Thursday, September 06, 2007

Talking to Spirit Dogs

Is it possible to get in touch with the spirit of my dog who passed away, and how – doesn’t matter how long and hard this road would be – I would be prepared to take this journey.

My Answer: People (including me at one time) think that being able to communicate with Spirit is hard. It's actually not that hard if you are willing to sort of change what your expectations are of what the experience is going to be like. If you think the hair on the back of your neck is going to rise and crackle in the wind, if you think that you're going to be hearing ghostly sounds, cupboard doors slamming in the kitchen, lights turning on and off mysteriously, it won't happen. That eerie stuff is the Hollywood part of what communicating with Spirit is. The real part of communicating with Spirit is quiet.

However, there are a few levels of intensity to it.

Basic level One that anybody can do is to just talk to Spirit. In your head, silently in your heart, mumbling quietly, or shouting into a canyon; however you want to phrase the communication, Spirit can hear you. Also, animals who have passed are as much Spirit as your great-grandfather who has passed on. It was one of the amazing things that I learned when I "broke through" to channeling was that animals can communicate with us in our own tongue and folks who lived as a person speaking a language different from our own can talk to us just fine. It's like we have so many different languages and ways of communicating while we are human, but when we are Spirit there is just one way. Anyway, whoever you want to speak with in Spirit can hear you fine. If you want to sit quietly and get into a meditative state of mind that's fine. If you want to talk while standing in line at the grocery store or sitting in your car at a stop light, that's fine too. Now, the difficult part of this communicating with Spirit is that you can't hear them. That's the part that might take longer. Actually, the guides are saying it's only difficult if you choose it so. That's guide talk. If you can be content knowing that your dog can hear you, that your relatives who've passed on can hear you and you're okay with not being able to hear them, that's fine.

Level Two has to do with opening to Spirit, being willing not to bend Spirit to our ways, to your expectations. If Spirit is going to communicate with you in a non verbal way then the hawk who circled around your house this morning was Spirit saying, "Hey". Spirit can also communicate via tools of divination: a deck of tarot cards or a pendulum.

A really good way to communicate with Spirit is by writing. Have in mind who it is that you want to speak with and begin writing. You write your part of the conversation and then you relax and pretend and begin writing the other side of the conversation. This is where you need to lift all the rules and just allow the experience to flow. No judgments. No being frightened. You walked into this. You want to communicate with somebody on the other side. Release your expectations of what is going to happen and just let it flow. If you're in a really good space just let your hand go limp on the pencil or pen and "help" things along by roughly drawing a circle. Just doodle. Less than doodling. Just scrawl out circles and see what will happen. And be patient.

Anyway, with more control on the writing instrument you could just "trust" for a few moments that the answers you receive to your questions are going to be Spirit speaking with you. Animals can do this fine too.

Communication with Spirit can also occur during your dreamtime. Just be open to the idea that dreams are a terrific place for Folks in Spirit to come and visit. Many times my pets who have passed on come to me in my dreams. I'm not always aware of them right then, but in the morning when I awaken I remember that they had come to be with me in my dream and every time it is special. If you can possible learn how to dream lucidly and have a dream where Spirit can be with you then, that would be the primo of all wonderful dreams. But, a normal dream is much more usual and is certainly special.

Also, my understanding of the process is that Folks in Spirit are not in pain anymore. They aren't upset, or angry, or vengeful. One of the guides once said dying was like waking up from a dream. They said everybody suddenly understands everyone else. There is no hate anymore.

Mostly, what works is being playful with the process. Trying different things to see what you're comfortable doing and what appeals to you. It's like phones. They all work, but there sure are a lot of different models.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this message,its really helped me,xx

Anonymous said...

I tried to communicate with my dog after his tragic death via automatic writing. To my surprise, my hand was pulled off of the paper; it felt like a magnetic energy. This energy led me to the fridge, and my hand was attracted to the shelf where I kept food for him (again, like a magnet)

The energy was close to the floor. It led me to all the places where he hung out. At each location, my hand would stop, and then go in circles.

I was able to move my hand in and out of the energy field. I could physically feel the energy.
At one point my arm waved back and forth. I knew it was my Dash showing me he was wagging his tail.

