Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being Clark Kent

How do you actually hear your guide talk? Do you suddenly develop super-human hearing? Actually, I don’t really hear my guides or the Folk in Spirit that I talk to anymore. Not like I did right after I started channeling. In those days it was the same sort of hearing as if somebody standing right next to me was talking. In those days if there was noise around me I might miss some of what they were saying. But, it didn’t take but a couple of months for that “hearing” to go from normal style hearing to a telepathic communication.

When I would channel via the keyboard or with pen and paper the speed of what was said dropped to match however fast I was typing or writing. It’s still the same. What was interesting was when I started channeling verbally. That’s when (and it still happens) where what comes out of my mouth doesn’t sound like the same entity who is delivering content via keyboard channeling. (They just said to me, “We work with what we’ve got.” Ha.)

Anyway, no you don’t develop super human hearing. What will help with the process, though, is if you open yourself up to some non-verbal or non-language sort of communications. What I mean is take up a pencil and start to draw. It exercises another part of your brain and you need those muscles flexing well when you start to channel. You could also start playing a musical instrument. Or you could start singing. Something other than what you normally do.

It’s like falling into a meditation. You leave your normal, ordinary living behind just for a little while and go to a place where colors have sounds and can speak to you, where there are sounds that defy written notes. It’s like being high with no assistance from drugs or alcohol. You don’t have to accomplish anything while you are in this place. Just hang out for a little bit on a regular basis. That is if you are trying to learn to channel. The good thing is that you always come back down to earth so you can go to work the next day and nobody is the wiser. It’s sort of like being Clark Kent.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What Did You Say?

When I remember back to the days when I was learning how to channel I remember there being one rather important thing that I kept in front of my face the entire time, rather like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey to get him to move along.

That very important thing was that I didn’t know how to channel and I obviously wasn’t doing it right or I would be doing it. It was like the territory leading up to knowing how to channel was one color, the color of not knowing how to channel at all and then there would be the breakthrough and on the other side a different color being that of knowing how to channel. Essentially, I didn’t know how now, but someday I would know how to channel. Another way to look at it was: Life is the shits now, but, boy oh boy, once I learn how to channel are things ever going to be different.

Unfortunately, I realize now this is the exact same approach I’ve done to a lot of things in my life. I’m not there. I’m there. Black and white. You’re either popular or you’re unpopular. You’re either athletically inclined or you’re a couch potato. You’re either smart or you’re dumb. You’re either beautiful or you’re ugly. You’re either fat or you’re thin. Always with the extremes. What happened to in-between? What ever happened to I’m getting there? What ever happened to typical?

So, for those of you reading this blog who are interested in learning how to channel I’m asking you, if you happen to be operating along the same lines as I did, to put aside those long held beliefs for a little bit. I’m not asking you to abandon long standing operating rules for getting around in the world. I’m asking you to suspend them for a little bit. You can always take them up again later on when you’re trying to lose 10 pounds on a diet or something like that.

First of all channeling is something everybody does. I didn’t realize that until after I really started channeling the way I do now. It might not feel like it, but you can imagine for a few moments that you are channeling. How to do this? Have an imaginary conversation in your head with your guide. You didn’t know you have a guide? You do. Several in fact, but just the one will do for our purposes now. Think he or she is busy? Not. They can multi-task. Okay, in your head now.

How to begin? Well, imagine an imaginary conversation. Doesn’t matter now what anybody is saying. This is pretend. Remember back to when you were playing with trucks or with dolls; it’s that kind of pretend.

You start: “Hi.”

Your Guide: “Hi.”

You: “What?”

Your Guide: “You have a problem with hearing now?”

You: “Sorry.”

Your Guide: “No problem.”

You: “Are you really my guide?”

Your Guide: “Yes.”

You: “What is your name?”

Your Guide: “Sam”

You: “Sam?”

Your Guide: “Yes, Sam. You do seem to have a problem with hearing.”

You: “I’m just not sure this is real.”

Your Guide: “Well, this seems to be a conversation of sorts.”

You: “Really, your name is Sam?”

Your Guide: “For all intents and purposes my name can be Sam for the moment. It doesn’t really matter what my name is, but you seem to think it is important, so I can be Sam for now.”

You: “I didn’t get it right after all.”

Your Guide: “Actually, I’ve had about 2,500 different names in all the different incarnations I’ve ever had and Sam is as good as any. You can rest assured that calling me Sam will get my attention.”

You: “Oh.”

So, you suspended the rules for a moment and had a silly made up conversation with your guide. The point is that even if you were making it up Spirit will take that opportunity to move in and stand in the imaginary place holder in the conversation you just invented. Trust me on this: you were talking to Spirit. It might have been a sort of inane conversation, but you and your guide were communicating. Things will pick up for you after this.


I move into my "space" for channeling by listening to Dr. Jeffry Thompson's Brainwave Suite. My personal favorite is the Delta wave CD.