Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to Develop Your Psychic Self

One of the things you can do to encourage psychic instances in your life is to, first of all, recognize they are happening.

Many times a psychic hit, as I call it, doesn’t always announce itself with a grand entrance. It doesn’t happen that you will hear a voice that says, “Okay, Binky: This is a psychic hit. Pay attention.” No, mostly they are pretty quiet. Many times when I have a psychic hit I don’t realize that it has happened until after the thing it announced is over. Generally, I say to myself then: “Oh, crap. Why didn’t I pay attention?”

I think most people are afraid they might be causing something to happen by having a premonition of the event. Like you dream of a plane crash and three days later there is one. Then, the person feels awful thinking there might have been something they could have done to prevent it from happening.

Be calm about the whole idea of having a premonition. Because we are all different we all put our own personal stamp on our interpretation of life, but when you are tense or fearful you will more dramatically color the information coming through. It’s like the difference between two psychics. One tells you to pack up and move to another city because your life is going to be miserable. The other psychic says that you are going to be having some pretty intense lessons coming up, but with patience and fortitude you will get through them. The information presented to each psychic was the same. What was different was how it was presented.

My own next step with my psychic impressions is to honor the fact that I’m getting them at all. So, even if you find yourself looking backward to say, “Oh, man, that must have been a psychic hit.” Feel good that you had one. I think this will encourage more to happen.

I guess what might be helpful here is to define a psychic hit. With me it is that small feeling that comes over me as I am just ready to do something that says, “This just does not feel right.” But, I do it anyway. And, whatever it is that I was doing gets messed up. It is a very, very quiet feeling. It’s a stillness that happens in the middle of a riot. Maybe it is different for other people, but for me that’s what it is like.

You don’t have to tell people about whatever it is. I think you have to have a lot of them before you can start saying with certainty, “I don’t think we want to hire this person because I’m having a weird feeling about them.” Try not to base your really important decisions on your psychic hits until you are pretty certain they are mostly all spot-on.

We all have intuitive feelings. The psychic hit is just an intuitive feeling taken up to the next level.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spirit Moved Me

I’m thinking about what folks mean when they say, “The Spirit moved me.” I suppose it means different things for different people. (Please note, further down in this entry Spirit moved in. I put their parts in green. )

You might think that Spirit means something holy, a bit of Heaven, God, representative of good and what’s right. You might think Spirit is of the paranormal, ghosties or of energies left behind after horrific events have taken place. You might think of Spirit as the collective unconscious. In any case, Spirit is mysterious, unknown, not given to eloquent conversation and somewhat forbidding.

And, if Spirit moved you it might mean you did something that you normally would not do in any given set of circumstances, meaning that whatever you did came out of left field and you can’t claim responsibility, therefore Spirit must have moved you. It’s like there’s you as a distinctive and individual part of the universe and then there’s Spirit who stands apart from you.

I would ask you to take a moment and to think in terms, just for the few moments it takes to read this, that you and Spirit are one. That there is not a discernable boundary between where you end and where Spirit begins. You don’t have to feel this. Just for a moment pretend that it is really true.

Now, if that were true why would you ever be afraid of Spirit?

You know about you. You know what your favorite color is. You know what you like to eat. You know what you like to read. You know what your favorite season is. What do you know about Spirit? Well, you’re pretending that you and Spirit are one. If you’re as comfortable in your own skin with your own stuff why wouldn’t you be as comfortable with Spirit?

What exactly is Spirit? Well, we were sort of discussing that above. It is different things for different people. Okay, so if we are to presume that Spirit is the holy part of us, the God part, the heavenly part, then the other extreme might mean that we, the human part is bad, evil, wicked, nasty and prosperous during the Depression. Right. Get serious here. You are one and the same. Okay, I sense Spirit moving more in this essay.

Yes, you got it Binky.

Hey, I’m trying to be serious here.

We noticed.

Okay, since you’re here would you like to say something?

We were here before. There is no turning Spirit off. Think of it as waves. The more you surrender, the more you open, the more you welcome the idea of Spirit into your life, the more obvious we might be.

I think people wait for something different to happen to them and when it doesn’t they think that they haven’t done it right. Like if you pray hard enough and good enough your prayers will be answered and if they are not answered then you didn’t do something right.

Well, we understand this happens. We might ask you why you want anything different than what is already happening to happen?

Oh, God.

Dear. Really, think about it.

Okay. What will be will be. God isn’t there punishing anybody. Shit happens sort of things.

Well, yes. But, you can make the choice of being bothered by it or not. You can’t make anybody else alter the way they feel about what goes on in life. Think of it this way: If you are bothered by something this is an indication that you can concentrate on whatever it was that bothered you, get to the root of the problem and heal it for yourself. Then, the next time that “something” happens you can gauge the extent of your progress by seeing that you are no longer bothered by it the way you were bothered the first time. Being human isn’t something to escape. Being human is the best way to express yourself right now. Rejoice.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sticks and Stones

Nobody likes to be laughed at. They also don’t like to be chastised. Yet, it happens all the time; perhaps not blatantly, but certainly in unobtrusive ways. What do you do? Well, you could be embarrassed. Or, you could be angry or afraid. Or, you could just let it not bother you.

The question is how do you get to the point where things like that would not bother you? Nobody likes to be rejected, but it happens all the time.

Okay, here’s where I ask for a guide’s help. I’m figuring I’ve got too much psychological stuff going on to be able to give a nice clear and welcome answer to this question. (The channeled parts are in green.)

Good morning.

Good morning.

What is it you’d like to know about?

Well, I just said it up there.

Yes, it was rather disjointed. Could you be a bit more succinct?

Right. (Eyes narrowing wondering what is going on, but is willing to play along)…How can a person not be bothered by the stuff other people say about them?

If the “stuff” people say is framed in terms of constructive criticism then you might consider the advice. If what is being said is merely hurtful or slanderous you could allow it to not bother you.

Yes, but that’s the point. How do you get it to not bother you? For me those things hurt a lot. And, it really doesn’t help now because I get an instant hot flash with it. That really points out to me something just happened I don’t like and I really have to fight to come back to normal.

Ah, so now we are talking about you instead of people in general.

Well, yes. It did cross my mind, but I figured other people had the same problem so I was going to talk about it like it wasn’t me.


Well, I’m supposed to be the psychic. I should be above stuff like that.


Just because I figure I ought to.

I see.

You’re not being very helpful here.

If you read back through the discourse you will see that we are waiting for you to come to the realization that you are the one who controls how you feel not the other person.

Okay. So give me a hint about what to do about this. Please.

Nice never hurts.

Thank you.

When you recognize that you are having a reaction to something somebody says whether to you, about you or just within your hearing, that is the time to take the time to look inside and ask yourself what it is about that particular interchange that hurt you and why. If you are at work you can excuse yourself to go to the lady’s room, sit in a stall in relative quiet, have your rolled up sweater at hand in case you need to stuff it into your mouth if you happen to gasp or cry out. Or, if you are at home go lie down on your bed.

Sit quietly. Take a deep breath and think this intention in your mind: I want to know why I got upset just now. Then, you promise yourself that you will pay attention to whatever comes forward out of your subconscious demanding a bit of your attention. Whatever this is can come as a suddenly remembered incident from your childhood, a spoken word or two or as a vision. This procedure does not need to take a long time at all. Two minutes works fine. A dump would take longer.

Maybe for you.

Well, do you think this will work?

I think it’s good advice. Yes, I think it will work fine. Thank you.

You are quite welcome.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Email about Ouija Board

Here's a terrific email I got this morning:

I have been studying the metaphysical side of life for many years now. I've read Edgar Cayce books, Jane Roberts book with Seth as well as other books. I have made great progress. A few months ago I bought a ouija board. It took several tries with my teenage children to get the board to work for us. Now we have it done perfectly and have some wonderful, positive experiences. My concern is for my teenage daughter. I don't want her to be doing this on a weekly basis with me as I'm afraid that some of her traditional religious friends will find out and begin judging her in a negative way causing her to lose her friendships.

So, I've begun to try to use the board myself. I haven't had much luck, and the spirits I have talked to about this say, I have too many doubts, and I need to relax. I asked one spirit if I should meditate more, and he said as long as I "don't fall asleep". I had to chuckle at that one, because the day before I was trying to really meditate, and felt myself falling asleep as my hands were on the planchette!!

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I always open the gate with positive prayer, prayer for protection and call upon those spirits who are within God's light and love to communicate with me. We haven't had any problems with so called "evil" spirits.

And, my answer:

When I decided to work the Ouija board by myself it took longer than 6 months to get it to happen. My problem, too, was that I needed to relax. So, good advice from Spirit.