I have not been able to find anyone who has had a similar experience; nor have I been able to find anyone who has ever heard of something like this.

At any rate it was a great experience...happy and fun. Tried to contact my doggie Dash several times since then to no avail.

Neetha said...

Hi.. I have a similar experience. my 8 year old dog passed away 2 weeks back. I hav another small dog of 1 1/2 yrs. The younger one is showing certain mannerisms of that of Brownie who passed away. Also, there is a huge butterfly in our home nowadays which was never seen before. It has come in the rooms and does not go out. It feels like brownie's spirit is there in the buterfly.

zac said...

Netha i am 12 my 2nd dog pasded a way i think it is still here when i lseep i will sundly wake up and the thot of her would rush my mind i know its her contact me m email is

BRENDA said...


Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to talk to my pup that passed away...but my son saw a shadow by the sofa so he took several pictures...and in each one my pups face was right there...I didn't know spirits can come out in pics so clearly?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap dude!! Omfg dude my dog just died 2 Fridays ago, and during his burial there was this big white (he was white too) butterfly that kept hovering around the grave before we actually buried him...and it wouldn't leave for like 20 minutes. It kept flying around us and theburial like it was trying to communicate... And then later that night my mom and i felt this brush across our
ankles just like he was walking by... I just felt like saying hi to him and so i did, then i got this warm tingling feeling on my leg... I also sometimes just leave an area on my bed like he's still alive to lay on because I just get this funny feeling inside of me that he wants to hop on my bed. Hope your doing great Guido. A valiant skin cancer survivor your soul will always remain in our hearts!

Anonymous said...

My black lab had passed away about two weeks ago from old age and my wife and I have missed her so much, that it has been hard to get over her death. We were laying in bed about a week after her death when we both awoke and felt something had entered the room and for a brief moment I saw a black image that entered the bedroom and then disappeared. I know that the image I saw was our family dog. Also, I have noticed more activity since she has passed following the death of our other family dog six months earlier.

Mary Kinser said...

Thank you for your post. I feel like my lab is with me often. I am for sure going to try and contact him. This was very helpful. I will let you know how it goes. My dogs name is BRUTUS. Mine is Mary. This is so you know when I post how things went. God Bless you for caring and wanting to help those of us who wish to contact their lost pets. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

I tried. and it didn't work for me and i feel heartbroken. My dog passed away in my old house. I've moved and in another country now. My family is still home though. I have a picture of my dog framed near my bed. I miss her and wish I could feel her presence around me even once. I don't know if I'm not dong something right or what but i just wish something helps.

Vanna Atkins said...

I'm glad I found this, my baby girl Roxie got attacked in her own yard by a wild hog and passed away the next morning.she was about to be 10 this year only a couple weeks away. I'm not doing very well I can't go a day without thinking of her and crying cause losing her was my worst fear and it happened, I felt something bad was gonna happen and kept seeing her face in my head the night before the atack, she came to me in a dream with just us and we were happy playing all night in a beautiful green place with flowers all over! She was happy and free and I still can feel her soft fur on my arms as I hugged her in my dreams and I'll never let go of that.I want her to come back and play so bad idk how yet

Pauline Evanosky said...

There were a whole lot of comments on this blog entry that I had posted in September of 2007. Now, 8 years later I am responding to all who wrote in. Thank you everybody for your comments. There are a few things I would like to say.

What you see every day, the things that you experience are based on what you perceive your reality to be. To simplify things pretend you are a child and somebody asks you what your mother’s name is. You say, “Mommy”. You had not yet learned that her name is Patricia or Mrs. Macklin. So, the child’s reality is that her mother is Mommy. As she grows this will change and she will understand that her mommy can have another name too.

So, you go through life thinking that once somebody has died whether they are human or animal they are gone and lost to you forever. A new spin on this belief would be when someone tells you that these beings are now Folk in Spirit, that there is awareness, that nobody is hurting, that there is still life and that you can communicate with them and you are amazed.

