Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hair Cut

As a note before you begin reading this post, it is a very mundane example of a conversation the guides and I had. It's not earth shaking revelations. It's just me and the guides. This one about hair cuts. I've put their parts in italics.

I just love Saturday mornings. One thing about the guides is they are always there with handy suggestions and this morning is no exception. I’ve been dithering around about getting my hair cut for some time. I have yet to find somebody who I really, really want to return to for a second cut. I’ve been to Nancy where I work several times and haven’t ever been all that happy with the cuts I get there. She’s nice and asks about DeeDude who does get his hair cut with her, but if her assistant is the one to do the cutting she tends to do what she wants and not what I talked to her about. The last time I was there I was absolutely shocked at how short my hair got. Nancy even said examining the cut with a critical eye, “I think it is a bit too short”. Whether her assistant is there any longer is up for grabs, but I think I’ll steer clear of her place.

The next place is a chain operation down at South Shore Plaza in Alameda. I’ve gotten cuts there twice and they were both okay. Not fabulous, but I suppose what you’re working with has to be pretty good too. My orange hennaed hair has mostly grown out. I’m no longer brown, but a mix of black and white. DeeDude said to me, “It’s gray”. So, that place is a possibility. It’s just that I’d like to combine it with another errand because it is a bit of a jog down there. Not far, but I am using gas and gas hereabouts is going for $3.55 a gallon.

The third place is across the street. Somewhere I have the lady’s card. And, I suppose the telling point in all of this is that the last time I got my hair cut I did like what she’d done. However, after a bit it tended to stick out all over the place. I’m not accustomed to getting a cut every month, so I want something that is going to last.

Dear, if we might interject here?


When you opt for a shorter hair style the very idea of having it be short and styled is that you maintain it. And, you have to do that every month or 6 weeks. It just grows out and that was the every which way you spoke of.


Well, it does appear to be one of those “no-brainer” sorts of situations as you refer to them, but you are unaccustomed, as you said, to shorter styles. Longer hair does not require as much maintenance as a shorter style.

The question is do you wish to maintain a shorter style for awhile? If you do just settle on getting it cut more often. The woman across the street is convenient. You do not need to spend money on gasoline and she could use the business. And, by your own admission you cannot do as good a job cutting your own hair when it is short.

The idea is to take care of yourself. Having a fabulous hair cut is not going to change the fact that you have health issues and that your back hurts. What it will do is to boost your spirits somewhat and that in combination with the other things you do to ensure better all around health will only serve to create a rosier picture of your own creation.

PS---I ended up getting a nice haircut from a place I hadn't been to before just a few doors away from where I go to Curves. I'll probably go back there for my next one. And, that's a load off of my mind.

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rain said...

Mundane? Maybe. But informative, nonetheless. Thank you for this example of how it works.

I appreciate the wisdom of your guides.