One suggestion would be to, in the beginning anyway, speak only with your guide. You are like an open window and no matter how hard you pray you are the lady standing at an open window hollering out into Spirit Land, "Come talk to me! I want to talk to you!" Anybody could drop by and, evil or not, they can sometimes be distracting, confusing or obscene. Even your own guide when they crank up the energy level can come through in a distorted manner. When I say, "crank up the energy level" I mean it. It's like your guide is speaking with a five year old in the beginning. "Let's take it easy on her." Suddenly, you got promoted to the 10th grade. They take off the kid gloves and start talking organic chemistry and algebra to you. You gotta be prepared for that. So, when they say, "A,B,C" to you at the 5 year old level that's what you hear: A,B,C. But, when the energy level gets hiked up and they start saying, "When in the course of human events...." you start hearing, "Hey, Bro, take a few minutes to chill and we'll talk to you about a bunch of dudes fighting a war a long time ago." Different.

Also, because the folks in Spirit Land are invisible you really don't know if you are speaking with your guide or with somebody who says they are your guide. You've just got to have faith that it is your guide, no matter how weird they might sound. You state the intention: "I am only speaking with my guide now" and that's it. If your guide tells you that he is really Santa Claus in disguise then you go, "Okay." and don't believe it, know that you are a raw newbie and Spirit has an odd sense of humor sometimes and move forward. It will eventually even out. Just state the intention: "I am going to speak with my guide". (or guides). This is good advice for the first year or so while you are getting used to it. After that you can talk to anybody.

Also, part of what's going on is that your beingness as a human being is distorting what you are hearing. There is no way you are going to get around that. Also, it takes time to become accustomed to speaking with Folk in Spirit. I ball park it with a year's time. Generally, people who channel settle down into nice solid channeling about a year after they start. That first year is La La Land. It was during that time that my guide said to me: "There will come a time when human beings will not need to eat." Right. I bought into it. Until I spoke with a friend who is also a psychotherapist who told me, "Pauline, you have an eating disorder. Listen to what your guide just told you. This is not right. You are filtering stuff through your issues with food."

Also, talking to Spirit is not a one way street. You gotta give something up. And, what that "something" is becomes your nice safe, stable psychological standing in life. They pull the pins out and you begin dealing with your piled up psychological issues. Don't tell me you don't have any. Everybody does. Usually we deal with them quietly when we're ready to deal with them and life goes along smoothly enough. When you're talking to Spirit you step onto the fast track and you, because you are in a position now to help others, can strive to be in the best psychological shape you can be. Being willing to deal with psychological crappiness as it arises in your life makes you a better channel, because that's what you are doing when you talk to Spirit. How do you know you've got psychological issues to deal with? That's when what you're channeling goes south and starts sounding really weird. Or, you attract every crappy driver in town every time you get in a car. Or, stuff just starts bothering you. Or, you start having nightmares. Just deal with it and you'll be a better channel.

Also, people have "issues" that are not healed completely the minute they decide to tackle tough psychological issues. Just be willing to do a bit of work on them. Deal with as much as you can now. Figure that you'll be a happy camper for 2 or 3 years and then you will be stronger and better able to deal with the next stage of whatever issue is there for you. And, that's not just for folks who are channeling. That's advice for everybody. Just deal with what's in front of you until your life settles down and is good again. But, don't figure that it has gone totally away. It's good for now and when you decide (higher self and sub-conscious self) the time is right then you can deal with some more. You don't have to do this, but I feel that it just becomes a better channeling experience if you are willing to do something about your "stuff".

Beyond being able to relax, I'm thinking you can release some of the fear you've got about the whole experience. I'm talking about the prayers, and the protection, and your reference to evil spirits. Just think about it some. Your guide will help too. You are the lady standing at the open window into spirit land. There are axe murderers out there just waiting to talk to you. And, there's nothing you can do to stop it other than to take your hands off the board. And, even then it might be too late, because the board is the first step in channeling, especially if you are wanting to handle it on your own without others to help. The next level is telepathic and it is very difficult to turn that off. So, are you going to be frantically emailing me as to how to shake an axe murderer spirit who wants to get friendly with you? No. That's 5 year old stuff. You've got to morph into the adult and mature person who can look an axe murderer in the eye (so to speak) and say, "Hey, what's life like now for you?" and not be afraid.

It all has to do with getting a new perspective on life. I know. I had to do the same thing.

I agree that it's not such a good idea to have your daughter fiddeling around with the board right now, especially with your views as to being safe and only attracting the "best" spirits to speak with. She's just not mature enough.

I had to laugh about going to sleep when meditating. I do that too. My husband calls them power naps.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Talking to Spirit Dogs

Is it possible to get in touch with the spirit of my dog who passed away, and how – doesn’t matter how long and hard this road would be – I would be prepared to take this journey.

My Answer: People (including me at one time) think that being able to communicate with Spirit is hard. It's actually not that hard if you are willing to sort of change what your expectations are of what the experience is going to be like. If you think the hair on the back of your neck is going to rise and crackle in the wind, if you think that you're going to be hearing ghostly sounds, cupboard doors slamming in the kitchen, lights turning on and off mysteriously, it won't happen. That eerie stuff is the Hollywood part of what communicating with Spirit is. The real part of communicating with Spirit is quiet.

However, there are a few levels of intensity to it.

Basic level One that anybody can do is to just talk to Spirit. In your head, silently in your heart, mumbling quietly, or shouting into a canyon; however you want to phrase the communication, Spirit can hear you. Also, animals who have passed are as much Spirit as your great-grandfather who has passed on. It was one of the amazing things that I learned when I "broke through" to channeling was that animals can communicate with us in our own tongue and folks who lived as a person speaking a language different from our own can talk to us just fine. It's like we have so many different languages and ways of communicating while we are human, but when we are Spirit there is just one way. Anyway, whoever you want to speak with in Spirit can hear you fine. If you want to sit quietly and get into a meditative state of mind that's fine. If you want to talk while standing in line at the grocery store or sitting in your car at a stop light, that's fine too. Now, the difficult part of this communicating with Spirit is that you can't hear them. That's the part that might take longer. Actually, the guides are saying it's only difficult if you choose it so. That's guide talk. If you can be content knowing that your dog can hear you, that your relatives who've passed on can hear you and you're okay with not being able to hear them, that's fine.

Level Two has to do with opening to Spirit, being willing not to bend Spirit to our ways, to your expectations. If Spirit is going to communicate with you in a non verbal way then the hawk who circled around your house this morning was Spirit saying, "Hey". Spirit can also communicate via tools of divination: a deck of tarot cards or a pendulum.

A really good way to communicate with Spirit is by writing. Have in mind who it is that you want to speak with and begin writing. You write your part of the conversation and then you relax and pretend and begin writing the other side of the conversation. This is where you need to lift all the rules and just allow the experience to flow. No judgments. No being frightened. You walked into this. You want to communicate with somebody on the other side. Release your expectations of what is going to happen and just let it flow. If you're in a really good space just let your hand go limp on the pencil or pen and "help" things along by roughly drawing a circle. Just doodle. Less than doodling. Just scrawl out circles and see what will happen. And be patient.

Anyway, with more control on the writing instrument you could just "trust" for a few moments that the answers you receive to your questions are going to be Spirit speaking with you. Animals can do this fine too.

Communication with Spirit can also occur during your dreamtime. Just be open to the idea that dreams are a terrific place for Folks in Spirit to come and visit. Many times my pets who have passed on come to me in my dreams. I'm not always aware of them right then, but in the morning when I awaken I remember that they had come to be with me in my dream and every time it is special. If you can possible learn how to dream lucidly and have a dream where Spirit can be with you then, that would be the primo of all wonderful dreams. But, a normal dream is much more usual and is certainly special.

Also, my understanding of the process is that Folks in Spirit are not in pain anymore. They aren't upset, or angry, or vengeful. One of the guides once said dying was like waking up from a dream. They said everybody suddenly understands everyone else. There is no hate anymore.

Mostly, what works is being playful with the process. Trying different things to see what you're comfortable doing and what appeals to you. It's like phones. They all work, but there sure are a lot of different models.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Questions About Ouija Board

This is an email I got today: I was interested in using a oiuja board, but after reading stories of evil spirits coming through, I am afraid. How do you protect yourself when you are using it?

And, my answer: Part of having a satisfactory experience using the Ouija board is to examine your reasons for wanting to use it. If it is just for play and for fooling around that shows the spirits that you are not serious and then you could very well get a roller coaster ride when you go talk with them.

It also depends on how mature you are. Key to this is to ask if you are afraid of the experience. It could very well happen that you would in the beginning get hold of a "live wire" sort of spirit who would joke with you or say bad words or things along those lines. Then, if you ignore all of that and keep insisting that you want to talk to your guide, who we all assume won't act that way toward you and I mean a big assume on that one because our guides will sometimes treat us as if we were children and when we get serious about the whole thing then they act serious towards us. It's a sort of a mirror almost.

