Saturday, January 13, 2007

Are You Bored?

If life starts to get humdrum and boring do something to perk yourself up. You can’t wait for somebody else to come along to entertain you. You need to do something. You’re just in a rut. That’s all. It won’t last long. Do something a little bit different.

Listen to something different from your collection of music. It doesn’t have to be upbeat, just different. Move around for two minutes.

Pretend you’re doing Tai Chi. Just real slow and deliberate moves. Center your mind into what you’re doing. Pretend you’re watching yourself in a movie. Pretend as your arms move around that you’re watching them on the screen. Pretend that is the entirety of what you can see right now. The rest of the room has gone away. It’s just not there. The focus of your attention is on your arms. Now, feel the energy in them. Feel the blood as it courses through your veins. Feel the ancient past that is still with you in this lifetime. Feel the ages behind you. Feel the women you’ve been. Feel the men you’ve been. Feel these lifetimes in your being now. Not far away. Not somewhere else. Not someplace inaccessible to you. With you now. All those experiences, bring them closer. All the times you hurt somebody. All the times you loved somebody. All the times you made life better for somebody. All the times you tried.

Now, tell me you’re still bored.

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