Friday, April 06, 2007

Accurate Information Using a Ouija Board

Here's the answer I gave yesterday to somebody who had asked about accurate information and Ouija Boards.

As far as the accuracy you're getting with your own use of the Ouija board, it's all up for grabs. My own experience has been if I ask a question that Spirit will not answer (like something that is going to interfere with my own life lessons) they are likely going to say anything at all rather than not say anything. It's up to me to realize I just asked a really dumb question and Spirit is jerking me around because it's not something they are going to answer.

Also, your intention I believe needs to be pure in the sense that you're not all psychologically challenged or clouded. For instance, you're paranoid and want to know who the people are who've been following you. In actuality, nobody is following you, but you really think there are because you're paranoid. Spirit is going to say there are three people hiding around the corner. So, this isn't a whole lot of help for you. The help you need is to address your paranoia. And, it's probably not likely that Spirit is going to say to you to get your butt into a psychotherapist's office.

It doesn't say a whole lot about the accuracy of what gets said via a Ouija Board. And, you can get solid advice via the Ouija board and via channeling. But, you just have to practice at it a lot, want the good advice a lot, be willing to do whatever needs to be done to keep and get yourself psychologically well and be prepared to not be disappointed with the answers you get. Just use your common sense.

Also, the feeling of not knowing whether it was Spirit or you who made it move will go away eventually. In the beginning, depending on how much you practice, it is going to feel like you made it move. Just set aside the 10 or 15 minutes you are practicing to say in your own mind, "For the next few minutes EVERYTHING that comes through via the Ouija is my guide." whether it really is or is not. You have to believe that it is them. In reality it is both of you. And, as time goes by you're going to be able to sense when it is Spirit talking and when it is you. But, for awhile it is confusing. This is the time NOT to go blabbing to all and sundry about what the incredible, super fantastic news your guide just told you to go buy stock options on pork bellies. NOT. Don't believe it for a minute. Just keep it to yourself, don't believe it until you have proof and keep practicing.

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