Anyway, if you are afraid and think the devil is involved I would say do not use a ouija board. Being new at it some of the things that will happen will be wierd. But, it really is not the devil or satan or evil. It's just you being new and not knowing how to be polite in the spirit world. For instance, a long time ago my guide said to me, "I am not a Nickelodeon" meaning that I could not force him to answer my questions. That's when I learned that if it doesn't interfere with my life plans or somebody else's life plans than, maybe the guides will answer it. Like they've never told me when I'm going to die. I've asked, but that's like a no-no area.

There are people who will say do this or do that for protection while using the board. I don't believe there's much to do other than have a positive attitude, treat everybody respectfully, don't be afraid and be prepared for wierd things to be said to you in the beginnning. Also, it's very important not to go blabbing about what they say to you especially in the beginning. I can guarantee you will be embarrassed. Like you might hear something along the lines of a warning that if your best friend goes to work today they are going to die or some other horrible thing. Do not buy into that. That is the newbie silliness going on. Nobody is going to die. You are not responsible for telling the entire countryside that it is time to evacuate because a mud slide is imminent. Stuff like that. So, don't be afraid if you hear wierd stuff like that. Just keep saying, "Okay, thank you. Now, I would like to talk to my guide."

If it gets to be too wierd just put the board away and don't use it anymore. Not good to get hooked on might end up like me. And, I really only recommend that adults use the board. I know that kids can but I don't feel they are mature enough to handle it. Need to get some living under their belts before they go out into the wide world to talk to Elvis.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

You'll be Sorry

One of the things that’s rather cool about talking to Spirit is that they will sometimes help me out with the more mundane things that go on in my life. They don’t help with everything, but sometimes they do. When I first started channeling I sort of expected them to help me with everything, but as Seth said to me once, “I am not a nickelodeon.” meaning he wasn’t for hire and I couldn’t make him do a damned thing.

Anyway, over time I sort of stopped expecting them to help me. If they offer that’s wonderful, but if they don’t say anything about some situation, then I’m not meant to know.

However, when they start in with the warning shit, the ominous stuff, the things like they just said to me regarding a post I did on one of the blogs, “You’ll be sorry.” It’s that particular phrase that immediately tightens my gut. The logical side of me knows that I’ve got something going on and they are just sort of echoing my unease. This is why I’ve always maintained that anybody who wants to learn to channel needs to be relatively psychologically balanced, at least enough to know what to do when the weird stuff starts happening. Like, when suddenly every asshole driver in the world seems to be attracted to your rear bumper. Psychologically you’ve got something going on that will take all of 10 minutes to fix. You sit quietly, by yourself and say, “Okay, what’s up with that?” And just allow whatever it is that is currently bothering you to rise to the surface of your mind so you can examine it, react to it and, hopefully, take care of it. For now. Later, guaranteed, there will be more, but the important thing is that you saw the warning signal of asshole drivers on the horizon and reacted to it by doing your own psychological fine tuning.

So, for me, my own personal signal is some guide saying, “You’ll be sooooorrrrrryyyy.” Right. I love it. The problem, is that they really could be warning me of something but, more than likely it will be my own crap I need to pay attention to.

I need to go sit for a few minutes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Walk This Way

I have a tendency to make things harder than they really need to be. I don’t know why I do this, but I do. So, I’ve puzzled over what I’d like to have in this section of the newsletter for some time. I wrote my first article last week. That one was okay. But, this one, something to do with learning to channel, just had me stumped. And, a part of it was that I’d already talked so much about learning to channel that I just could not think of anything new to say.

That’s where I started making a simple thing difficult.

I realized this morning that people have themes that run through their lives. I might approach a project in the same manner that I did when I was 20. Sort of eating around the edges and then finally taking a big bite. Or, in other words, worrying the ding donged thing to death before I finally screw up my courage and just get it over with and do it, whatever it is.

So, I’ve been worrying about this section of the newsletter for over a week. And, this morning I thought of themes that course through a person’s life. And, I thought of how people who paint will be fascinated with one particular thing and paint that one single thing over and over again, with each time they paint pushing themselves farther and farther into the heart of whatever it is that fascinates them. I thought of writers who delight in telling love stories; this way, that way, another way. The same love theme but just another story.

And, I thought again of how very simple things can be if you allow them to be.

Channeling is sort of like that too. If I were to pick one particular “rule” to remember it would be that pretend is very important in opening the channel, in widening the street that exists between your conscious mind and what your guides have to say.

I know that we all want something to be true. We don’t go around deliberately deluding ourselves about things. We know that it’s not right to pretend that you’re rich when you’re not. We know that it’s not right to cheat on school papers. But, I ask you to remember back to when you were a child and you played house or firemen. You were in your pretend mode. That’s where I want you to go for a little bit.

Just pretend that you are channeling.

You don’t have to announce it to all and sundry. You don’t have to go telling your neighbor what you are doing. That’s a sure fire way of getting somebody to look at you incredulously and say, “For God’s sake, get a clue. You’re nuts.” Things along those lines. That will gum up the works in no time flat. So, just be private.

Sit there quietly. Put some headphones on and listen to some sort of soft, ambient music, bells, birds, waves, something soothing. My favorite is Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Brainwave Suite. Dip down, however you imagine it to be, into a meditative state. Quiet, not fighting the random thoughts that begin coursing through your head. Put a pad of paper and a pencil beside you and promise yourself that you’ll write down the real important things you don’t want to forget. Once written that particular thought will float away. Out of iceberg lettuce? Need to buy it the next time you go to the store? Thought won’t stop? Write down lettuce. Not a full sentence. Just the word, “lettuce”. See if you can’t dip again into that meditative state of mind.

I know that your mind, like mine, will frantically try to keep you on track and not in that peaceful space of meditation. I usually either want a cigarette or get really hungry. Go figure. But, my mind isn’t any different from anybody else’s and I have trouble getting into a meditative state of mind. But, I don’t stop trying.

When the thoughts you have sort of stop bamming against the inside of your head think of something, like a rose or a book or some object. It might help to have that object sitting on your desk in front of you. Open your eyes, look at it, close your eyes and try to picture what you just saw. Do that a couple of times.

Relax some more. Imagine that you are on a path. Doesn’t matter what path. A path. Paved with cobblestones, or gravel. Dirt path. A sidewalk. This is your path. Just be on the path.

Now, start walking. Sort of look around you with your eyes closed while you’re walking on this path and notice what’s going on next to it. Are there plants growing? Flowers? Grass? What’s going on right beside the path? Look a little ways away from the path. Do you notice anything else?

You might find your way blocked by something in your path. Try to get around it. Over it. Under it. I once found a huge boulder in my path. I walked around it. Sometimes people blast them up. That’s what I should have done. I think I wouldn’t weigh so much right now had I blown up my own personal boulder. But, that’s neither here nor there. Somehow, if you find an obstacle in your path get around it and continue walking.

Now, notice that your path sort of rises up. It’s on an incline and you’re going uphill.

Notice off in the distance that you’re making your way toward a place. It’s a big hill. It might even be a cave. There’s some sort of doorway or natural opening that you’re going towards. Keep walking.

You might find yourself magically right there. Get to the doorway or gate or whatever it is in your mind’s eye.

It might be closed. Push on it. Knock on it. Look over the gate if that is what it is. On the other side there are some guides. They are gathered around a fire. They are talking amongst themselves. They notice you. They turn around and notice you. One of them leaves the group and comes toward you. This is your guide.

Say hey. Or, smile. Or wait for him or her to say something to you. This is where you get to put a face to your guide, so that as you learn to channel you will know what your guide looks like. My guide smiled at me when I met him. Somehow it made the rest of the process of learning how to channel go a little bit quicker.

"Bon Chance" is what one of the guides just said. I think that must mean good luck.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Doodling Toward Spirit

My mind is on ruts and ways to extricate myself from them these days. I am especially interested in thinking ruts. This is where my whole world seems sort of blah or tense and where I am not especially enjoying myself. I also regret not being as “psychic” as I might be.

Writers write. Psychics are psychic. A writer can still write in their head when all is otherwise not in a writing mode around them. Like you’re at the grocery store and your mind is not totally on the groceries you are purchasing or the dinner you plan on making that night. Your mind is on the people around you, the mother and son in the freezer isle arguing over something behind the glass. You wonder why there is a problem for them. This has nothing to do with your own purchases. These are people you are noticing. It could only be for writing. You’re not nosy, are you? No. So, then, by default it must be for the purpose of utilizing their disagreement for an interaction between characters. To show love where, seemingly, none is being demonstrated. But, care is there. Why else would a mother not acquiesce to her child’s request and yearning for some frozen food product unless there be a reason not to get it? That reason could be there is not enough money, or room in the freezer or it is not a healthy item to ingest. You would not even consider that the refusal stems from a perverse sense of meanness. But, it could, could it not? Yes, spite and meanness could be a reason not to honor a child’s yearning for a food.

