Friday, February 16, 2007

Steps in Learning

Generally, when a person is learning how to channel, during the time when they are first connecting to Spirit their scope of awareness is pretty narrow. It needs to be. Later on you can do wheelies. Now, pay attention. And, focus on one guide. Your guide. You don’t need to know his or her name. You don’t need to know what they look like. The connection you have with them will probably be sporadic. You’ll think you’ve got a connection and then, poof, it’s all gone. What happened? You think you’ve been abandoned. Well, get your focus back on again. You were the one who let go. It is not your guide’s responsibility to help you hold the focus. They are there. They’ve always been there. They don’t just suddenly appear because you want to talk to them. You create the focus.

How? Well, it’s different for everybody, but basically the desire to talk to your guide is the first requirement. The next one is a commitment on your part to do the work. What is the work? Again, it’s different for everybody, but basically, it’s to get off your high horse and heal yourself. Whatever that means. It’s not got to be done before your guide will make contact with you, but there needs to be the commitment on your part that you will begin to pay attention to the shitty things you attract into your life. Co-workers who irritate the crap out of you? That now becomes a learning opportunity. You can’t change them, but you can change you. Find out why you are irritated. Go to the source of your irritation. You might need a therapist to help you. Basically, it’s a win-win situation. You’re doing the psychological work you wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole in a million years now as a prelude to meeting your guide or to developing something better than crappy channeling.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Letter I Wrote

What follows is an email I sent to somebody who was interested in channeling.

There's actually no one way to learn how to channel. It's like dieting, there are a whole bunch of diets out there and they will all eventually work. Anyway, I firmly believe in doing the exercises in, "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman. She doesn't particularly endorse use of a Ouija Board, but that's what finally worked for me. Meditation is a plus no matter what method you use to channel. It will help to center you, to calm you and will help you to sort other things out in your everyday reality. Just a good move to meditate. Don't overdo it, but definitely try to meditate.

Pretend and play while you are learning is important. I didn't learn this until after I learned how to channel and began helping others to learn too.

Don't blab to everybody what you are doing. Sure as the rain falls on flowers and you're going to say something to the wrong person who will then try every trick in the book to make you feel evil, or wicked or demented or whatever. It will certainly take the wind out of your sails.

Think of channeling as more than just verbal or written communication. Consider getting a deck of Tarot cards or a bag of Rune stones and play around with them too.

Figure that whatever neuroses that you've got (and everybody has them) will show up with the stuff you channel. I haven't figured out a way around that other than to suspect channeling on your favorite hot topics. Or, like the guides just said to do your psychological work. Like with me...I'm overweight and don't trust at all the channeling the guides give me about dieting. Well, it's not that I don't trust them, hey, I talk to them all the time about stuff, but I keep that stuff personal. It goes hand in hand with what we call, "wishful channeling" you want something to be a certain way so badly you almost force the guides to say stuff to support your wishes. It's not that they are forced to any one particular point of view, it's like it's easier to lean with the wind than against it (their words just now...I'll have to think about it.) What I've never figured out is why this happens. All I know is it does. Just keep it in mind and don't hang out your shingle too soon. Your advice will be good, but you'll learn when they might be spinning a yarn for you.

Once you decide that the channeling is for real and you're really, really doing it don't be alarmed to see it all change as time goes by. Think of it sort of like you're cookie dough that's not baked yet. You're sitting on a cookie sheet as raw dough. That's you as you've just learned to channel. The words are there. The contact has been made, but you ain't baked yet. So, the cookie goes into the oven and bakes and when it comes out you are still channeling, but now it's a little different. You're maturing into the process. See? I like food.

Regarding the neuroses we has been my experience that once you learn to channel you've placed yourself on the fast track to personal development. More will be required of you than ever before. That means you need to be healthy. You will be giving up your wicked, evil ways with substance abuse, bad habits, etc eventually. Ever had a guide nag you? Well, I have. It can get really irritating. But, if you ask them to they will help you to get healthy in your body, your heart and your head.

I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this way of life I've got now.

I ended up being a medium too, which was a really unexpected bonus. But, it's along the same telephone wires of communication that you're talking to your guide that you're talking to other Folk in Spirit which include dead guys...and animals who've passed on too.

They will all, Guides, dead relatives and all your pets end up in your dreams too. Don't be surprised.

Don't be afraid of any of it. It will be god awful strange at times. Some of it might even border on uncomfortable for awhile too. Like pains shooting down your back or your arms...happened to me. They didn't last long. It might verge on scary, but don't be scared. At least, try not to. You are in charge. Remember that. Always, always insist that you will only talk to your guide in the beginning. After you've been channeling for a year or so you can talk to axe murders, and movie stars and politicians (some guide said, "Who would want to talk to them?"...Ha)

Oh, get a copy of, "A Course in Miracles" and start reading the lessons. I only ever got half way through, but I needed that to make me think of my world differently enough to make room for guides. Start a dream journal so you can remember your dreams. Ask the guides to give you channeling lessons in your dreams too. Forward on all fronts.

Don't take any financial advice from them. They love to spend money. Ha.

Also, do please keep in touch. I take on students in a loose sort of way. I'm here if you want to ask questions. Mostly, though, this is a lonely journey.

Oh, the guides are also saying you should write. Start keeping more than just your dream journal, just a regular journal with your thoughts about everything. Also, your guide says hi and keep up the good work. I can't tell you male or female or a name on your guide. I just sensed a presence. Also, my own personal rule I suppose is not to reveal too much because you are going to perceive your guide in your own way. They really have no gender and sort of only assume a human shape, gender and name for our's sort of hard talking to the air sometimes.

Do the meditation to meet your guide and maybe you'll get a glimpse of them. That's how I met Seth the first time. Bald, short, overweight (he just said, "Excuse me?"...ha) and wearing a white toga. He was in a garden tending the plants. Nicest smile I ever saw on anybody. That's how I first met him.

Oh, something else. Don't expect the guides to keep you safe and warn you of dangerous things around the corner. Those are your lessons. They are terrific after an accident to help you up and brush off your knees. If the thing isn't too terribly important to your life lessons maybe they will warn you. They've helped me out of several jams over the years...not all, but some.

It's okay to have a conversation with your guide. They are your teachers, but they are also our friends. It's not a real formal situation. They said you have to wear clothes...ha. What? "We said, Dear, that it is not black tie, but more informal. We said nothing about naked." Okay, Richard, this also points out how the channeling can get distorted too. You saw it in action right there. My mind was on your letter and not what they were saying, so it sort of floated by me. Just so you're aware of how much concentration you need to lend to the task to see what quality of channeling you're going to get out of it. Used to be in the early days I could only channel for a few minutes at a time because it was just too draining. Now, I can go for longer periods of time.