Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Channeling in My Dreams

This is the dream I had this morning: The cast from the Waltons was there. John Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen and Erin. They were sitting on the other side of a long table. I walk into the room and am amazed to see them. I smile and I’m saying hello and there at the end is Larry Hagman. He reaches to grasp my hand. I’m just thrilled to see these folks, people I’ve always admired for the work they did on television. Larry Hagman still has my hand. Now, he reaches up to grasp it with his other hand and he’s got my hand enclosed in both of his. He smiles at me and says, “Tell me what is on your hand that is between both of my hands.” I told him, “It’s my palm.” He was startled that I knew the answer. Then, I felt a little bad that I’d ruined his riddle.

I move down the table greeting everybody else and come to find a place to sit.

I’m hesitant to tell them that I’m a channel but then somehow I relaxed enough and I started going into a trance.

It was a really tremendous feeling to channel that way. I just sort of lost control, didn’t mind that I was losing control and channeled. Then, while I’m channeling the guides told them that they can speak with their loved ones who’ve passed on. They told them that their loved ones are near to them. They told them that their loved ones are not way out there but that Heaven is just close to our ground.

Then, somebody at the table made a wise crack about some goof up uncle they had who had passed on and I began to come out of the trance.

It was a pretty intense dream. I love when I channel in dreams. It is just way cool.