Saturday, January 27, 2007

What Does Spirit Look Like?

In pictures we see God and the angels looking like us. We see the Holy Spirit depicted as a dove. We see our Totem Animals and The Folk in Spirit I see mostly look like regular people. However, I think the representations of Spirit we see and are shown in paintings are but a small part of what they really are. This is not a bad thing. I think it happens for several reasons.

One reason is so we can understand, so we have something we can relate to. The understanding doesn’t have to be the same for each person. It’s just the idea of God, of Heaven or something out there that is larger than you is easier to understand when you can see it.

I think it is more difficult to comprehend a concept than it is to be faced with the irrefutable proof of something you can see and touch. Also, a long time ago few people could read, but there was no problem with seeing a picture.

What I’d like to talk about is how Spirit looks to me. Mostly when I close my eyes and move into a quieter place to see Spirit the first thing that generally happens is a tingling at the base of my neck. Then, I need to imagine myself in my mind’s eye. Sometimes I appear as a young girl, sometimes as a young woman. At first I was a little alarmed that I was not appearing in this other place as I look now. Then, I began to think that it didn’t matter. For whatever reason whoever it was I was seeing was “supposed” to be me, fine, then that was who it was. It is as if time is more fluid in this psychic place. You can see yourself at any age and you can also see yourself in other lifetimes. But, for our purposes, now, this is this lifetime and this is the “me” you are seeing.

The next step here is to imagine that you are going to be seeing your guide. After you are accustomed to being in this other place you can meet up with any number of Folk in Spirit, but for now just pretend that you are going to be meeting your guide.

How will they appear? Any number of ways. After you have imagined yourself in your mind’s eye take your inside eyes and begin to look around at the surroundings where you are. Just let it happen. Are you inside a building? Are you in a room of some sort? Is there furniture? Or, are you outside? Or, are you even in a car? You could really be anywhere. It doesn’t matter. What matters is you are expanding the area of your awareness enough to allow somebody else to come into it.

Now, for the grand entrance of Spirit. Again, however it happens is okay. With a big Ta-Da, flashing of lights and crashing of cymbals or a quiet knock on the door. The next step is as significant as it is necessary for you to move forward and that is to welcome your guide. Open the door. Put out your hand to shake hands or open your arms for an embrace.

Spirit will appear to you in a form that is the best for you. Could be that Spirit, your Guide, comes to you in a human like form. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Old or young, also this doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter. Spirit could show itself to you as an animal. Spirit could even come to you as light, but for my own purposes I feel it’s more difficult to have a heart to heart conversation with a sun beam than it is with Seth.

Seth, to me, has always been bald. He claims to have a fine fringe of hair around the edges, but my awareness has never gotten that fine-tuned that I can see it clearly. Personally, I think he likes to pull my leg. Seth, the first time I saw him, was wearing a white toga and was tending the plants in a garden. He was a little taller than me and was older than me. I have always felt very safe with him. Many times the focus of my concentration swirls in and out so that he appears and disappears.

Spirit has always and will always be with you. It’s just that you may never have seen Spirit before this day. Spirit may have always been this far-away idea, something that never touched you personally. Today, after having done this exercise, hopefully, seeing is believing.

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Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to have 'stumbled' onto your site. Thank you. I have read Seth with Jane Roberts a number of times. I would love to 'meet' him. Sometimes I 'see; things or 'know things' especially when someone is ill or dying. I have ADHD and quieting my mind is like stopping a train. I would to talk, listen, see, help anything. Sometimes I smell cigarette smoke, feel cool kiss like breeze on my right cheek, or pick up on others feelings without realizing they arent mine. very inconvenient. I am so glad I have a safe place to learn, and hopefully connect with spirit. Audrey Page