Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Doodling Toward Spirit

My mind is on ruts and ways to extricate myself from them these days. I am especially interested in thinking ruts. This is where my whole world seems sort of blah or tense and where I am not especially enjoying myself. I also regret not being as “psychic” as I might be.

Writers write. Psychics are psychic. A writer can still write in their head when all is otherwise not in a writing mode around them. Like you’re at the grocery store and your mind is not totally on the groceries you are purchasing or the dinner you plan on making that night. Your mind is on the people around you, the mother and son in the freezer isle arguing over something behind the glass. You wonder why there is a problem for them. This has nothing to do with your own purchases. These are people you are noticing. It could only be for writing. You’re not nosy, are you? No. So, then, by default it must be for the purpose of utilizing their disagreement for an interaction between characters. To show love where, seemingly, none is being demonstrated. But, care is there. Why else would a mother not acquiesce to her child’s request and yearning for some frozen food product unless there be a reason not to get it? That reason could be there is not enough money, or room in the freezer or it is not a healthy item to ingest. You would not even consider that the refusal stems from a perverse sense of meanness. But, it could, could it not? Yes, spite and meanness could be a reason not to honor a child’s yearning for a food.

Okay, this exercise today, this morning before the sun has even come up, is a demonstration where I move from one mode to another; where I move from where it is just me writing to where I am channeling. I felt it happen. I closed my eyes and relaxed, surrendered to what they were saying. I just gave over. And, I’ve been doing this long enough that I could feel it happen. I can also tell because the words the Folk in Spirit use with me are not what I would normally choose; words like, “ingest” and a turn of phrase like, “unless there be a reason”. I put the guidespeak part in the paragraph above in green.

Now, what you can do as the person wanting to learn how to channel is to deliberately say to yourself, “From this point forward I will consider my words to be coming from my guide.” Who cares if they sound like they are coming from you. This is the exercise and that is the condition. From this point forward is guide speak. You keep doing it over and over again and eventually it does actually begin to sound a little different.

It’s like using an affirmation. “I am slender.” Over and over again. Many times over and over again, until finally, your own perverse mind begins to accept that you are slender. And, slowly you begin to think of carrot sticks as an interesting thing to munch upon.

I wouldn’t go around blabbing to everybody that you are channeling. That’s the best way to mess up your progress. Just keep a notebook and record your thoughts. Or, speak into a microphone.

Here’s what I would do:

• Choose a quiet time where you will not be disturbed for awhile.
• Say, “I am going to channel and it will be my guide I will be talking to.”
• Put a pair of headphones on and listen to some quiet music, nice, smooth flowing music. Ocean sounds are good. My personal choice is Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Brainwave Suite.
• Know that you are safe. Know that you are in complete control of your body. Know that your guide will keep you safe. Know that you can break away and come back to the “present” anytime you want to.
• And, just give over.

With a notebook in front of you begin to doodle. Not necessarily words, just squiggles. Circles, lines, swooping up and over and down and around. Movement with your pen. Just play with it for a few minutes. Then, stop. That was the exercise.

Did anything get done? Did you channel? Well, you said you did. So, you must have. A guide helped you make a squiggle? How weird is that? Hey, you’re pretending. That was the exercise. To state plainly, whether you did out loud or not, that for the next 5 minutes you were going to channel.

Next time you do it, the same way, go a little deeper into a meditative and calm sort of mindset.

As your hand forms the circle on the paper close your eyes and move deeper into the music you are listening to. Try not to grip the pen you are holding as you would normally. Loosen your grip on it so that your hand feels very light, so loose that you think the pen could even just slip out easily if you weren’t careful. Doodle away. Maybe now just write something. You’ll use up a lot of paper. It’s helpful to use a felt tip that flows nicely.

The words you write might get written one over the other. You might not even be able to read them. Don’t worry about it. Next time you’ll have a little more control. The idea is to allow Spirit to flow, to find a channel in your willingness to open to them. These aren’t folks who are going to tell you how to live your life. These aren’t folks who are going to give you the secrets of the universe. This is like sitting in your garden enjoying nature around you, participating in life. This is adding another dimension to your life. This is Spirit.

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