You know how people sing? Some sing beautifully, some sing off key. Some are so horrible that, as my husband says to me, “Can you sing solo? So low we can’t hear you?” This is how you are going to be able to perceive what Spirit says to you. It just depends on you. There is no one way to describe exactly what it is like when you speak to Folk in Spirit. Remember I am talking about both our animals and our people when I refer to Folk in Spirit. I also include our Spirit Guides and Teachers in this group. Also, Elvis, but that is another story.

I can speak from personal experience, but there are any number of other experiences that people have. I do know that I was amazed the first time an animal talked to me. Actually, that was a living animal at the time, so there is also that category, but I have also talked to animals that have passed on. For me talking to living animals is harder or, at least, a whole lot less frequent than talking to animals who have passed on.

Sometimes when a person wants to learn something new they have to practice over and over again before anything happens. I remember learning to tie my shoes. I sat for hours in my grandmother’s kitchen doorway (blocking traffic) after she had demonstrated how to tie my shoes. I criss-crossed the laces up my legs like a ballerina’s slippers playing with them, but eventually I figured it out. It was one of those voila moments.

Learning to channel is the same process sometimes. There are starts and stops. Trying to do things as one person has said to do them in order to talk to our animals who have passed just is not working like they say they are going to work. Well, so what? Keep trying. Maybe your desire to communicate has actually happened and you didn’t even know it had because you kept expecting something else to happen.

I still think the easiest way is to remember that your animals and your people can come to you in your dreams. What is interesting too is that our animals can actually talk to us in our language. It’s not just dog talk or cat talk. Could be in pictures though. I just got a sense of a dog running through green grass. And then they said, “I like this. I see your mother too. She is nice to me. I love her though I never knew her.” Pongo. From down the street.

So, enough. I could talk for longer about this stuff, but in the 8 years since I posted this original blog I just wanted to let you all know that I still read your comments and I’m still around.

Bless you all. Pauline

Nitin Sagar said...

I didn't get how to communicate by writing please help me.. i want to communicate with my dog and i don't know how to communicate by writing!! i m reading this again and again but i can't understand how to do it.. plzz help me

Roxanne Zuriarrain said...

I lost my beautiful dog mugsy two days ago. She was attacked by a snake and we got home and she had already passed on. She was only a year old. I can't sleep knowing that I couldn't say goodbye. I can see human spirits but I have never seen an animal spirit. I will try all of these techniques. I just want to say goodbye to my little sunshine.

Pauline Evanosky said...

Hi Nitin,

I was shocked when I first realized that animals who had passed on were able to communicate with me in English. The next step for me was to realize that they could communicate in any language. It is a telepathic thing. So, it doesn’t matter what language you speak the Folk in Spirit both animal and human are able to speak to you in a language you understand.

By extension, writing is a form of communication. I was just reminded that drawing is too. You can communicate with Folk in Spirit that way too.

The hard part is in being able to cross the threshold of not having it work and having it work. That’s where the pretend part comes in. If you believe with all your heart that your loved ones, both humans and animals can hear you when you speak to them, either aloud or silently with your thoughts you have established the first part. It’s faith. You just have to take it on faith. It’s like praying. Who exactly is listening to your prayers? That’s a matter for whatever religion you have. Or not. I talk to Source (God, I suppose), to Guides, to Old Ones, to my higher self, to friends and loved ones, including animals, to persons of note (folks we know from history, fame or the news), the dead ones on television shows like First 48 and Cold Cases.

The thing is that you are probably not going to hear anything in return, at least in the normal hearing way. You just need to let that one go. Does everybody you talk to say things back to you? Like you’re driving and somebody cuts you off. You flip them a finger salute and yell something they can’t even hear because you’ve got your windows rolled up. And, they are gone. Did they return your hand gesture or say anything? You don’t know and you don’t really care. All this is beside the point and something I really would not recommend doing. It involves negative energy. In a calm loving situation you would allow them to go their merry way without having had your feathers ruffled at all. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Okay. It’s a good thing I don’t drink anymore. Back to the subject of how to talk to your animal friends who have passed on using writing as the technique of communication. Okay, so you’ve all written letters. You’ve certainly written emails. But, you sit there and write to whomever and eventually they will read what you wrote. Do the same thing with your animal if you don’t feel comfortable thinking to them. How would that conversation go?

