Saturday, June 30, 2007

Podcast - Learn to Channel #1

My first podcast where I talk about learning to channel. It's pretty quick, just 5 minutes. Thanks to Audacity for the free program to do this and thanks to Magnatune for the royalty free music. The artist is Heavy Mellow and the selection is, "Weaving" from the album Acoustic Abstracts. I thought it was just perfect. I'm still pretty much a rube at this, so you'll probably have to turn up the volume a bit. Hopefully, with my next podcast I'll be a bit smoother. Thanks for listening.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Steps to Channeling

Everybody can channel. Everybody does channel. Already. There are degrees of channeling and it’s not until you are a bonifide channel that you look back and realize you’ve been doing it all along.

It’s one of those no-brainers. It’s like you felt when you learned how to tie your shoes or when you learned how to ride a bike. It’s exactly the same feeling you get when you learn how to swim or how to whistle. One moment you can’t do it and the next moment you can and once you can you really can’t imagine how it was that you couldn’t do it before.

It’s this funny little shift. It’s not like the hairs stand up on the back of your neck or that you felt a cold draft move past you. It’s more like you pretend/sense a friend at your shoulder. It a feeling like somebody just placed their hand on your shoulder. It’s almost a quick tensing of your muscles, but even that is not subtle enough. It’s just this passing sense that there’s a comforting presence at hand for you.

This feeling of Spirit doesn’t remain this subtle. At least with me it didn’t. Now, because I can hear and see them I am aware all the time. They’re not constantly talking to me. But, they are always there. Sometimes, though, I’ll just say, “Seth?” and he will say, “Yes?” and that’s all I wanted. Just because I couldn’t immediately sense a presence. I knew he was there, but I couldn’t sense it so I asked. He answered and I knew. That’s all. I didn’t really want to ask him anything. I just wanted confirmation that he was there.

Remember how when you were a kid and you believed in Santa Claus? It’s sort of like that. You’re an adult now and you’ve known for years that there really isn’t a Santa Claus. But, what if you were to find out that Santa Claus is real? It’s like that.

And, knowing your guides are real, in acknowledging their presence in your life, even if you cannot now say that you actually feel their presence, is the first step in doing the actual channeling thing.

Like they said to me years and year ago: It’s on the wings of pretend that this works.

You don’t have to prove anything to me. You just need to prove it to yourself.

All sorts of other things are involved too, but this is one of the most important ones.

The other things that might need to happen for channeling to happen? It would probably help if you aren’t afraid. It would definitely help if you’re not under a doctor’s care for some sort of psychiatric condition.

You need to be a responsible adult to do this. Although kids can channel the same as anybody else, I think I wouldn’t be responsible if I didn’t mention that the stuff I talk about is geared toward adults.

It certainly helps to be open minded. If you’re already set in what you believe I wouldn’t try to learn how to channel if I were you, because you need to be prepared to re-learn everything again. You’ll come away from the experience with a wider view of the people around you. You’ll come to feel that you aren’t so isolated and that what you think and do really does have an impact on the lives of other people.