Sunday, September 21, 2008


Where I talk to Superman.



I suppose I ought to preface this with something.

I'm waiting.

I thought you would say something.

I did.

Okay...okay. So, this morning I was looking at YouTube videos. You know how it is. You sort of poke around and are looking at this and at that and somehow you sort of stumble onto something. I went looking for Superman. My thought was to put the video up for Video of the Day at my friend's website Zdaily. Instead, we went here with it. While I was watching the video George Reeves, Superman in those days, in this video spoke to me. He sort of dared me to put the video up here and then do an interview with him. So, here we are.

Yes, after that rousing introduction may I say the world is a better place for men like Supermen about. You should put Christopher Reeve up next.

You guys are going to get me in trouble.

I don't see how. You seem to be able to do an adequate job of it yourself.

Well, anyway, we are here at the Learn to Channel Blog and I just wanted to demonstrate that you could talk to celebrities who have passed on in addition to talking to your guides. I think it's a more advanced sort of activity, but say, after you've been channeling only your guide for the first year or so you can branch out and talk to anybody who has passed on. It's just something channels do. I don't generally go around acting the medium because how the person is that you are channeling is usually not quite how they were in their last incarnation as folks knew them then.

For one thing you as the channel distort what is being channeled. I don't care how good you are you will distort it. It's like looking at something through a lens. You just don't get exactly what you're looking at. Things will be distorted just because you are a human being and bring to the table all the experiences, all the preconceived notions you have as a human being. When you are channeling you are somehow translating those energies from the entity or the former celebrity into your known native tongue. So, say the person was a native French speaker. What you come up with as a channel is in English because you don't know French.

Now, I used to do a better job of it when I was drinking. I don't drink anymore. Turned out to be a not very good thing for me to do. So, I quit. And, I'm not the party animal anymore. Something I'm still getting over. But, it also sort of changed the way I channel. I'm sort of more staid. I'm not as relaxed and free and easy with it the way I used to be and it's also something that I sort of miss. That said, let's get on with this.

My word. You do need help.

Oh, shit.

You do realize that people do not expect their psychic to say bad words.

Well, I wasn't sure what you were going to do.

Sort of like when you were drinking, isn't it?

Sorry. I'll relax.

Yes, so we might proceed.

You don't sound like Superman. You sound more like my guide.

Yes, and so it is all distorted, as you say. I still wear a cape occasionally.

You do not. Do you really?

Yes. Sometimes without clothes on.

Get out. Really, let's have an interview or something. I'm sure people might be interested in hearing how life has been for you since you passed on. Are you going to incarnate anytime soon?

No, I think not. I'm having too much fun here. In those days it began as a job. It was thrilling to be Superman and be the hero, but I had no idea it was going to remain such a popular thing for people, for children. And, look at the number of comic book heroes that have spun off from Superman. The first one, you know, was Flash Gordon.

Yes...I should go find a clip for him too.

I think that would be nice.

So, really what's it like where you are now?

I'm quite happy. Everybody is who is here.

Do you get to be with lots of people?

Yes. But, we aren't people anymore. We are energies. We are thought. We are dreams.

Oh. But, you said you wore a cape.

I was teasing you.

Is it hard for you to talk to me?

No. Is it hard for you to listen?

No. I have to close my eyes to get a better connection.

Then, calm yourself for a moment and see what happens.


We realize that it is difficult for you to demonstrate, though, as a teacher you do wish to allow those who visit your pages here to see what it is like to channel a guide or celebrity. I wouldn't say any of us are celebrities anymore; for we are the same as anyone else. There are levels of course. You enter into Grand Central Station. There's a lot of commotion, especially after the grand migrations which would be your natural disasters, 911 or war events. Things get sorted out soon. Nobody is afraid. Confused maybe, but not afraid.

Then, can come the judgement. You are in charge of yourself, but there are older folks, older entities, older loving energies who guide you and help in the processes.

Then, you have a party and then you go back to school.

School in Heaven, though, is fun. We all teach each other and learn from each other. It's a very constructive place.

We also pray for you, folks back on Earth and in other places. The animals too. It's a busy life.

We are happy to be where we are. You meet folks who were important to you in your life and in other lifetimes. It's nice.

Are you aware of folks who think of you? Who are watching your old movies?

Not so much, but on another level, thought is energy and all energy has repercussions. So, on that level, yes, we are aware of everything. Whenever a person prays for a loved one who has died that prayer is heard by the person in question. Nothing is wasted.

And, our blessings.

Hey, thanks. That was fun. Can we do it again sometime?

Yes, that would be fine.