"Hi Sweetie. I love you. I hope you are well. I think you are. I imagine you to be in a place where the air is good, the grass is great and there are lots of fences and trees to pee on. Maybe some flower beds to dig in too. I miss you. I really do. I hope you have some dog friends. Who is feeding you now? I still have your toys and your blankets. I put them all together in my bottom drawer. I’m sorry I didn’t take you to the doctor sooner. I just thought you were losing some weight. I miss how you used to get up on the couch and sit next to me. It was always fun to see your nose inching towards me from under whatever book I was reading. I love you. Please, if you can, if I can, will you come visit with me in a dream? I think I’d really like that. Bye."

And, there you are. Simple. To the point. You expressed what you needed to say. That’s how you do it. Tuck the note away in a book or a drawer. You don’t mail it anywhere.

Bless you. Pauline

Unknown said...

Hi Pauline my beautiful girl of 11yrs passed away suddenly after a tumor in her spleen ruptured that i was not aware of, we basically rushed her to the hospital and they advised that she had internal bleeding and was best to put her down, it's been over 48hrs since she left us and I'm devastated and really want to connect with her, she was the best dog ever so warm natured and everyone who had met her fell in love with her straight away, i really cannot believe how quickly it all happened and i feel awful that it was never picked up or that i had no idea she was ill as she never complained and was always just happy to see me and going out for walks. I am going to try and do what you have advised and I'm hoping so much i see my girl or feel her presence, I'm wondering if she was an outside dog would i only be able to connect with her there or can it be also done whilst being indoors?

Daniel Chaiban said...

Hi Pauline my beautiful girl of 11yrs passed away suddenly after a tumor in her spleen ruptured that i was not aware of, we basically rushed her to the hospital and they advised that she had internal bleeding and was best to put her down, it's been over 48hrs since she left us and I'm devastated and really want to connect with her, she was the best dog ever so warm natured and everyone who had met her fell in love with her straight away, i really cannot believe how quickly it all happened and i feel awful that it was never picked up or that i had no idea she was ill as she never complained and was always just happy to see me and going out for walks. I am going to try and do what you have advised and I'm hoping so much i see my girl or feel her presence, I'm wondering if she was an outside dog would i only be able to connect with her there or can it be also done whilst being indoors?

Pauline Evanosky said...

Hi. It doesn’t matter if our animal friends spent most of their time inside, outside, in a cage or in a tank, or out in the barn. When it comes to spirit talk communicating with our beloved animals is the same as it is with people who have passed on. You can communicate with them anywhere.

You might end up in front of cans of dog food in the store when you think of your girl. It seems like you are thinking of her in an ordinary way and that is the end of the discussion. Yes, that could be, but it could also be a slight nudge from her in spirit. If I think about it too hard I end up second guessing myself and wondering if it was real or not. It happens best if you are distracted or really calm. If you try too hard it just does not work. As the years have gone by I tend to connect more with my animals in the dreamtime. If I am lucid the dream visit is all that much better, but most often I awaken in the morning knowing that my cats and dogs have paid me a loving visit.

In a nutshell? Just think of them. They can hear you.

Sandy S said...

I know this is a really old thread but I lost my 15 yr. old dog 2 weeks ago. It was peaceful and she was sitting with me here at home. I could not have asked for a better ending as she was very ill.

Yesterday I had a strange experience in my bedroom and was ready to charge it off to coincidence. Then last night I had a vivid dream of her hiding and playing with me like she did many years ago before she was ill and blind. I starred a search on the internet and found this blog.

I have no doubt that it was her way of letting me know she is ok. We shall see if anything else happens.

Christy said...

Thank you for this. I have been trying to communicate to my dogs who had just passed. One of them passed away two months ago and the other one(her sister) passed away last week. I felt all sorts of emotions but the most dominant feeling is loneliness. I felt guilty, regretful, angry, and I can;t do anything to stop it. My dogs have always been the ones who calm me down and comfort me during my struggles and now that thy're gone I am the most devastated.
I write here because it's interesting that I have experienced most of what you have said... especially, the dreaming. I still cry everyday, I have been doing that since one of them was diagnosed with an illness... but it's good to know that I can still get the chance to communicate with them. The chance that I am always willing to take.