Friday, February 22, 2008

Be Persistent

Part of learning how to channel involves both faith and that motivational technique of imagining yourself already doing something. Because, otherwise, it just doesn’t seem like much can possibly be happening a lot of the time.

One thing about the guides is if it is not appropriate they don’t say much. They can be there. In fact, everybody has a guide. And that guide is in very close contact with you. So, if you were to direct your thoughts toward that guide that’s a good thing. It’s like praying though. God doesn’t always answer out loud. So, don’t expect your guide to either. Just know that your guide is there and you can talk to him or her. In your head and heart is sufficient. It doesn’t have to be out loud.

The other thing that is helpful is when you have been doing this for 3 years and nothing has happened as far as concrete communications from your guide is that you don’t give up.

Figure, too, that the vessel might not be ready and there are other things you need to do. That’s why I think middle aged adults are able to do this more easily than younger folk. They’ve been around a while longer and have just flat out done more things.

Do what amuses you. Want to learn Italian? Don’t think it has anything to do with talking to your guide? Think again. Learn Italian.

Somehow when you take the focus of your attentions away from the contact guide quest for a brief period it actually begins happening. It’s sort of the same technique for manifestation. You want and want and want something to be so badly. Then, you release the want to the universe and it happens.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

In the Wee Hours of Night

So, it’s the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep. Or, rather, I awakened and then, it wasn’t easy to get back to sleep. I decided to pray for “my” folks. These are people I know who aren’t doing so well. These are folks who’ve visited my sites. Anybody who needs it, I guess.

I’ve come to think of the folks I say prayers for as a group. I might not think of them individually, but sometimes images of them cross my mind. Sometimes these aren’t always folks who are still in body, but have already passed on. In the old days I wouldn’t really have thought to pray for somebody who’d passed on. I guess I figured they were done with the race and didn’t need a rooting section any longer. But, now-a-days that doesn’t really seem to apply anymore.

I don’t know why I pray other than I feel I should. I’m drawn to it. And, the praying for me isn’t like it was when I was growing up. It isn’t a pleading, whining sort of prayer. Please, please, please. And, if you do I promise. That sort of praying. At least, not tonight it wasn’t.

This night’s prayer was more a wanting to send healing towards those who could use it. I am in need of it too, so I figured I’d pray for all of us. And, so, as I flailed around wanting to do that I got some advice from the guides.

I’m a second level Reiki practitioner, except, I haven’t really done it in awhile. I had a sort of a basic disagreement (although it works on me well enough) with the whole idea of secret, secret, secret as it was presented to me when I learned how. Maybe that has changed since then. I don’t know. I’ve always been more attracted to the idea of healing energies present everywhere and that pretty much anybody can open to them. That just feels more right to me than any other sort of view. What I couldn’t seem to reconcile was how it sometimes worked for me and other times it was like I was kicking a closed door.

So, as we talked tonight I wasn’t all that sure if what I was doing for myself and for anybody else was working or a mostly wasted effort. And, that’s when the guides talked:

In this, we are happy to be here tonight. Now, not as it was with you in your dreamy semi-meditative state of half an hour ago. Our blessings to you and to all who happen upon this entry. The “rule” as it were is that to successfully utilize healing energies one might be sensitive enough and open enough to accept them. Compare a similar situation where a person is standing out in the rain. If they are wearing their rain gear and carrying an umbrella the likelihood of them getting wet is less than were they to be walking around in the all together. Think of the rain as if it were healing energies and think of the rain gear you wear as all your defenses.

Defenses are there to protect you. Logically created in a moment of need you decide the best way to handle a particular situation is to always respond by doing “X”. “X” might happen to be eating. “X” would be, then, what you do to protect yourself from your fears. Think about them. Get to the root of them and you can begin to strip away the onion skin that covers you. It is many layered.

It is the same with love. Open more fully to yourself, to who you are, to the love inside of you and you can open more fully to other people.

In fact, think of healing energy as if it were air. It is always there. You are not always aware of air, but you breathe all the time. When the wind blows your conscious awareness is drawn to it. But, normally most do not notice.

Think of healing energy as all around you. All the time. What does it look like? Sort of pink at times. Depends on what you are most in need of. This is why colored stones are sometimes effective. The energy and vibrations given off by the stones, the heart of the earth and made of the same stuff you are made of begin to resonate together.

But, for now we speak of general healing energy. Say a short prayer, a declarative statement to yourself. This is for you, for your higher self, for the angels who are watching, for your guides, for your mother who roots for you even to this day as she lives in Heaven, all of these entities, all the same. All rolled into one. This, your declarative statement:

I say I am ready to heal. I would be open to healing in whatever way will best support my lessons on earth. I ask that you help me in whatever way is appropriate to move closer to a place where I am able to see more clearly, to understand and to open easily to the love and healing energies all around me.

Love never went away. Healing never went away. It is one. Our blessings.