Saturday, May 26, 2007

Don't Give Up When What You Hear Channeling Fades Away

One of the things that used to happen to me when I first learned to channel was that it seemed I sometimes couldn’t hear everything my guide was saying. Like I’d hear every word for the first 8 and then something would cut out and I would start to hear every other couple of words and then the whole thing would go belly up and I wouldn’t hear anything.

This used to really bug me. As my level of frustration rose it seemed to get worse. I was never really sure why this happened. I thought it was because I was new at it.

The problem, though, is that it still happens to me occasionally. So, here’s my theory about it:

Actually, I was just going to say I thought it was my “connection” to Spirit that faltered, but the guides just said to me that wasn’t it. Here, I’ll just let them talk.

We would say that everyone might experience this “effect” of statico channeling at one point or another. It is not your connection to Spirit for that has always and will always be what it is: Strong. It is your perception of the reality of channeling that shifts. And, it is your level of tension, of calm, of acceptance and of surrender that is at issue with the quality of channeling. It is not concentration. It is the ability to relax and flow that is of more importance. Also, irritation figures in for as you do not perform as you want to perform you might become angry at yourself or at your guide thinking they have refused to speak with you. That is not the case.

Listening is not always at level 10, the highest volume possible. Listening involves paying attention and being open to hearing the babble of the brook beside you.

Sometimes voice from Spirit will be as plain as the nose on your face. Sometimes voice from Spirit can be faint or perceived as weak. Imagine something you are seeing close up. A dandelion you are holding. How you can look at each individual petal. How you can see up close even as though you were looking at the flower under a microscope to see detail so exquisite about an ordinary flower you might never have realized without having taken the time to have a look that it was there. And, compare that to you standing beside your automobile as you’ve stopped at a rest station alongside the interstate highway to gaze at a mountain many, many miles in the distance. Hot where you are, summer days, rushing traffic behind you, but off in the distance you can see a majestic mountain. Both are you seeing. Both are you using your eyes and your sense of vision to experience something. So, too, with channeling does the experience
become divided between quiet and loud.

Learn to experience both sorts of channeling for they are always there with you.

Okay, Pauline back again. That was nice. And, to allow you a sneak peak behind how I did the above little bit of channeling and to set the scene for you: I’ve got my headphones on and I’m listening to “Letting Go of Stress” Brainwave Suite by Jeffrey Thompson. It’s a babbling brook, birdsong, wave and rain sounds with the special stuff he’s put into the music to stimulate your brainwaves. I’ve been using this for years and it moves me rather effectively and quickly into the “zone”. I can channel without it fine, but somehow it seems I am able to get better channeling listening to this music. Maybe it’s just me “being there” and being ready to rock and roll than anything else. I don’t know.

I also like to close my eyes when I’m channeling. That allows me to pay more attention to what I’m hearing and not have the distraction of anything visually to interfere. Also, long ago I learned not to be bothered by horrible spelling because it can really get bad once you open your eyes to have a look at what you’ve channeled. You might know that you’ve not been able to spell something correctly while you are channeling but try not to allow that to intrude on the channeling experience. You can always fix it later. In fact, maybe this weekend I’ll channel something and just leave it “as is” for you to see what a person who has been channeling for 15 years and who types at 75 words a minute is capable of as far as right out of the box channeling goes.

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