lonely right now. I know I was when my mother passed over 20 years ago. She too had many things she was doing that were unfinished.

My guide, Seth, told me once that people leave when they have done everything they needed to do. It was explained to me that everybody sets out with a master plan of things they want to get done in their life before they are born. They have a team, hand selected, who are going to go with them into that life. They already know before they are born the major theme they are going to work on in the life. Seth told me it is sort of like a travel agency where you show up and say, “Okay, I’m going to need a husband, in fact, I think I’m going to need two of them.” And somebody answers, “Hey, I’m planning on going to Cincinnati too and don’t have a spouse picked out yet. Do you mind if I am a history professor who has a drinking problem?” It is sort of like that. Sort of.

But, there are deeper things to work on like compassion, honesty, creative expression, anger. On a conscious level we can’t remember the original plan and many times fight ourselves when we go down paths that don’t seem to lead anywhere. But, if you can imagine that you are on course, if you can think that each detour isn’t really a wrong turn, but another turn and that through free will you can take any number of ways to accomplish your goals in life it makes the dull or heartbreaking moments that come up more like a good thing than a bad thing.
Have you ever had a major issue that just won’t get solved even though you’ve worked on it for what seems to be ages? Maybe you’ve been working on it for longer than you think. Maybe this is a five lifetime job and just can’t be completed in one lifetime or that nobody ever intended be completed in one lifetime.

I’ve been told that when people die they are welcomed by loved ones who have already passed. Then you have a party. Then you get to judge yourself with the help of teachers and your guide. Then, you relax. Then, you reflect. Then, you study some. You help others. Maybe you get a job teaching others. Then, eventually you get the urge to go back and do it again. Sort of like that movie, “The History of the World in Two Hours”.

As far as contacting your mother…you might be trying too hard. You have it already set in your mind what it is supposed to be like. Also, the meditating that you can’t do. There are lots of ways of meditating and one or several of them are going to work for you. Persistence and practice is what is needed. Also, keep trying different ways. How many different recipes are there for making cakes? Tons of them.

I've written too much for one comment so I will continue in the next comment.

Pauline Evanosky said...

Continued from above:

So, keep this simple. Pretending is what is going to make it easier for you. Pretend that she can hear you. Say whatever you want to say. Say it aloud. Say it silently. Say it in a letter. Say it one way and then say it another. Don’t hold back. If you are angry, say that. If you are sad, say that. Cry. Remember the good times.

Now, as far as your mother answering you, she can speak to you in different ways. What if you were to be in a quiet place, not really thinking about anything, soon after you said what you needed to say to her and you sort of felt her near you. Maybe you could smell her just like the sweater you have in your closet that belonged to her that you have not laundered. Just a quick whiff of your mom. What if you heard a song on the radio that she loved? What if you were to feel a pressure across your back like she had put her arm over your shoulders? What if your sister called right then to say she’d been thinking about your mother and wanted to talk to you? All those things could be considered an answer to your prayer to your mom.

I hope that something I said here has given you a little bit of peace. As a medium I can tell you that your mother is fine. She is happy. She is aware of you and wishes you could slow down a little bit. She loves you still just as she has in other lifetimes. She also said something about peanut butter cookies…no, they have some sort of crackly stuff on top. They sound good.

What I do is teach people how to talk to their loved ones themselves. It’s a long process. But, to my way of thinking it is worth the trouble.

Good luck and God bless you.


Cheri said...

I am definitely going to try this. I can meditate very very well at times and at other times nada. Thank you!