Friday, April 20, 2007

Talking to Yourself

I talk to myself. I’ve been doing it for years. It helps me to work out situations in my heart before I plunge in “for real”. When I was younger I mostly did it because I was shy and unsure of myself. Practice your Spanish conversation. Practice what you are going to say to a boy. Practice your oral presentation (those used to make me physically ill). Except, strangely, it was the talking to myself part of things that segued into channeling. Having somebody in your head talk to you and talking to yourself are very, very similar. Not totally the same, but similar.

When you are talking to yourself you have some control over how the conversation goes. You know you want the whole thing to move toward a specific end and you direct your inner conversation that way. Like a directed day dream. When you are channeling, you still have control over how things are said just because you are a human being and that is the nature of channeling. You’re Italian…guess what? Your guide will speak to you in the language you understand…Italian. You’re a fundamentalist? Your guide will come down real easy with the fire and brimstone. And, it will all seem pretty natural and not rock your boat so much. But, the place where talking to yourself and channeling splits is where the guides and Folk in Spirit either answer you or say things that surprise you.

In the beginning they will sometimes say some really odd or disturbing things just to get your attention and to show you that you are channeling and NOT talking to yourself. Never in a million years would you have said that to yourself even in the semi-awareness of a day dream. So, that really got your attention and you now know for a certainty that you didn’t just talk to yourself. Was it true? No. For pity’s sake do not go out and announce your guide just said the world was going to end in 20 minutes and everybody should take cover. That was to get your attention. It takes at least a year for you to settle into being able to channel coherently. This includes, during this time, the pushing of most of your psychological buttons. To channel well is to channel clearly. That means you don’t have much psychological crap in the way. You’re afraid? Guess what? Your channeling is going to reflect fear in a very big way. So, you will have the wonderful learning opportunity of not only learning how to channel during this year but also of maturing, facing up to responsibilities, and getting your own psychological house in order.

I never said it was going to be easy to get good channeling.

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