Okay, this exercise today, this morning before the sun has even come up, is a demonstration where I move from one mode to another; where I move from where it is just me writing to where I am channeling. I felt it happen. I closed my eyes and relaxed, surrendered to what they were saying. I just gave over. And, I’ve been doing this long enough that I could feel it happen. I can also tell because the words the Folk in Spirit use with me are not what I would normally choose; words like, “ingest” and a turn of phrase like, “unless there be a reason”. I put the guidespeak part in the paragraph above in green.

Now, what you can do as the person wanting to learn how to channel is to deliberately say to yourself, “From this point forward I will consider my words to be coming from my guide.” Who cares if they sound like they are coming from you. This is the exercise and that is the condition. From this point forward is guide speak. You keep doing it over and over again and eventually it does actually begin to sound a little different.

It’s like using an affirmation. “I am slender.” Over and over again. Many times over and over again, until finally, your own perverse mind begins to accept that you are slender. And, slowly you begin to think of carrot sticks as an interesting thing to munch upon.

I wouldn’t go around blabbing to everybody that you are channeling. That’s the best way to mess up your progress. Just keep a notebook and record your thoughts. Or, speak into a microphone.

Here’s what I would do:

• Choose a quiet time where you will not be disturbed for awhile.
• Say, “I am going to channel and it will be my guide I will be talking to.”
• Put a pair of headphones on and listen to some quiet music, nice, smooth flowing music. Ocean sounds are good. My personal choice is Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Brainwave Suite.
• Know that you are safe. Know that you are in complete control of your body. Know that your guide will keep you safe. Know that you can break away and come back to the “present” anytime you want to.
• And, just give over.

With a notebook in front of you begin to doodle. Not necessarily words, just squiggles. Circles, lines, swooping up and over and down and around. Movement with your pen. Just play with it for a few minutes. Then, stop. That was the exercise.

Did anything get done? Did you channel? Well, you said you did. So, you must have. A guide helped you make a squiggle? How weird is that? Hey, you’re pretending. That was the exercise. To state plainly, whether you did out loud or not, that for the next 5 minutes you were going to channel.

Next time you do it, the same way, go a little deeper into a meditative and calm sort of mindset.

As your hand forms the circle on the paper close your eyes and move deeper into the music you are listening to. Try not to grip the pen you are holding as you would normally. Loosen your grip on it so that your hand feels very light, so loose that you think the pen could even just slip out easily if you weren’t careful. Doodle away. Maybe now just write something. You’ll use up a lot of paper. It’s helpful to use a felt tip that flows nicely.

The words you write might get written one over the other. You might not even be able to read them. Don’t worry about it. Next time you’ll have a little more control. The idea is to allow Spirit to flow, to find a channel in your willingness to open to them. These aren’t folks who are going to tell you how to live your life. These aren’t folks who are going to give you the secrets of the universe. This is like sitting in your garden enjoying nature around you, participating in life. This is adding another dimension to your life. This is Spirit.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Podcast - Learn to Channel #1

My first podcast where I talk about learning to channel. It's pretty quick, just 5 minutes. Thanks to Audacity for the free program to do this and thanks to Magnatune for the royalty free music. The artist is Heavy Mellow and the selection is, "Weaving" from the album Acoustic Abstracts. I thought it was just perfect. I'm still pretty much a rube at this, so you'll probably have to turn up the volume a bit. Hopefully, with my next podcast I'll be a bit smoother. Thanks for listening.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Steps to Channeling

Everybody can channel. Everybody does channel. Already. There are degrees of channeling and it’s not until you are a bonifide channel that you look back and realize you’ve been doing it all along.

It’s one of those no-brainers. It’s like you felt when you learned how to tie your shoes or when you learned how to ride a bike. It’s exactly the same feeling you get when you learn how to swim or how to whistle. One moment you can’t do it and the next moment you can and once you can you really can’t imagine how it was that you couldn’t do it before.

It’s this funny little shift. It’s not like the hairs stand up on the back of your neck or that you felt a cold draft move past you. It’s more like you pretend/sense a friend at your shoulder. It a feeling like somebody just placed their hand on your shoulder. It’s almost a quick tensing of your muscles, but even that is not subtle enough. It’s just this passing sense that there’s a comforting presence at hand for you.

This feeling of Spirit doesn’t remain this subtle. At least with me it didn’t. Now, because I can hear and see them I am aware all the time. They’re not constantly talking to me. But, they are always there. Sometimes, though, I’ll just say, “Seth?” and he will say, “Yes?” and that’s all I wanted. Just because I couldn’t immediately sense a presence. I knew he was there, but I couldn’t sense it so I asked. He answered and I knew. That’s all. I didn’t really want to ask him anything. I just wanted confirmation that he was there.

Remember how when you were a kid and you believed in Santa Claus? It’s sort of like that. You’re an adult now and you’ve known for years that there really isn’t a Santa Claus. But, what if you were to find out that Santa Claus is real? It’s like that.

And, knowing your guides are real, in acknowledging their presence in your life, even if you cannot now say that you actually feel their presence, is the first step in doing the actual channeling thing.

Like they said to me years and year ago: It’s on the wings of pretend that this works.

You don’t have to prove anything to me. You just need to prove it to yourself.

All sorts of other things are involved too, but this is one of the most important ones.

The other things that might need to happen for channeling to happen? It would probably help if you aren’t afraid. It would definitely help if you’re not under a doctor’s care for some sort of psychiatric condition.

You need to be a responsible adult to do this. Although kids can channel the same as anybody else, I think I wouldn’t be responsible if I didn’t mention that the stuff I talk about is geared toward adults.

It certainly helps to be open minded. If you’re already set in what you believe I wouldn’t try to learn how to channel if I were you, because you need to be prepared to re-learn everything again. You’ll come away from the experience with a wider view of the people around you. You’ll come to feel that you aren’t so isolated and that what you think and do really does have an impact on the lives of other people.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Don't Give Up When What You Hear Channeling Fades Away

One of the things that used to happen to me when I first learned to channel was that it seemed I sometimes couldn’t hear everything my guide was saying. Like I’d hear every word for the first 8 and then something would cut out and I would start to hear every other couple of words and then the whole thing would go belly up and I wouldn’t hear anything.

This used to really bug me. As my level of frustration rose it seemed to get worse. I was never really sure why this happened. I thought it was because I was new at it.

The problem, though, is that it still happens to me occasionally. So, here’s my theory about it:

Actually, I was just going to say I thought it was my “connection” to Spirit that faltered, but the guides just said to me that wasn’t it. Here, I’ll just let them talk.

We would say that everyone might experience this “effect” of statico channeling at one point or another. It is not your connection to Spirit for that has always and will always be what it is: Strong. It is your perception of the reality of channeling that shifts. And, it is your level of tension, of calm, of acceptance and of surrender that is at issue with the quality of channeling. It is not concentration. It is the ability to relax and flow that is of more importance. Also, irritation figures in for as you do not perform as you want to perform you might become angry at yourself or at your guide thinking they have refused to speak with you. That is not the case.

Listening is not always at level 10, the highest volume possible. Listening involves paying attention and being open to hearing the babble of the brook beside you.

Sometimes voice from Spirit will be as plain as the nose on your face. Sometimes voice from Spirit can be faint or perceived as weak. Imagine something you are seeing close up. A dandelion you are holding. How you can look at each individual petal. How you can see up close even as though you were looking at the flower under a microscope to see detail so exquisite about an ordinary flower you might never have realized without having taken the time to have a look that it was there. And, compare that to you standing beside your automobile as you’ve stopped at a rest station alongside the interstate highway to gaze at a mountain many, many miles in the distance. Hot where you are, summer days, rushing traffic behind you, but off in the distance you can see a majestic mountain. Both are you seeing. Both are you using your eyes and your sense of vision to experience something. So, too, with channeling does the experience
become divided between quiet and loud.

Learn to experience both sorts of channeling for they are always there with you.

Okay, Pauline back again. That was nice. And, to allow you a sneak peak behind how I did the above little bit of channeling and to set the scene for you: I’ve got my headphones on and I’m listening to “Letting Go of Stress” Brainwave Suite by Jeffrey Thompson. It’s a babbling brook, birdsong, wave and rain sounds with the special stuff he’s put into the music to stimulate your brainwaves. I’ve been using this for years and it moves me rather effectively and quickly into the “zone”. I can channel without it fine, but somehow it seems I am able to get better channeling listening to this music. Maybe it’s just me “being there” and being ready to rock and roll than anything else. I don’t know.

