Friday, August 15, 2008

Spirit Doll

Spirit dolls. I saw one on Etsy the other day and was intrigued. I’d never seen such a thing before. It got me to thinking. Much as I was drawn to the doll displayed I wanted more to make my own. Ad as with my dream catcher earrings saying a prayer, associating good thoughts, tying what I make with cosmic forces holds an appeal for me that will not let go.

I have a friend who cannot buy clothes from Good Will or at yard sales. She is so sensitive that she feels what was going on with the former owners of those clothes. Good, bad or indifferent I can see where she would not want to have extra empathic stuff going on in her life. Regular everyday stuff is enough. I’m betting riding the bus is probably an interesting experience for her.

So, deliberately to ask that something go into my doll besides stuffing. The ones I saw for sale also had crystal chips inside of tem. That makes sense and luckily I have a boat load of crystal just waiting for me to do something with it.

I have beads. I have felt. I have buttons. I have embroidery thread. I have lots and lots of material. I have bits of lace. I have leather. I have whatever a person could possibly want to make a spirit doll.

But, what would you want with a spirit doll? Why even have one? Is it supposed to bring you good luck? Is it supposed to get you a good job? Is it supposed to make the world a safe place for you? I wonder what a person is supposed to do with a spirit doll?

Maybe you put a spirit doll on an altar. You could have things that mean something special for you on an altar. Then what? Sit there in front of it and meditate? I just got a visual of one of my guides with their finger on the side of their nose. That’s my own personal cue that I’m onto something. Santa Claus also did that when he rose up the chimney.

Okay, spirit doll. Altar. Um…I don’t really have an altar. I don’t even really have any room for one. Make room? Well, I guess I could. Am I hard to work with?

We work with what we’ve got, Dear. Don’t worry about it.

An altar is a place for you to get busy with meditating. An altar is your space where you don’t watch television, where you don’t busy yourself with chores or other duties. An altar is a place where you can contemplate your relationship with spirit. Where you can have a conversation with the big Kahuna if you want to. Kahuna? Sure. If you’re going to capitalize Kahuna you should also capitalize big. Okay, Big Kahuna. There, that’s better.

Maybe I could decorate my monitor. I spend enough time in front of it. And, what I want to do for most of what I produce is to appeal to people’s desire to get in touch with spirit. Maybe my altar should be right in front of me here.

That’s an idea.

I could hang things off the edges. There’s room at the bottom to lay things. I could have a little spirit doll there too.

So, imagine that your altar is prepared. How are you going to work any differently than you do now?

I think I might be inclined to be a little more focused on what I’m doing. I haven’t been all that focused in a long time. It’s sort of an easy come easy go thing with me. And, I haven’t been all that productive.

Does this bother you?

Well, yeah. I’ve only got so much time and I don’t think I’m spending it the best way I could. It’s not like I can retire and spend all the time in the world here helping people.

Do you think you help people?

Well, I get emails every once in awhile from people who say thank you. I think that’s helping them.

Do you really think so?

What is this? A trick question? Okay…okay. So, maybe all I did was to make them feel better. But, that’s helping people, isn’t it?

Giving heroin to an addict makes them feel better too.

Oh, you’re tough today. Why?

Not so tough, Dear. This is a teaching exercise. Put it into your Learn to Channel blog and those who are curious about what we talk about will have something to see.

Yeah, you’re right. I never did have a real clear idea of what it would be like before I started channeling. Thanks.

You are welcome.

PS - when I eventually get around to making a spirit doll I'll post a picture here.