Thursday, August 02, 2007

You'll be Sorry

One of the things that’s rather cool about talking to Spirit is that they will sometimes help me out with the more mundane things that go on in my life. They don’t help with everything, but sometimes they do. When I first started channeling I sort of expected them to help me with everything, but as Seth said to me once, “I am not a nickelodeon.” meaning he wasn’t for hire and I couldn’t make him do a damned thing.

Anyway, over time I sort of stopped expecting them to help me. If they offer that’s wonderful, but if they don’t say anything about some situation, then I’m not meant to know.

However, when they start in with the warning shit, the ominous stuff, the things like they just said to me regarding a post I did on one of the blogs, “You’ll be sorry.” It’s that particular phrase that immediately tightens my gut. The logical side of me knows that I’ve got something going on and they are just sort of echoing my unease. This is why I’ve always maintained that anybody who wants to learn to channel needs to be relatively psychologically balanced, at least enough to know what to do when the weird stuff starts happening. Like, when suddenly every asshole driver in the world seems to be attracted to your rear bumper. Psychologically you’ve got something going on that will take all of 10 minutes to fix. You sit quietly, by yourself and say, “Okay, what’s up with that?” And just allow whatever it is that is currently bothering you to rise to the surface of your mind so you can examine it, react to it and, hopefully, take care of it. For now. Later, guaranteed, there will be more, but the important thing is that you saw the warning signal of asshole drivers on the horizon and reacted to it by doing your own psychological fine tuning.

So, for me, my own personal signal is some guide saying, “You’ll be sooooorrrrrryyyy.” Right. I love it. The problem, is that they really could be warning me of something but, more than likely it will be my own crap I need to pay attention to.

I need to go sit for a few minutes.

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