I also like to close my eyes when I’m channeling. That allows me to pay more attention to what I’m hearing and not have the distraction of anything visually to interfere. Also, long ago I learned not to be bothered by horrible spelling because it can really get bad once you open your eyes to have a look at what you’ve channeled. You might know that you’ve not been able to spell something correctly while you are channeling but try not to allow that to intrude on the channeling experience. You can always fix it later. In fact, maybe this weekend I’ll channel something and just leave it “as is” for you to see what a person who has been channeling for 15 years and who types at 75 words a minute is capable of as far as right out of the box channeling goes.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Spirit Speaks

Channeling is very much like any other activity in that you must in your mind decide that now you’re going to do it. The problem, though, is that once you’ve decided now is the time nothing happens. And, you think it is not working and you give up or you get frustrated or you double your efforts and come away from the experience really irritated.

That’s what used to happen to me, anyway. I figure I’m not so unusual. It’s probably happening to you too.

If you consider the attempts you make are good efforts and the irritation you feel just gets in the way, or just clouds all forward momentum maybe ridding yourself of the irritation might be a useful thing to do.

How do you do that?


Okay, so you’re sitting there and you’ve closed your eyes and you’re waiting for your guide to say something. You’ve been told that you have one and he or she is an exalted guide so you figure that you’ve got connections and since this is a way powerful guide they will be able to break through the ether or whatever it is and talk to you.

Well, I suppose I ought to mention that all guides are exalted, the way I figure it, so, buying into the idea that your guide is better than average is just that much smoke. The other thing is that it’s not the guides who need to “break through”, it’s you who needs to learn how to relax and recognize a voice from Spirit.

Also, consider that it’s not as simple as moving from Point A to Point B. The way is sometimes circuitous and you might just need to learn how to draw, or paint, or journal to release and heal some of your frustrations before you can hear Spirit speaking. Those activities, I wouldn’t have supposed would have anything to do with you channeling, but they really do.

Anyway, back to you sitting there waiting for something to happen and getting more and more irritated as time passes by and nothing appears to be happening.

Ask yourself the question: Are you ready for this? Likely, you will say, “Yes!” not really understanding what is going to happen. Well, that doesn’t really matter. It will all unfold eventually. You will come to the rude awakening in time. (One of the guides just said, “We aren’t all Yes Men.” That was my own rude awakening.) So, you’ve decided that you’re ready and nothing is happening. You’ve tried all the exercises in the book and nothing is happening. What is going on? Time. It takes time. You’re not ready after all and even once they all start talking to you the quality of the channeling you’re going to be getting will be absolutely and directly mirrored by your own beliefs and by your own psychological messes. That is a guarantee.

Having an optimistic attitude will be more helpful to the process than getting angry at yourself or at your guide. Pretend that they can hear every word you say to them, so you know your voice reaches their ears and that part, at least, is working.

Lower your expectations of what channeling ought to be. They just get in the way, anyway. Keep on with the exercises. Know that it is just going to take time and learn to listen for what Spirit is saying. They’ve been talking to you all your life anyway. You just haven’t been listening.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Great Balls of Green String

This is one of those things I began writing that morphed into the guides talking about things. I began writing the first part of it and as the guides stepped in I continued to write in my own voice with what they were saying ringing in my ears. As the writing continued I stepped back more fully at the midpoint with their request to visualize and just let the channeling flow.

More often than not I will make the announcement that the guides are now speaking, but this morning I did not. It just sort of morphed. I’m going to change the color of the part they did mostly on their own, at least with my own attempt to fade into the background as much as I could.

Now, as writing goes and I read it again the moving past Jello didn’t work. So, if I were to shine this up, as a writer I would find something better to start with, but I’m not here to shine it up. I’m here to illustrate just how it goes for me to channel and the moving in and dancing and morphing. Just how that moves. It was always something that totally mystified me when I was trying to learn how to channel. But, beyond all of that it was just plain interesting. I hope you enjoy it.

The world in Jello

Well, it doesn’t have to be Jello. That’s just to get your attention. It could be Jello. It could be anything else. I’m reaching here and I’m hoping one among you might reach with me. Just stretch your imagination. Just for one moment in time drop all your beliefs about everything and imagine for one minute that what you are thinking, what you are feeling right now is being sensed by someone on the other side of the earth. That far away. Now imagine that person you have linked with has just sensed what someone is feeling closer to where they live just 3,000 miles away.

Imagine that person 3,000 miles away from the one halfway across the world from you is sensing what someone is feeling some miles distant from them. And so It goes. Visually it is a mass of lines that begin to crisscross and shoot all over the surface of the earth until, if those lines were green the entire world would look like a great ball of green string.

Just visualize this for a moment.

This is what it is like when you die. You are able to have an immediate connection with those who are very far away from you. In Heaven all are connected and Heaven is built upon the same rules, if you will, as your own mortal coil.

People are not generally aware they can make these connections with people so far away from them but you actually do it all the time. This is best illustrated by pointing out that in some dreams you have met with those who are very far away. Awakening from a dream of this nature you don’t know exactly what has happened, you know only that you have been talking with someone you do not know. And, dreams are also primarily a vehicle for you to slough off the dandruff of the day, to solve your own problems and work out solutions for things that are currently bothering you, but they are also the green string that holds the world together.

Our blessings this fine morning.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Talking to Yourself

I talk to myself. I’ve been doing it for years. It helps me to work out situations in my heart before I plunge in “for real”. When I was younger I mostly did it because I was shy and unsure of myself. Practice your Spanish conversation. Practice what you are going to say to a boy. Practice your oral presentation (those used to make me physically ill). Except, strangely, it was the talking to myself part of things that segued into channeling. Having somebody in your head talk to you and talking to yourself are very, very similar. Not totally the same, but similar.

When you are talking to yourself you have some control over how the conversation goes. You know you want the whole thing to move toward a specific end and you direct your inner conversation that way. Like a directed day dream. When you are channeling, you still have control over how things are said just because you are a human being and that is the nature of channeling. You’re Italian…guess what? Your guide will speak to you in the language you understand…Italian. You’re a fundamentalist? Your guide will come down real easy with the fire and brimstone. And, it will all seem pretty natural and not rock your boat so much. But, the place where talking to yourself and channeling splits is where the guides and Folk in Spirit either answer you or say things that surprise you.

In the beginning they will sometimes say some really odd or disturbing things just to get your attention and to show you that you are channeling and NOT talking to yourself. Never in a million years would you have said that to yourself even in the semi-awareness of a day dream. So, that really got your attention and you now know for a certainty that you didn’t just talk to yourself. Was it true? No. For pity’s sake do not go out and announce your guide just said the world was going to end in 20 minutes and everybody should take cover. That was to get your attention. It takes at least a year for you to settle into being able to channel coherently. This includes, during this time, the pushing of most of your psychological buttons. To channel well is to channel clearly. That means you don’t have much psychological crap in the way. You’re afraid? Guess what? Your channeling is going to reflect fear in a very big way. So, you will have the wonderful learning opportunity of not only learning how to channel during this year but also of maturing, facing up to responsibilities, and getting your own psychological house in order.

I never said it was going to be easy to get good channeling.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Accurate Information Using a Ouija Board

Here's the answer I gave yesterday to somebody who had asked about accurate information and Ouija Boards.

As far as the accuracy you're getting with your own use of the Ouija board, it's all up for grabs. My own experience has been if I ask a question that Spirit will not answer (like something that is going to interfere with my own life lessons) they are likely going to say anything at all rather than not say anything. It's up to me to realize I just asked a really dumb question and Spirit is jerking me around because it's not something they are going to answer.

Also, your intention I believe needs to be pure in the sense that you're not all psychologically challenged or clouded. For instance, you're paranoid and want to know who the people are who've been following you. In actuality, nobody is following you, but you really think there are because you're paranoid. Spirit is going to say there are three people hiding around the corner. So, this isn't a whole lot of help for you. The help you need is to address your paranoia. And, it's probably not likely that Spirit is going to say to you to get your butt into a psychotherapist's office.

It doesn't say a whole lot about the accuracy of what gets said via a Ouija Board. And, you can get solid advice via the Ouija board and via channeling. But, you just have to practice at it a lot, want the good advice a lot, be willing to do whatever needs to be done to keep and get yourself psychologically well and be prepared to not be disappointed with the answers you get. Just use your common sense.

Also, the feeling of not knowing whether it was Spirit or you who made it move will go away eventually. In the beginning, depending on how much you practice, it is going to feel like you made it move. Just set aside the 10 or 15 minutes you are practicing to say in your own mind, "For the next few minutes EVERYTHING that comes through via the Ouija is my guide." whether it really is or is not. You have to believe that it is them. In reality it is both of you. And, as time goes by you're going to be able to sense when it is Spirit talking and when it is you. But, for awhile it is confusing. This is the time NOT to go blabbing to all and sundry about what the incredible, super fantastic news your guide just told you to go buy stock options on pork bellies. NOT. Don't believe it for a minute. Just keep it to yourself, don't believe it until you have proof and keep practicing.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Does Spirit have X-Ray Vision?

Why, yes, they do. Your guide can see under your underwear. They can see you naked. Do they care? No. Do you care?

