Friday, May 11, 2007

Spirit Speaks

Channeling is very much like any other activity in that you must in your mind decide that now you’re going to do it. The problem, though, is that once you’ve decided now is the time nothing happens. And, you think it is not working and you give up or you get frustrated or you double your efforts and come away from the experience really irritated.

That’s what used to happen to me, anyway. I figure I’m not so unusual. It’s probably happening to you too.

If you consider the attempts you make are good efforts and the irritation you feel just gets in the way, or just clouds all forward momentum maybe ridding yourself of the irritation might be a useful thing to do.

How do you do that?


Okay, so you’re sitting there and you’ve closed your eyes and you’re waiting for your guide to say something. You’ve been told that you have one and he or she is an exalted guide so you figure that you’ve got connections and since this is a way powerful guide they will be able to break through the ether or whatever it is and talk to you.

Well, I suppose I ought to mention that all guides are exalted, the way I figure it, so, buying into the idea that your guide is better than average is just that much smoke. The other thing is that it’s not the guides who need to “break through”, it’s you who needs to learn how to relax and recognize a voice from Spirit.

Also, consider that it’s not as simple as moving from Point A to Point B. The way is sometimes circuitous and you might just need to learn how to draw, or paint, or journal to release and heal some of your frustrations before you can hear Spirit speaking. Those activities, I wouldn’t have supposed would have anything to do with you channeling, but they really do.

Anyway, back to you sitting there waiting for something to happen and getting more and more irritated as time passes by and nothing appears to be happening.

Ask yourself the question: Are you ready for this? Likely, you will say, “Yes!” not really understanding what is going to happen. Well, that doesn’t really matter. It will all unfold eventually. You will come to the rude awakening in time. (One of the guides just said, “We aren’t all Yes Men.” That was my own rude awakening.) So, you’ve decided that you’re ready and nothing is happening. You’ve tried all the exercises in the book and nothing is happening. What is going on? Time. It takes time. You’re not ready after all and even once they all start talking to you the quality of the channeling you’re going to be getting will be absolutely and directly mirrored by your own beliefs and by your own psychological messes. That is a guarantee.

Having an optimistic attitude will be more helpful to the process than getting angry at yourself or at your guide. Pretend that they can hear every word you say to them, so you know your voice reaches their ears and that part, at least, is working.

Lower your expectations of what channeling ought to be. They just get in the way, anyway. Keep on with the exercises. Know that it is just going to take time and learn to listen for what Spirit is saying. They’ve been talking to you all your life anyway. You just haven’t been listening.

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