Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spirit Moved Me

I’m thinking about what folks mean when they say, “The Spirit moved me.” I suppose it means different things for different people. (Please note, further down in this entry Spirit moved in. I put their parts in green. )

You might think that Spirit means something holy, a bit of Heaven, God, representative of good and what’s right. You might think Spirit is of the paranormal, ghosties or of energies left behind after horrific events have taken place. You might think of Spirit as the collective unconscious. In any case, Spirit is mysterious, unknown, not given to eloquent conversation and somewhat forbidding.

And, if Spirit moved you it might mean you did something that you normally would not do in any given set of circumstances, meaning that whatever you did came out of left field and you can’t claim responsibility, therefore Spirit must have moved you. It’s like there’s you as a distinctive and individual part of the universe and then there’s Spirit who stands apart from you.

I would ask you to take a moment and to think in terms, just for the few moments it takes to read this, that you and Spirit are one. That there is not a discernable boundary between where you end and where Spirit begins. You don’t have to feel this. Just for a moment pretend that it is really true.

Now, if that were true why would you ever be afraid of Spirit?

You know about you. You know what your favorite color is. You know what you like to eat. You know what you like to read. You know what your favorite season is. What do you know about Spirit? Well, you’re pretending that you and Spirit are one. If you’re as comfortable in your own skin with your own stuff why wouldn’t you be as comfortable with Spirit?

What exactly is Spirit? Well, we were sort of discussing that above. It is different things for different people. Okay, so if we are to presume that Spirit is the holy part of us, the God part, the heavenly part, then the other extreme might mean that we, the human part is bad, evil, wicked, nasty and prosperous during the Depression. Right. Get serious here. You are one and the same. Okay, I sense Spirit moving more in this essay.

Yes, you got it Binky.

Hey, I’m trying to be serious here.

We noticed.

Okay, since you’re here would you like to say something?

We were here before. There is no turning Spirit off. Think of it as waves. The more you surrender, the more you open, the more you welcome the idea of Spirit into your life, the more obvious we might be.

I think people wait for something different to happen to them and when it doesn’t they think that they haven’t done it right. Like if you pray hard enough and good enough your prayers will be answered and if they are not answered then you didn’t do something right.

Well, we understand this happens. We might ask you why you want anything different than what is already happening to happen?

Oh, God.

Dear. Really, think about it.

Okay. What will be will be. God isn’t there punishing anybody. Shit happens sort of things.

Well, yes. But, you can make the choice of being bothered by it or not. You can’t make anybody else alter the way they feel about what goes on in life. Think of it this way: If you are bothered by something this is an indication that you can concentrate on whatever it was that bothered you, get to the root of the problem and heal it for yourself. Then, the next time that “something” happens you can gauge the extent of your progress by seeing that you are no longer bothered by it the way you were bothered the first time. Being human isn’t something to escape. Being human is the best way to express yourself right now. Rejoice.