Many times I have cautioned people who express the desire to channel that they will never, ever again have the least little sense of privacy with their guide. This is one of those items.

Well, really, are they even wearing anything? Why are we so concerned about it? Spirit is Spirit. They really don’t care two hoots about whether we are wearing clothes or not wearing clothes. My advice? Get over it.

It’s funny, but the first time I ever realized this little factoid about guides being anywhere and everywhere was as I was getting into the shower many, many years ago. This voice in my head said, “My God. You weren’t kidding. She is fat.” Right. Well, this actually brings up another point. In those days, in my early days of channeling, the guides were also jerking me around a little bit. They have a really off the wall style of teaching that lends itself to some humorous moments. Anyway, they generally don’t say things like that to me anymore, but I did get the point.

The lesson is that your guide has the most exquisite X-Ray vision so as to be able to see into your heart of hearts to determine where you need the most help from them. I’m not ready to skinny dip with anybody, but I’m also not shy anymore with my guides.

Actually, you will find the bathroom is one of the absolutely best places in the house to channel.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Forgive Yourself

Channeling is easy. That’s easy for somebody to say who already does it, but I do remember once it actually started happening for me after many, many months of trying I was amazed at the very small, very simple step I had to take to have it finally happen.

But, it had to be a true step. With channeling you’ve got to walk your talk to get it to start working. You can’t be afraid. You can’t have any misgivings about the process. You have to be the most honest and true blue person you know. No lies. No fibbing to yourself. Totally open and willing to surrender to the process. Being crass does not work. Wanting to live the life of Riley where everybody will wait upon you hand and foot does not make it happen.

There is a very fine line between wanting to be good and honest and genuine and actually doing it. The problem is that by the time we are ready to channel we have not lived lives of total goodness. Somewhere along the lines you’ve done things to other people that were not representative of your most shining moments. And, in your heart of heart’s you have never told anybody about these things and you have never forgiven yourself. That’s what you have to do. You have to come to the channeling experience a shriven soul. So, in the interest of working effectively, you have to know that what you are going to be doing is very much like what is going to happen when you die. All will be revealed and you will be held responsible for everything you did in your life. It’s a process of coming clean.

Once you’ve forgiven yourself and vowed not to engage in the near occasion of sin again things seem to move along smartly. This does not mean you will stay a shriven soul for the remainder of your life. You will still occasionally do mean and petty things. But, you’re either going to be sorry for having done them pretty quick or you’re going to have Somebody in Spirit at your elbow to make a comment on it.

Friday, March 09, 2007

What Did you Say?

One of the things that happens when a person first learns to channel is a period of time when they don’t trust that what they are channeling is really what is getting channeled.

It’s like, “Oh, shit. I must be making this up.”

What also happens is that in the early days of channeling your channeling is really crappy and you are making it up. What you need to do is just pretend that you are not making it up. Just until you are able to tell the difference between what Spirit said and what you thought.

You also shouldn’t tell people what you are channeling because it’s going to be way weird. Like warnings all over the place for people who are close to you (or not) that they shouldn’t be doing things or there will be dire consequences. Just keep your mouth shut.

What’s going on is that your buttons are being pushed in a big way and whatever emotional growing you’ve been ignoring is now being presented to you to deal with in a big way. Spirit doesn’t fart around. (Spirit suggested I use fart instead of the other word I first chose.) They get right down to business and if they want a good channel, a realistic useful channel, a channel who is going to be able to do good work; they want a channel who is psychologically well balanced. Like I said, first thing you get jerked around.

This is also why I don’t recommend people with psychological issues take up channeling.

Anyway, back to the weird, out of the box, first time channeling. How long is this going to last? About a year. It will certainly be euphoric for you. But, it’s also sort of weirdly wonderful. If you blab it around you’re going to worry your family, friends and neighbors. Also, if you talk about it at work your co-workers are going to be really concerned. So, just keep your mouth shut. Be responsible. Use your common sense. And, just enjoy yourself.

But, in the beginning you are making it up. It’s like Spirit moves in to speak to you via your thought waves. Sort of. And, it’s difficult to tell the difference between something Spirit said and something you thought. Sometimes to help with this they talk with an accent or with a particular cadence of speech and that’s helpful. They do that with me. Sometimes they will announce themselves with a, “Knock Knock”. I’m not kidding. One of them just did it with me. Now, here’s a rude motion. I caught a sight of somebody lifting a cheek like they were going to fart. Oh, well. Maybe that means I should knock this off for now and go to work.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Question from a Reader

Here's an email I got this morning: For years I know I have had a gift of communication with spirits whether it be someone that has passed on from here or spirits that have never lived within a human body. However my communication is quite limited.

But when I woke up this morning there seems to be a girl in her about 20's. Its like she's trying to tell me something to do with my partner but because I cant see her or actually hear her I don't know what it is. And I don't know whether she is trying to warn me or warn me to warn him of something cause she cant talk to him or what. But its something very strongly to do with him.

How do I actually get the spirits that visit me to actually talk to me? I would love to know your opinion on this and maybe advice on how I can use my gift wisely and help communicate.

My Answer: Pick up a copy of, "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and learn the same way I did. I too had the spotty instances of contact with something other than normal reality. One big thing is to get over your fear. You've got fear of what is going to happen. That really gets in the way of talking to Folk in Spirit. It's like a jolt of electricity that affects everything you're hearing. All the folk in Spirit are trying to do is say hi. What you get is, "WARNING...WARNING...WARNING" How you are psychologically immediately impacts the quality of your channeling.

That's why I tell people who have a psychological problem not to channel. It just gets intensified. Also, normally neurotic people (all the rest of us) when they set out to channel will get their buttons pushed without exception. You are forced to deal with your psychological issues because Spirit ain't polite. Spirit will talk about stuff that you don't want to deal with. It is a tiger by the tail. And, very difficult to turn off once you've turned it on.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Was that Seth?

This is an email I got:

I have some questions about Seth. The descriptions that you give of Seth sound very similar to the Seth that Jane Roberts used to channel. Is he the same entity? This is not at all a skeptical question on my behalf, but true curiosity. I am sure you have been asked this before.

Also, when I was reading Seth Speaks, I could have sworn he was "around". I am sure all of these answers are available to me through channeling, and I feel like it is coming soon. Does Seth "drop in" on you from time to time, or do you only communicate through channeling? I ask this because of the times I felt like he was "around". I can't really describe the feeling. Well, I guess it turned out to be only two questions then.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I appreciate it and look forward to any answers you might have.

And, here's my answering email:

Yes, I do channel Seth, the same Seth Jane Roberts channeled and yes, he probably "dropped in" when you felt he did. He's a teacher guide and so has lots of students. If you look around on the internet you'll find a great many people who are channeling him and are even writing books.

You'll find as you continue with channeling that lots of folks will be showing up to speak with you. Just keep it low key in the beginning. I know that it's all pretty overwhelming. One of them just said, "Don't take any wooden nickels." Right. Anyway, the channeling for anybody who is relatively new at it can be sort of wild. Why this is, is because of a few reasons. One is that the channeler is new at it. Lots of psychic muscles need to be aligned for it to really get good and that just takes time.

Another reason is your belief systems are going to be turned upside down. The guides operate from an area of life where what we thought and believed before just ain't true anymore. Having those belief systems upset is a really huge emotional upset/growing period for the channel. This is going to trigger huge emotional reaction and consequent emotional growth. Also, the guides push our buttons, so while your belief systems are all set asunder they will also help you to stir your own pot of murky emotional crap and get that sorted out.

It's not always real fun but worth it in the end.

Also, something I've suspected for awhile takes place and that's that we are seen as real newbie rubes to Folks in Spirit. You've got your higher level teacher guides and you've got your ordinary Folk in Spirit who've passed on. What I haven't decided about are malicious spirits. Anyway, here you are, new at channeling and are eager to talk to everybody in spirit. Your guide politely steps aside to allow you free reign. Immediately you are hooked up with an axe murderer. The axe murderer does not present himself or herself as such, but to you seems only to be a really interesting person in Spirit to talk to. Right. That's when they start jerking us around.

My advice is to remain steadfast and talk ONLY to your guide during the first year of channeling. And, when it seems like you're talking to somebody else just say thanks for visiting and goodbye, and don't maintain the connection for too long. Just during that first year. After that you can talk to Elvis, or Ed Sullivan or Jesus with no problem.

Also, something that happens to ALL channels is that the information coming through is distorted by the belief system and by the emotional constructs of the chennel. We did an experiment once with a group of us out on my patio all channeling Seth. The "rule" was that Seth was going to give us the same information and we were going to channel it. Here's from one of the group: "Get out of Dodge as fast as you can. Buy your beachfront property in Colorado now. California is no longer safe and will be falling off the edge of the continent soon." And, here's what another person channeled: "If your higher self has determined that you are needed at the scene of a disaster that is where you will be." So, you can see that what was channeled was really distorted by the channel's fear. Nothing wrong with any of it. It was what Seth wanted to say, sort of. But, it really pointed out to me how we, as human channels, can really mess up what they are trying to say. Just sort of keep it under wraps for a year and it will all sort itself out and sound a lot more reasonable once you're really accustomed to it.

Also, your "gut instincts" are important feelings to pay attention to. Many times, especially in the beginning, the contact we have with Spirit is very, very gentle. It's not real obvious and it's our job as channel, or shaman, or Reiki practitioner or whatever we're going to end up doing to get a little bit more sensitive.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Steps in Learning

Generally, when a person is learning how to channel, during the time when they are first connecting to Spirit their scope of awareness is pretty narrow. It needs to be. Later on you can do wheelies. Now, pay attention. And, focus on one guide. Your guide. You don’t need to know his or her name. You don’t need to know what they look like. The connection you have with them will probably be sporadic. You’ll think you’ve got a connection and then, poof, it’s all gone. What happened? You think you’ve been abandoned. Well, get your focus back on again. You were the one who let go. It is not your guide’s responsibility to help you hold the focus. They are there. They’ve always been there. They don’t just suddenly appear because you want to talk to them. You create the focus.

How? Well, it’s different for everybody, but basically the desire to talk to your guide is the first requirement. The next one is a commitment on your part to do the work. What is the work? Again, it’s different for everybody, but basically, it’s to get off your high horse and heal yourself. Whatever that means. It’s not got to be done before your guide will make contact with you, but there needs to be the commitment on your part that you will begin to pay attention to the shitty things you attract into your life. Co-workers who irritate the crap out of you? That now becomes a learning opportunity. You can’t change them, but you can change you. Find out why you are irritated. Go to the source of your irritation. You might need a therapist to help you. Basically, it’s a win-win situation. You’re doing the psychological work you wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole in a million years now as a prelude to meeting your guide or to developing something better than crappy channeling.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Letter I Wrote

What follows is an email I sent to somebody who was interested in channeling.

There's actually no one way to learn how to channel. It's like dieting, there are a whole bunch of diets out there and they will all eventually work. Anyway, I firmly believe in doing the exercises in, "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman. She doesn't particularly endorse use of a Ouija Board, but that's what finally worked for me. Meditation is a plus no matter what method you use to channel. It will help to center you, to calm you and will help you to sort other things out in your everyday reality. Just a good move to meditate. Don't overdo it, but definitely try to meditate.

Pretend and play while you are learning is important. I didn't learn this until after I learned how to channel and began helping others to learn too.

Don't blab to everybody what you are doing. Sure as the rain falls on flowers and you're going to say something to the wrong person who will then try every trick in the book to make you feel evil, or wicked or demented or whatever. It will certainly take the wind out of your sails.

Think of channeling as more than just verbal or written communication. Consider getting a deck of Tarot cards or a bag of Rune stones and play around with them too.

Figure that whatever neuroses that you've got (and everybody has them) will show up with the stuff you channel. I haven't figured out a way around that other than to suspect channeling on your favorite hot topics. Or, like the guides just said to do your psychological work. Like with me...I'm overweight and don't trust at all the channeling the guides give me about dieting. Well, it's not that I don't trust them, hey, I talk to them all the time about stuff, but I keep that stuff personal. It goes hand in hand with what we call, "wishful channeling" you want something to be a certain way so badly you almost force the guides to say stuff to support your wishes. It's not that they are forced to any one particular point of view, it's like it's easier to lean with the wind than against it (their words just now...I'll have to think about it.) What I've never figured out is why this happens. All I know is it does. Just keep it in mind and don't hang out your shingle too soon. Your advice will be good, but you'll learn when they might be spinning a yarn for you.

Once you decide that the channeling is for real and you're really, really doing it don't be alarmed to see it all change as time goes by. Think of it sort of like you're cookie dough that's not baked yet. You're sitting on a cookie sheet as raw dough. That's you as you've just learned to channel. The words are there. The contact has been made, but you ain't baked yet. So, the cookie goes into the oven and bakes and when it comes out you are still channeling, but now it's a little different. You're maturing into the process. See? I like food.

Regarding the neuroses we has been my experience that once you learn to channel you've placed yourself on the fast track to personal development. More will be required of you than ever before. That means you need to be healthy. You will be giving up your wicked, evil ways with substance abuse, bad habits, etc eventually. Ever had a guide nag you? Well, I have. It can get really irritating. But, if you ask them to they will help you to get healthy in your body, your heart and your head.

I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this way of life I've got now.

I ended up being a medium too, which was a really unexpected bonus. But, it's along the same telephone wires of communication that you're talking to your guide that you're talking to other Folk in Spirit which include dead guys...and animals who've passed on too.

They will all, Guides, dead relatives and all your pets end up in your dreams too. Don't be surprised.

Don't be afraid of any of it. It will be god awful strange at times. Some of it might even border on uncomfortable for awhile too. Like pains shooting down your back or your arms...happened to me. They didn't last long. It might verge on scary, but don't be scared. At least, try not to. You are in charge. Remember that. Always, always insist that you will only talk to your guide in the beginning. After you've been channeling for a year or so you can talk to axe murders, and movie stars and politicians (some guide said, "Who would want to talk to them?"...Ha)

Oh, get a copy of, "A Course in Miracles" and start reading the lessons. I only ever got half way through, but I needed that to make me think of my world differently enough to make room for guides. Start a dream journal so you can remember your dreams. Ask the guides to give you channeling lessons in your dreams too. Forward on all fronts.

Don't take any financial advice from them. They love to spend money. Ha.

Also, do please keep in touch. I take on students in a loose sort of way. I'm here if you want to ask questions. Mostly, though, this is a lonely journey.

Oh, the guides are also saying you should write. Start keeping more than just your dream journal, just a regular journal with your thoughts about everything. Also, your guide says hi and keep up the good work. I can't tell you male or female or a name on your guide. I just sensed a presence. Also, my own personal rule I suppose is not to reveal too much because you are going to perceive your guide in your own way. They really have no gender and sort of only assume a human shape, gender and name for our's sort of hard talking to the air sometimes.

Do the meditation to meet your guide and maybe you'll get a glimpse of them. That's how I met Seth the first time. Bald, short, overweight (he just said, "Excuse me?"...ha) and wearing a white toga. He was in a garden tending the plants. Nicest smile I ever saw on anybody. That's how I first met him.

Oh, something else. Don't expect the guides to keep you safe and warn you of dangerous things around the corner. Those are your lessons. They are terrific after an accident to help you up and brush off your knees. If the thing isn't too terribly important to your life lessons maybe they will warn you. They've helped me out of several jams over the years...not all, but some.

It's okay to have a conversation with your guide. They are your teachers, but they are also our friends. It's not a real formal situation. They said you have to wear clothes...ha. What? "We said, Dear, that it is not black tie, but more informal. We said nothing about naked." Okay, Richard, this also points out how the channeling can get distorted too. You saw it in action right there. My mind was on your letter and not what they were saying, so it sort of floated by me. Just so you're aware of how much concentration you need to lend to the task to see what quality of channeling you're going to get out of it. Used to be in the early days I could only channel for a few minutes at a time because it was just too draining. Now, I can go for longer periods of time.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What Does Spirit Look Like?

In pictures we see God and the angels looking like us. We see the Holy Spirit depicted as a dove. We see our Totem Animals and The Folk in Spirit I see mostly look like regular people. However, I think the representations of Spirit we see and are shown in paintings are but a small part of what they really are. This is not a bad thing. I think it happens for several reasons.

One reason is so we can understand, so we have something we can relate to. The understanding doesn’t have to be the same for each person. It’s just the idea of God, of Heaven or something out there that is larger than you is easier to understand when you can see it.

I think it is more difficult to comprehend a concept than it is to be faced with the irrefutable proof of something you can see and touch. Also, a long time ago few people could read, but there was no problem with seeing a picture.

What I’d like to talk about is how Spirit looks to me. Mostly when I close my eyes and move into a quieter place to see Spirit the first thing that generally happens is a tingling at the base of my neck. Then, I need to imagine myself in my mind’s eye. Sometimes I appear as a young girl, sometimes as a young woman. At first I was a little alarmed that I was not appearing in this other place as I look now. Then, I began to think that it didn’t matter. For whatever reason whoever it was I was seeing was “supposed” to be me, fine, then that was who it was. It is as if time is more fluid in this psychic place. You can see yourself at any age and you can also see yourself in other lifetimes. But, for our purposes, now, this is this lifetime and this is the “me” you are seeing.

The next step here is to imagine that you are going to be seeing your guide. After you are accustomed to being in this other place you can meet up with any number of Folk in Spirit, but for now just pretend that you are going to be meeting your guide.

How will they appear? Any number of ways. After you have imagined yourself in your mind’s eye take your inside eyes and begin to look around at the surroundings where you are. Just let it happen. Are you inside a building? Are you in a room of some sort? Is there furniture? Or, are you outside? Or, are you even in a car? You could really be anywhere. It doesn’t matter. What matters is you are expanding the area of your awareness enough to allow somebody else to come into it.

Now, for the grand entrance of Spirit. Again, however it happens is okay. With a big Ta-Da, flashing of lights and crashing of cymbals or a quiet knock on the door. The next step is as significant as it is necessary for you to move forward and that is to welcome your guide. Open the door. Put out your hand to shake hands or open your arms for an embrace.

Spirit will appear to you in a form that is the best for you. Could be that Spirit, your Guide, comes to you in a human like form. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Old or young, also this doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter. Spirit could show itself to you as an animal. Spirit could even come to you as light, but for my own purposes I feel it’s more difficult to have a heart to heart conversation with a sun beam than it is with Seth.

Seth, to me, has always been bald. He claims to have a fine fringe of hair around the edges, but my awareness has never gotten that fine-tuned that I can see it clearly. Personally, I think he likes to pull my leg. Seth, the first time I saw him, was wearing a white toga and was tending the plants in a garden. He was a little taller than me and was older than me. I have always felt very safe with him. Many times the focus of my concentration swirls in and out so that he appears and disappears.

Spirit has always and will always be with you. It’s just that you may never have seen Spirit before this day. Spirit may have always been this far-away idea, something that never touched you personally. Today, after having done this exercise, hopefully, seeing is believing.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Process

It took me many years before I was even halfway comfortable calling myself a psychic. Even now, though, it is almost in a joking manner that I say I am psychic, as if I expect whoever I said it to, to realize immediately that I am surely joshing them. I’m not.

I can’t read minds. That’s what everybody expects right away. They also expect that I can look into their eyes and tell them their future. I actually don’t want to do that. I’d say I can 1 out of 300 people I meet, so to add that as a skill I am capable of is not right. Plus, as I said, I don’t want to.

I’m actually as psychic as you are. And, you didn’t think you were psychic. It’s a gift we’ve all got. It’s as common as being able to breathe through your nose and see through your eyes. It’s a sharpening of that extrasensory perception. The guides just said to me, “Use it or lose it.” Well, they have a point there. First you believe that it is possible and then you start using it.

How? How in the world are you going to do that? Well, the believing that you are psychic is actually 50% of it. Decide for yourself just what does being psychic mean to you. Investigate how other people perceive it.

For me it grew. I was afraid of it at first. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I wasn’t actually intending to become more psychic. I had been sick and to amuse myself I was reading. A lot. I just wanted to read stories by Stephen King. I read too many of them apparently. Too many, too fast and I began to have psychic insights. They were flashes. I’d have visions, really intense visions during that time where you’re not quite asleep and you’re not quite awake. My dreams were weirder than shit. I knew when the phone was going to ring. I’d know who was going to be on the other end of it. And, I began seeing the number 222 everywhere I looked. That was the final straw. If somebody on the other side wanted my attention, they had it by then.

I appreciate the time it takes a person to hone a skill. It seems sometimes that I’ve been doing this forever. The psychic insights I have help to round out my life. They sort of take the edge of the uneasy and the unexpected off of things. Also, when the unexpected does happen and catches me unaware I seem to be able to weather it better than I could before. Mostly, though, I am able to approach life with an eagerness that I didn’t have before. Before I was frightened and worried all the time. I think that opening to my own psychicness has, over the years, enabled me to do a lot of emotional and psychological growing that I hadn’t been inclined to do before. And, that’s not psychic. That’s something everybody should do. For me, though, I can tell when it started happening. I’m grateful, though, because I was stunted before. I was like a frost blasted bunch of parsley before. That’s another thing with my psychicness. I can sometimes understand what the plants and animals are feeling. That frightened me too when it started. It started with a chicken leg I was eating. That really got my attention, enough to make me want to be a vegetarian except I can sometimes tell what the plants feel too.

I’m a secretary during the day. I’m a 51 year old secretary on the verge of going through menopause. It ain’t pretty. This is as rough for me now as it was when I was busting through to being psychic. Thoughts and feelings swirl up and overtake me. The emotions are sometimes overwhelming. I fight against being sorry for myself. This is something that has to happen. I hope to, on the other end of this, be a more stable individual. I almost wish, though, that it would hurry up. The sleeplessness, the hot flashes, the emotions. Sometimes I just want to cork up all our managers and send them to Mars for 2 weeks. And, with a psychic you can always visit them in their dreams and tell them to shape up.

What I can tell you though, is that the visions you sometimes have, the flash of a person in the corner of your mind. That was real. You can go after that. If you have in mind your own teacher as that person you half way saw, the person you saw for a nano-second. Formless, faceless, just a presence in a corner of your mind. Imagine yourself opening your arms. You will be moving toward your teacher. They will catch you. They will hold you and for a nano-second in time they will comfort you, pat you on the back, smooth your hair and smile at you. Believe it happened.

Everybody is psychic and everybody has a teacher. In your mind say hey. They heard you.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cowboy Coffee Cake

Did you know it is possible to channel recipes? It’s actually fun. You’ve also got to go into it willing to bomb out. Which is actually a good exercise for you to do. It’s a sort of surrendering.

Anyway, this is what we did today. I call it, or rather they call it: Cowboy Coffee Cake.

Getting set to write out this recipe for the website I still hadn’t come up with a title, until my fingers touched the keys and Cowboy Coffee Cake was written. I proceeded to do what I generally do and that is to argue with the guides. “What do you mean Cowboy Coffee Cake? Nobody mentioned anything about a cowboy to me. There’s lemon in this cake and nuts. Do you think a cowboy would put lemon in a cake?” But, they persisted. I would suppose it was a cowboy who channeled it for me.

2½ cups flour
½ teaspoon salt
1½ teaspoons baking powder
4 TBS butter
2 eggs
1 cup milk
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup white sugar
Zest from one lemon
Juice of half of that lemon


2 TBS butter
2 TBS flour
2 TBS brown sugar
½ cup nuts

Mix together the flour, salt and baking powder. Cut in 4 tablespoons butter. Mix, in a separate bowl, the eggs, milk, ½ cup brown and ½ cup white sugar. Mix the liquid ingredients into the dry. Grate the zest into the batter and add the juice from half the lemon. Mix.

Grease and flour a 9 inch square pan. Spoon in the batter.

For the topping rub together the 2 tablespoons of butter, flour and brown sugar and sprinkle that over the top of the coffee cake. Sprinkle ½ cup of nuts over the top.

When I was making this cake I thought I was done at this point, but one of the guides said to me, “Now for the fun part. Poke your finger into the cake and twirl in a few random places.”

I was nervous about how long to bake it. We set the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and I let it go 35 minutes total. That was actually too long because the crust on the outside was way too dark. So, the next time I do this I’ll probably let it go for 30 minutes.

As we moved through the recipe I kept asking things like, "Are you sure you don't want to melt the butter? Cutting it into the flour is like pie dough. Are you sure this is right?" When I'd gotten the liquid ingredients together I was certain they were jerking me around and it was going to be a mess, but I mixed it in anyway. It turned out wonderfully. The crust was a bit brown on the bottom, but the crumb was big and tender and it was delicious with butter on it and even better once it was cooled to have with cream cheese spread on.

I entered the recipe to my Master Cook 9 recipe program and got the nutritional information. Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 364 Calories; 14g Fat (35.4% calories from fat); 7g Protein; 52g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 71mg Cholesterol; 312mg Sodium. Exchanges: 2 Grain(Starch); 1/2 Lean Meat; 0 Non-Fat Milk; 2 1/2 Fat; 1 1/2 Other Carbohydrates.

Are You Bored?

If life starts to get humdrum and boring do something to perk yourself up. You can’t wait for somebody else to come along to entertain you. You need to do something. You’re just in a rut. That’s all. It won’t last long. Do something a little bit different.

Listen to something different from your collection of music. It doesn’t have to be upbeat, just different. Move around for two minutes.

Pretend you’re doing Tai Chi. Just real slow and deliberate moves. Center your mind into what you’re doing. Pretend you’re watching yourself in a movie. Pretend as your arms move around that you’re watching them on the screen. Pretend that is the entirety of what you can see right now. The rest of the room has gone away. It’s just not there. The focus of your attention is on your arms. Now, feel the energy in them. Feel the blood as it courses through your veins. Feel the ancient past that is still with you in this lifetime. Feel the ages behind you. Feel the women you’ve been. Feel the men you’ve been. Feel these lifetimes in your being now. Not far away. Not somewhere else. Not someplace inaccessible to you. With you now. All those experiences, bring them closer. All the times you hurt somebody. All the times you loved somebody. All the times you made life better for somebody. All the times you tried.

Now, tell me you’re still bored.